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14 The Thunder Emperor Technique

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'Mastering the Primordial Thunder Body within just a few days? What kind of being is this kid?' Even the former Ye Chen would not have been able to achieve a miraculous feat such as this! 

A fascination grew to an uncontainable peak within the minds of Ye Changxuan and the rest of the group. After such a long history, the Ye clan was finally seeing the rise of a true, ultimate warrior!

"From now on, every detail about Ye Chen must be treated as sensitive information!" Ye Changxuan turned and scanned the faces of the audience. Fortunately, not many individuals had become privy to a new family secret. Including himself, Ye Zhantian, Ye Zhanlong, and Ye Zhanxiong, there were only six people in this group.

Having heard what Ye Changxuan had said, Ye Zhantian was less euphoric. He wished he could just tell the world that this kid right here was the proud scion of him, Ye Zhantian!

Then, as if he had suddenly remembered something, Ye Zhantian lowered his voice before he said, "Everything started with Chen'er having that odd dream of being visited by a white-haired elderly man a few days ago. After that, he woke up and found that his meridian channels were somehow recovered!"

"Is that so?" Ye Changxuan froze for a moment before he became imbued with even more enthusiasm. "One of our ancestors, who had long transcended the Immaterial, returned to bless Chen through a dream? Chen'er has such great




'So that was how Chen'er managed to recover from such grave damage on his meridian channels. This can only be a miracle performed by our Ancestors, is it not?'

 The group eyed the Ye clan's ancestral spirit tablet that was on the top of the altar with even more veneration and devotion in their hearts.

"Chen'er, did our Ancestors impart any advice to you?" Ye Zhanlong asked as he turned to Ye Chen.

"N-no. There was none," Ye Chen replied, scratching his head in embarra.s.sment. The whole thing about his dream was a complete lie, yet his seniors had clearly taken every word to heart. 

"Oh." Ye Zhanlong's disappointment was plain to catch. He had thought that the Ancestors would have given him some tips at least on how to restore the clan's prestige after seeing its current regressive state, especially considering the fact that the Ye family was once an eminent clan of esteemed stature thousands of years ago. 

"Well, the Ancestors did not leave any doctrinal commandment, yes. But they did impart knowledge of an incredible martial art discourse by the name of Thunder Emperor Technique!" Ye Zhantian added, grinning.

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"Thunder Emperor Technique?" The rest of the group turned their attention to Ye Zhantian immediately, their hearts pounding in antic.i.p.ation. 

"I've studied it a little, and I can vouch that the Inner Thunderclap Energy Cultivation technique is likely an offshoot from the Thunder Emperor Technique. I can also tell you that the latter is far more magnificent and emanc.i.p.ating than the former in ways that words cannot describe."

"So the reason for your recent advancement — it was because of this technique?" Ye Zhanlong asked in shock. 

"Indeed. I put the technique into practice recently. My Celestial Chi immediately made such profound progress that I've managed to easily break through the rank barrier and advanced a stage two days ago! Now, I'm eager to share the discourse on the Thunder Emperor Technique to Uncle and all of my brothers. In addition to that, I've decided to share the technique's basic teachings for the benefits of the rest of the clan."

Hearing Ye Zhantian's testimony, Ye Changxuan could not help but be motivated. "Could this be it? Our family's ancient technique?" 

Ye Changxuan and the rest could not help but be excited at the prospects of witnessing the rejuvenation of their clan!

"This matter has proven itself to warrant even more confidentiality. Let's not talk about it here anymore," Ye Changxuan declared. Heeding his words, the group quickly abandoned the topic. 

"Alright, seeing that Chen'er has been approved by our Ancestors to a.s.sume the esteemed mantle as the Successor Patriarch of the Ye family, I believe there is no contention to that, yes?" Ye Changxuan smiled and patted Ye Chen's head. "We should not let Chen'er's extreme giftedness go to waste, so that my family, the Ye, can finally reclaim all of its former glory!"

Hence, under the direct orders from Ye Zhantian and his Elders, the Grand Ancestral Worshipping Ceremony was celebrated in an even more splendid manner. Not only was the celebration more pompous, as well as with more additional, elaborative rituals, but Ye Zhantian held Ye Chen's inauguration ceremony simultaneously within the same auspicious period. It was a bustling, exciting time for the clan. 

Ye Changxuan decided not to leave Ye Castle after the Grand Ceremony had ended. Instead, he had opted to stay with Ye Zhantian and his brothers so that they could study the Thunder Emperor Technique together. There were a total of six individuals within the clan who had access to the highly-graded teachings of the Thunder Emperor Technique.

After all, only if his granduncle, father and uncles' powers improved could Ye Chen's position as the Successor Chief be more secured and insured!

As for Ye Moyang, he had immediately served his sentence after the end of the Grand Ceremony, and after he had recovered from his punishment, he departed for the detention cell in the House of Ye's Tribunal building. As he walked to his destination, people were gawking at him from a distance.

"Hey, isn't that Elder Ye Moyang?"

"Hush! He's not one of the Elders anymore, remember? The Patriarch has sentenced him to a hundred lashes and stripped him off his t.i.tle. It was all because he did not bring up his son right. To be frank, I thought the punishment was quite disproportionately harsh."

