Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

138 What To Do?

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Ye Chen was called by Uncle Moyuan and stopped refining pills. He hurried over."Father, Granduncle…" Ye Chen greeted Ye Changxuan, Ye Zhantian, and the others.

"We saw some Blood-Fungus outside. Little Chen, quickly take us in to see what's going on." Ye Changxuan was also a little eager.

"Well, please come with me, everyone. However, you need to get in line and be careful. Don't step on them," Ye Chen said. He also could not wait to see the results.

"We understand," the clansmen answered loudly. It would be a great sin to damage a Lingzhi.

They were finally able to enter the forest to take a look. The clansmen were extremely excited.

Ye Chen was the first to enter, followed by Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian. Everyone was careful when entering, following close behind Ye Chen. They only dared to step on the places Ye Chen had stepped. Ye Chen could not help but laugh at the expressions of the clansmen but he could imagine just how excited they were to see something like the Blood-Fungus!

In the past, when the clansmen collected Lingzhi, they had to venture into mystical beast infested mountains and forest. Many clansmen had lost their lives because of this and there were little fruits of their labor. One could imagine their mood at suddenly seeing so many Lingzhi now.

They followed Ye Chen for more than ten meters into the forest. The surrounding scene made Ye Changxuan, Ye Zhantian, and the others almost dizzy with happiness. Wood shavings and logs of Spirit Moon Trees were everywhere and one or two Lingzhi were growing on every wood shaving or log. Some had cl.u.s.ters of Lingzhi grown together. The forest was filled with a rich medicinal fragrance.

"One, two, three… Thirty-six. This log has thirty-six Lingzhi and one Lingzhi can be exchanged for hundreds of Chi-ama.s.sing Pills…" A dark-skinned clansman wailed.

"Erhei, why are you crying? You should be happy!"

"I'm crying for my dad. My dad used to enter the mountains to collect Lingzhi but he was eaten by mystical beasts." The young man cried.

A few clansmen had their sorrows. A few clansmen lost their lives each year entering the mountains to collect Lingzhi. At that time, the House of Ye's livelihood was not good. To increase the income of the clan, everyone often took risks to collect herbs to earn some money.

The deeper they went into the forest, the more Lingzhi grew, just like stars all over the sky.

Ye Changxuan and the others felt like they were fluttering and swaying on their feet. Heavens, were they dreaming?

"Little Chen, there are three kinds of Lingzhi growing here. We know that one of them is the Blood-Fungus but why haven't we seen the other two types before?" Ye Zhantian asked. He bowed his head and sniffed the refreshing fragrance. He thought that it was the best fragrance that he had ever smelled in his life.

"I think I've seen one kind in the Family Cla.s.sic before but I don't remember what Linghzhi it's called." Ye Changxuan frowned slightly and looked at the Lingzhi that he had never seen before. This Lingzhi looked similar to the White-Fungus but was very different. Its whiteness seemed transparent and there were streams of light faintly flashing in it.

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"This Lingzhi is called the Cloud Fragrance Fungus. Its effect is roughly the same as the Blood-Fungus and can be taken directly but its efficiency is dozens of times that of the Blood-Fungus." Ye Chen smiled. The Cloud Fragrance Fungus was more valuable but it was not as hardy, so he was afraid that they would not grow. However, he did not expect so many to grow. They were not inferior to the Blood-Fungus at all.

Everyone's heart skipped a beat hearing Ye Chen saying that the Silver Moon Fungus was even rarer than the Cloud Fragrance Fungus. When he said that it was rare even to Master Apocatheries, their hearts suddenly quivered. However, when he said that one stalk could be exchanged for tens of thousands of Chi-ama.s.sing Pills, their minds went blank.

Tens of thousands of Chi-ama.s.sing Pills. What the h.e.l.l was that?

Just how many stalks of Silver Moon Fungi were here?

In this hundred-acre forest, just these three Lingzhi numbered as much as the stars in the sky! If all of them were sold for Chi-ama.s.sing Pills, they would be able to fill an entire warehouse with the pills alone!

"Little Chen, what are you planning to do with these Lingzhi?" Ye Changxuan asked Ye Chen after calming down. It would not be easy to handle this many Lingzhi!

"The Blood-Fungus and Cloud Fragrance Fungus can be used directly. A portion will be reserved for the clan and the rest can be sold after they've grown for two months. We'll keep the remainder for a few years. If they can be sold, we'll sell them for Chi-ama.s.sing Pills or higher tier medicinal pills. Some of us can even go to auction houses in various cities and buy spirit artifacts, top-quality medicinal pills, bizarre and fantastical objects, and so on. We can even sell these three Lingzhi to different countries and buy large amounts of spirit artifacts and medicinal pills." Ye Chen recited the plan that he had.

The demand for Lingzhi was not just high. Every year, Lingzhi accounted for at least ten percent of psychics used by various empires. They did not have to worry about rare Lingzhi like the Blood-Fungus or Cloud Fragrance Fungus not be able to sell out. Even after selling the Lingzhi, they could replant and grow more in two months.

According to what Ye Chen had said, would that not mean that most of the spirit artifacts and top-quality medicinal pills auctioned by empires would fall into the hands of the Ye Clan? If they had so many resources, even less gifted disciples would be able to raise to the Ninth Level or higher with large numbers of medicinal pills and profound cultivation techniques like the Thunder Emperor Technique!

In less than ten years, the Ye Clan would surely become the top clan in the Xiwu Empire or even be able to pressure the Xiwu Empire imperial family!

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