Nine Astra Skies

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129 Miniature Chi-Amassing Formation

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Alchemy was a field that required an in-depth study. It was always much worse without the guidance of a mentor. Ye Chen gripped a book on alchemy in his hands and never stopped reading it every day.Soon, a few days had pa.s.sed and several wooden huts that could be lived in had already been built in the valley. Some ordinary clansmen also started to make bricks and tiles. After a year or two in the valley, they should be able to build brick houses.

Tribulation after tribulation, the people of the Ye Clan grew more tenacious and learned to cherish their lives now. The cultivators in the clan had cultivated wildly as if they were mad. With their hard work along with a mysterious cultivation system like the Thunder Emperor Technique, the strength of the Ye Clan would soon rise.

Ye Zhanxiong and the others went out looking for orphans. The Ye Clan needed to become stronger urgently!

It was a bustling scene.

Ye Chen sat on a stone at the corner of the valley. In front of him was a vacant area with many stones scattered around.

"Little Tanuki, is it useful to arrange a primordial formation like the one in the Sunken Jade Tower?" Ye Chen asked Little Tanuki beside him. He remembered the arrangement of the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation back when he was in the Sunken Jade Tower.

Little Tanuki shook its head. It did not know either. It did not understand anything about primordial formations.

Ye Chen closed his eyes and recalled. When his Astral Body floated over the primordial Chi-ama.s.sing Formation, he had seen the entire array from above. The formation consisted of more than six hundred mysterious boulders. Ye Chen quickly arranged the formation based on the impression in his memory. 

After an unknown amount of time, Ye Chen opened his eyes and saw the formation he had arranged on the ground in front of him. It was the same as the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation in the Sunken Jade Tower, albeit a smaller version.

A long time had pa.s.sed but he did not see the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation operating.

'It didn't work? Why?' Ye Chen was puzzled. The formation he had arranged was the same as the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation in the Sunken Jade Tower. The Chi-ama.s.sing Formation in the Sunken Jade Tower also automatically ran on its own without any energy driving it. However, his Chi-ama.s.sing Formation could not run at all!

Ye Chen felt a little depressed. He bowed his head and contemplated in distress. He felt that he was missing something. Could the most important thing be that golden disc in the middle of the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation?

After thinking for a long time, Ye Chen swept his gaze across the six hundred or so stones again.

Ye Chen suddenly realized something mysterious. Looking at these irregularly arranged stones, he seemed to have been struck with inspiration. He jumped down from the towering stone and drew on the mud with a pebble.

"Kan position, Kun position…" Ye Chen quickly sketched all kinds of diagrams on the ground. Knowledge poured out of his mind, some regarding cultivation and some regarding other matters. Slowly, in Ye Chen's eyes, the arrangement of these six hundred or so stones seemed to make sense.

Ye Chen barked a laugh and gathered all the stones on the ground. He smoothed out the ground and started arranging the stones one by one again. Each stone was placed in a very strict order.

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Little Tanuki opened its eyes curiously and looked at the stones placed in specific positions on the ground. Like a game of Go, each stone was dropped like a piece on a chessboard, forming a bridge between earlier and later stages with countless future possibilities, endlessly profound.

"Not bad!" Ye Chen smiled in satisfaction looking at this Chi-ama.s.sing Formation. The effect had already completely exceeded his expectations.

Feeling the Celestial Chi gathering at this place, Ye Changxuan and the others quickly flew over. They were quite confused to see pieces of stones arranged in a strange formation.

"Little Chen, what's this formation? It can gather Celestial Chi!" Ye Changxuan said in surprise. The effect was quite good. It would be a benefit if one had cultivated beside this formation.

"This formation is called the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation. I'm preparing to arrange a few more Chi-ama.s.sing Formations in the valley so that the clan can cultivate around the formations." Ye Chen smiled slightly. If he placed six or seven Chi-ama.s.sing Formations around, as time pa.s.sed, the Celestial Chi in the valley would become several or even dozens of times stronger than outside.

Ye Chen once again brought about a great surprise to the clan. The clansmen were curious about the formation. Although some tried to understand the formation, after studying it, they found that they were still at a loss. The mystery of the formation was beyond their comprehension.

The valley was becoming more like a paradise. Ye Chen thought with a smile that the Ye Clan might decide to settle down and recuperate here. When the Ye Clan reappeared in front of the eyes of the world, they would surely be a shockingly big shot. At that time, no one would dare to look down upon the Ye Clan anymore.

Ye Chen held the book on alchemy as if he was obsessed. After preparing and understanding it carefully for a few days, he started to try alchemy. The cultivators of the Ye Clan had cultivated beside the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation daily. On the other hand, besides making bricks and tiles, the ordinary clansmen also began to cultivate farmland on the plains while others fished in the lakes. The scene was lively and busy.

On this day, Ye Chen walked along the edge of the forest. In the distance, there were suddenly shouts of pleasant surprise from several clansmen deep in the forest.

"What happened?" Ye Chen thought curiously before quickly running to the source of the sound.Part of the Eight Trigrams. Kan symbolizes water while Kun symbolizes Earth.

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