"Hey, are you actually doubting the judicious character of our Patriarch? If anyone dared to harm my son the same way, I would have torn that person apart even if it would cost me my life! I thought the Patriarch's handling of this case was quite lenient!" 

These clansmen's topics clearly revolved around Ye Moyang but neither of them had wanted to approach him. Even though they might think his punishment was a bit severe, it ultimately changed none of their opinions as they all know that Ye Zhantian, now a Ninth Stage martial arts master, had officially become the pillar and guardian of the family for decades to come. Despite the punishment he had sentenced Ye Moyang with was heavy-handed, these clansmen would hardly say anything against Ye Zhantian.

Naturally, the man in the center of all these murmurs could not possibly ignore the fact that everyone was talking about him. In response, Ye Moyang wore a terrifying scowl throughout his journey until he arrived at the detention cell.

As soon as he saw Ye Kongyan, Ye Moyang gave him a loud — albeit relatively soft — slap in the face. "You unruly brat! Who told you to use Shadow Storm Talon?!"

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Yet strangely, despite being slapped, Ye Kongyan continued to be silent; his face was muted.

One thing was imminent though — the elaborative strategy of Yun Yiyang that was planned in order to annex the House of Ye as their own was suddenly thwarted. Of course, Yun Yiyang could not possibly be satisfied with such an outcome. Back when the House of Ye was quite powerful, their influence even seemed to have rivaled the Yun themselves. Now, with words that new hopes were rising within their rival's house, how could he sleep peacefully at night? 

Yun Yiyang contemplated his options for some time before he finally decided on a plan. 

He would draft some of the other Houses' best fighters to his side. Then, they would wipe out the House of Ye together. 

Time pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Three days after the end of the Grand Ceremony, all members of the Ye family had received news that the group of the top six martial arts masters in the family that was spearheaded by Ye Changxuan, had been making amendments to the First Grade teaching of the Inner Thunderclap Energy Cultivation discourse. Throughout history, only the most talented and naturally gifted of martial art seniors had ever made changes to the details of a cultivation system. So now, what Ye Changxuan and the others were doing was, thus, very unusual. As a matter of fact, a few Elders had even expressed d.a.m.ning reservations to their actions. Alas, when the revised Inner Thunderclap Energy Cultivation discourse had been completed, they lapsed into knowing silence. 

"…Could it be that while he was out in the world, the Former Chief got inspired and enlightened?"

"This is not entirely impossible. After all, one does not simply revise the details of a cultivation system! Even many of our forefathers who had ever attained the Tenth Stage had not dared to amend our cultivation system!"

"So, what is the Former Chief's Celestial Chi Stage at? It can't be Tenth already, can it?"

'Tenth Stage!' Of course, the clansmen were merely speculating it. Had anyone in the family ever reached the Tenth Stage, everyone in the House of Ye would act like a royal in the entire Donglin county. After all, which clan in the whole county could rival the wrath of a Tenth Stage fighter?! Even the Second-rank Prince of the Donglin county would only subserviently serve tea to a Tenth Stage fighter!

Rumors flew around in the family, yet in spite of it, the consensus was one of joy. Now that two Ninth Stage fighters had emerged, the family's position became second only to the House of Yun. Next, with Ye Chen's meridian channels recovered, he was only to become the family's very best fighter. In addition to that, ever since the younger generations had practiced the revised version of Inner Thunderclap Energy Cultivation, their prowess had only improved dramatically.

The House of Ye may not be able to flaunt its financial status but the family was far from going downhill. In fact, everyone believed that it was just a matter of time before the family would start to prosper again, starting with new expansions on the family business. The hardship would end soon!

Ever since becoming the Successor Patriarch, Ye Chen now had his own residency that was a few distances away from his father's residency. In order to make sure Ye Chen was always safe, Ye Changxuan and the rest had agreed to build Ye Chen's abode closer to the Patriarch Residency.

For those few days, Ye Changxuan and the other five had shut themselves in the Patriarch Residency. They did not even leave to eat nor sleep at their own abodes. 

Meanwhile, Ye Chen was busy training himself in his own courtyard too. One day, signs of Celestial Chi pulses were emitted from the Patriarch Residency twice. This was a sure sign that someone had advanced a Stage. It was later revealed that Ye Zhanxiong and another one of Ye Chen's uncles — both stuck at the peak of the Seventh Stage for a while — had finally managed to attain a new Stage after practicing the Thunder Emperor Technique. These two fighters had been in the Seventh Stage over a long period of time, so it was a given that they would have advanced so quickly. For the rest of the group, they could perhaps expect a slower sail. 

Nevertheless, having two people gaining so many benefits from that technique in such a short amount of time spoke volumes of the Thunder Emperor Technique's powers. The Inner Thunderclap Energy Cultivation technique simply could not hold a candle to it.

'I have to work hard, too!' Ye Chen thought as he sat quietly on the field, before once again entering a state of meditative absorption while cultivating his Celestial Chi. 

Merits usually mean credits and worthiness, but here it is specifically meant in the more theological (especially East Asians') way: the divine reward or blessings for good deeds done in the past.

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