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136 Soul-Amassing Pill

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Ye Chen made another portion of the herb mixture and placed it into the refining furnace. Although he would always become gloomy and agitated after failing, he quickly immersed his heart when it came to alchemy. He knew that only with peace of mind would he be able to succeed. If he was going to do things with a restless heart, he might as well not do it at all!Whoosh. The flame under the refining furnace rose but it was not very hot. Ye Chen carefully controlled the temperature and the armguard artifact spirit was also very cooperative.

When controlling the flame, Ye Chen gradually fell into a mysterious realm. Ye Chen's Astral Body entered the refining furnace and he was acutely aware of every change happening to the herb mixture in the refining furnace.

When refining pills, Ye Chen tried countless methods including inserting his Astral Body into the refining furnace and learning more about the process of alchemy. Therefore, Ye Chen put his Astral Body to good use with every pill he had refined.

Holding down the heat of the flames using his Astral Body, he felt the subtle changes. Ye Chen could feel his Astral Body transforming bit by bit. Before, the smallest size his Astral Body could see were grains of rice but now, he could observe smaller objects clearer and meticulously.

Ye Chen had never thought that using his Astral Body to refine pills would cause it to improve. This unexpected event made Ye Chen delighted.

At this time, the herb mixture slowly became yellow.

"Oh no, it's going to fail again!" Ye Chen was extremely chagrined. Every time the herb mixture turned yellow, it would then start to burn. He quickly flipped the herb mixture several times and poured some Heavenly Pure Water on it. He anxiously began to manipulate it in an orderly way according to the alchemy process.

Turning it carefully again and again, stirring, controlling the temperature, cooling it, and yet...

It still failed. Ye Chen looked at the black herb mixture in frustration and felt vexed. There was nothing wrong with the process but why did he keep failing?

If only there was a teacher to guide him.

Alas, just as Ye Chen was upset, he suddenly noticed an intact lump of the herb mixture among the pile of charred herb mixture.

Ye Chen thought for a moment before immediately taking out that small lump of the herb mixture and making it look like two pills. The two pills were about half the size of a little finger. They were dark red and emitted a strange aroma.

It was not a Chi-ama.s.sing Pill!

Ye Chen was bewildered. He was refining using the materials for a Chi-ama.s.sing Pill but why was the end product not a Chi-ama.s.sing Pill?

Could these two pills be eaten?

Ye Chen was hesitant.

"Squeak squeak!" Little Tanuki's eyes flashed upon seeing the pills in Ye Chen's hand.

"You want to eat this?" Ye Chen asked Little Tanuki in surprise.

Little Tanuki nodded excitedly and jumped onto Ye Chen's shoulder. Its chubby little claws pawed at the two pills.

"No, these pills can't be eaten carelessly. Let me find out what kind of pills they are first." Ye Chen hurriedly held the two pills tightly. What if the pills ended up being poisonous and were eaten by Little Tanuki? He had to first check what pills they were.

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Seeing Ye Chen keeping the pills, Little Tanuki widened its big watery eyes and looked at Chu Li piteously.

'Just what kind of pill is it? It's so potent!'

Instantly, he felt the soaring flame rush straight to his mind and there seemed to be an explosion in his head. Bam bam bam, sparks flew everywhere as bursts of stabbing pain a.s.saulted his brain like pins and needles. The pain seemed to make his thinking clearer and his consciousness extended upward to the infinite open sky of the universe.

Ye Chen's Astral Body strengthened bit by bit and an armored soldier holding a long sword gradually materialized in the s.p.a.ce above Ye Chen's head. It let out a roar as red flames burned on its body as if it were a fire giant. The sense of realness grew stronger.

Ye Chen could feel the strength of his Astral Body. He was one step closer to true Daemon Kings. 

Ye Chen's Astral Body was different from the Psyche of Celestial Beasts and could not be directly compared.

However, it was a good thing that his Astral Body had improved.

Were these two pills the legendary Soul-ama.s.sing Pills?

Ye Chen's stomach still felt like a fire was burning in it, not extinguished yet. Ye Chen quickly opened up some ancient texts and found a page about the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill.

"Soul-ama.s.sing Pill: A pill that was produced when strange changes occur when refining a Chi-ama.s.sing Pill. After swallowing it, the abdomen burned like fire for several months but strengthened the soul. It was greatly beneficial to cultivation but cannot be taken continuously as it would harm the soul."

Seeing the introduction of the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill, Ye Chen finally confirmed that what he refined was the Soul-ama.s.sing Pill.

Although Ye Chen wasted so many materials and failed so many times, he still refined two priceless Soul-ama.s.sing Pills. That was worth it!True yang, also called kidney yang, original yang or the Mingmen fire is the source of all types of yang chi. It is also the driving force behind all processes of warming, generation, and transformation

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