Nine Astra Skies

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140 Preparing To Leave

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"The Nanman Kingdom won't send Earthly Venerable Rank combatants over. After all, every Earthly Venerable Rank combatant is a treasure to a country. They won't be endangered by being sent to the Xiwu Empire for the sake of a Second-rank Prince as it wouldn't be worth the loss. As long as it's not an Earthly Venerable One, a peak Tenth Level mystical beast would be enough to deal with it, let alone three!" Ye Changxuan laughed brightly.Ye Chen originally had some worries but after hearing what Ye Changxuan said, he was a.s.suaged. However, there were still some hidden worries in his heart. According to Yin Mengtian, the strength of the Nanman Kingdom was far stronger than that of the Xiwu Empire. If a war started, the Xiwu Empire would collapse. No eggs could be intact under an overturned nest. No one knew when this crisis would arrive and the Ye Clan still did not have the strength needed to protect themselves in those troubled times!

Earthly Venerable Rank, Heavenly Venerable Rank, and even Mystique Venerable Rank combatants were like mountains standing before Ye Chen. If the Ye Clan wanted to protect themselves in this chaotic world, they had to become even stronger!

After knowing the ambition of the Nanman Kingdom toward the Xiwu Empire, Ye Chen was eager to enhance his strength. It was very challenging to reach the high levels just by cultivating. Only those with incredible talent would be able to become a Tenth Level combatant in their lifetime and generally, they would need at least ten years to climb from Tenth Level to Earthly Venerable Rank. Even a prodigy like Great Emperor Mingwu took five years. However, five years were too long for Ye Chen.

Perhaps the ancient alchemy method could speed up this process. There were as many combatants as there were clouds in ancient times. In addition to talent, super medicinal pills refined by the ancient alchemy method should be one of the major factors why! Ye Chen felt his cultivation speed had increased greatly after consuming the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill. That pill's effect was very strong but Ye Chen was currently only a beginner at refining pills. If he had learned high-level pill refining techniques, the super medicinal pill he had made would certainly have an extraordinary effect. 

Ye Zhantian let the other clansmen prepare some necessities and prepared for two clansmen to take up new posts.

"Father, I have a pill here that's greatly helpful to cultivation." Ye Chen took a Soul-ama.s.sing Pill and handed it to Ye Zhantian.

Everyone in the Ye Clan could not imagine just how much treasure Ye Chen hid on himself. Every time he took something out casually, it would end up shocking them. They wondered what effect this pill had as Ye Zhantian swallowed it.

After taking the pill, Ye Zhantian felt a strong burning sensation in his abdomen and quickly sat down.

After a long while, Ye Zhantian had absorbed the medicinal properties of the pill and stood again, appearing excited.

"Little Chen, what pill is that? It seems to be able to strengthen a person's soul! Do you have any more of these pills?" It was not surprising that Ye Zhantian was so excited. The soul was the hardest thing to cultivate. The stronger the soul, the higher one's talent for cultivating. This pill could change an ordinary person's talent for cultivating and was more effective than the Marrow Absolution Pill. How could he not be excited about this? If the ordinary people in the Ye Clan could consume this pill, then they could produce many cultivation prodigies!

"I only have very few of these pills. I'll see if I can make more in the future." Ye Chen evaded. He only refined a few pills and was not sure if he could make more in the future.

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"Ah, I see." Although Ye Zhantian was disappointed, he was relieved after thinking about it. If there were too many of these pills, how terrifying would that be?

Self-learning would always be different than with a mentor. After thinking about it, it seemed that it was necessary to pay respects to the Master Apothecary Xuanyi as a teacher in alchemy. Although the Master Apothecary Xuanyi taught ordinary alchemy methods that were different from ancient alchemy methods, they should be interrelated. If he could practice the ordinary alchemy method to the Master Apothecary's attainment level, he would advance from being a beginner in the ancient alchemy method.

Seeing the Ye Clan thriving now, Ye Chen could finally be at ease and head to the Capital City. When Ye Chen thought of Qiu Ying, his heart went cold. After reaching the Capital City, he could settle the score with Qiu Ying! 

"Little Chen, are you going to the Capital City?" Ye Changxuan's heart tightened after hearing that Ye Chen wanted to go to the Capital City. The Capital City was not like Donglin County. That place was right under the feet of the emperor and was where many large clans gathered. Ye Chen would inevitably suffer if he went there alone. Although Ye Chen's current strength was not inferior to a peak Tenth Level combatant, there were as many masters in the city as there were clouds.

"Yes, to remove the poison from Second Uncle and Ye Meng, and to learn alchemy, I need to go to the Capital City. Don't worry, Granduncle. I have connections with Master Li. After I join Master Apothecary Xuanyi, no one would dare to touch me!" Ye Chen said, "Yin Mengtian sent a message to Father saying that when the Ye Clan killed Liu Xun and Liu Kan, it was Master Apothecary Xuanyi who had protected the Ye Clan. This goes to show how influential Master Apothecary Xuanyi is."

Seeing Ye Chen so determined, Ye Changxuan also agreed. Making Ye Chen stay in this valley was too unrealistic. After all, Ye Chen needed to experience the vast world outside .

"Little Chen, your Third Uncle just sent some things over. Take them with you. They should be of some use." Ye Changxuan took out a brand made from an unknown metal from a Heaven-Earth Pouch. It was a faint dark gold and was engraved with exquisite patterns and the words "Tiandu Chamber of Commerce".

"What's this?" Ye Chen asked curiously.

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