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126 Bounded By Red Silk

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"In the beginning, the Ye Clan was considered a martial arts family in the Xiwu Empire and could be ranked in the top ten. Back then, the strongest in the family were two brothers who were both Earthly Venerable Rank combatants. For some reason, the Ye Clan offended two martial arts families and was jointly suppressed by those two martial arts families. At that time, the two brothers had different opinions. The younger brother wanted to persuade the elder brother to lead the Ye Clan to move out of the Xiwu Empire and go to the faraway Central Empire. The elder brother, who was the clan chief, did not agree no matter what. The Central Empire was the center of the Great Eastern Continent and was a place where many masters and martial arts families gathered. If the Ye Clan moved there, we wouldn't even count as a third-cla.s.s family. Although the Xiwu Empire was being suppressed, we were still one of the top ten families. The two brothers quarreled and in a rage, the younger brother led hundreds of clansmen and left the Xiwu Empire. The two fought fiercely. When the younger brother left, the older brother flew into a rage and wiped off the younger brother from the family tree with a stroke of a pen," Ye Changxuan said carefully.Ye Chen's heart tightened from Ye Changxuan's words. People in this world attached special importance to clans. The older brother's hatred must have been too great for him to wipe off his younger brother's name from the family tree. 

"At that time, the elder brother thought that the younger brother's faction would end up in a miserable situation after reaching the Central Empire and it wouldn't be long until they come back. Unexpectedly it was the elder brother's faction that was suppressed continuously and the clan weakened day by day. Even thirty years later, the glorious days never returned. However, after the younger brother's side reached the Central Empire, they joined a big sect and completely cultivated new martial arts techniques. After thirty years of struggle and hard work, he finally became a leader of that sect as well as one of the top five forces of the Central Empire. That was already quite amazing to be able to accomplish such a feat in the Central Empire which is full of martial arts families." Ye Changxuan sighed with emotion. "Fortune was in the east of riverbank thirty years ago but turns to the west after thirty years have pa.s.sed. It's lamentable. Sometimes, people would rather be a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail but in the end, those who would rather be a chicken's head only regard themselves as chickens, fall from grace, and end up not even being able to become a chicken's head. Those who would rather become a phoenix's tail would struggle in adversity and compete with countless predicaments, improving and finally becoming the phoenix's head. One should aim to be a phoenix's tail rather than a chicken's head. That should be the proverb!"

One should aim to be a phoenix's tail rather than a chicken's head? Ye Changxuan's words moved Ye Chen.

"What happened thereafter?"

"The elder brother's faction got worse in the Xiwu Empire and was almost wiped out several times but it was already too late to regret it. When they were besieged by two martial arts families, the younger brother's faction intervened and saved our branch. However, they also set up their branch. The elder brother wanted to make amends with the younger brother but there was a large disparity between their positions, so it was impossible. That continued until today. The Ye Clan has one branch in the Xiwu Empire and another at the Central Empire but there are still many grudges between us. For nearly a thousand years, their branch had always looked down on ours." Ye Changxuan smiled wryly.

Hearing Ye Changxuan's words, Ye Chen understood.

"Now that Little Rou has left, that branch wouldn't allow her to come back to Ye Castle anymore. Little Chen, aren't you sad?" Ye Zhantian saw Ye Chen's indifferent reaction and could not help but ask. Little Rou and Little Chen had been together since they were children and had deep feelings for each other. Why was Little Chen not sad at all even after Little Rou was gone?

Ye Chen smiled calmly and looked at his father and granduncle. "What is there to be sad about? Father, Granduncle, how can we let the people of that branch continue to look down on us? Like Granduncle said, fortune was in the east of riverbank thirty years ago but turns to the west after thirty years have pa.s.sed. Can't our Xiwu Empire Ye Clan run neck and neck with the Central Empire Ye Clan? Sooner or later, they'll come begging us to make amends! Little Rou will come back to the House of Ye. If they insist on being stubborn, we'll use strength to convince them!" Ye Chen's words were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence which came from his improvement in his martial arts. One day, he would be one of the peerless combatants!

Ye Chen's words shocked Ye Changxuan and Ye Zhantian. An unbearable restlessness emerged in their hearts. After so many years, would such a day come for their Xiwu Empire Ye Clan? They did not dare to have this expectation for many years but Ye Chen's appearance had created an irresistible hope in their hearts. Ye Chen was only seventeen years old but his strength was not inferior to that of a mid-Tenth Level combatant and he had also tamed so many Tenth Stage Celestial Beasts. They had never believed in miracles stronger than today!

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If one day, they could go neck and neck with the Central Empire's Ye Clan, their ancestors would surely feel proud of them!

"Brother Ye Chen, Little Rou is leaving for the faraway Central Empire. I hope this jade pendant will always accompany Brother Ye Chen in my stead. Little Rou will always think of Brother Ye Chen… When Little Rou was very very young, I had a wish, which was to become the most beautiful bride for Brother Ye Chen. However, this wish will never be realized. Little Rou only loves Brother Ye Chen alone, forever… Bounded by red silk, to you I may only dream, parted by the world..."

Little Rou's writing was disjointed as if she had a thousand words to say but did not know what to write. In the end, she only left a few words. There were even some teardrop marks on the paper.

"Silly girl." Ye Chen's heart clenched as he murmured, "Bounded by red silk, to you I may only dream, parted by the world." In Donglin County, when a couple was getting married, every groom had to tie red silk on his beloved wife to express his love, symbolizing their connection and never leaving each other.

"Ye Chen, what did Little Rou say?" Ye Zhantian saw how emotional Ye Chen was and asked.

Ye Chen restrained his emotions. He looked at Ye Zhantian and said in a bright smile, "Little Rou said she'll let me go to the Central Empire to play. She also said she wants to marry into the House of Ye and become your daughter-in-law." Ye Chen clenched the letter and swore in his heart. 'Silly girl, you didn't even say goodbye to me when you left. Wait for me in the Central Empire. I'll go there sooner or later to take you back!'There was no translation for the original poem, so we'd translated it into a haiku instead. The poem describes Ye Rou's wish to wear a wedding dress, which is traditionally red, for Ye Chen. However, she can only do so in her dreams now as when she wakes up, she is already in a faraway place from her beloved.

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