Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

117 Ye Chen's Homecoming

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Ye Changxuan, Ye Zhantian, and the rest attempted to brave through to stand up but time after time, they were kicked back into the ground by the Dark Troopers. There seemed to be sadness in their anger."Liu Xun, I'll continue to haunt you even in death!" Ye Zhantian proclaimed as he behaved like an animal gone berserk!

Liu Kan trembled slightly. He had spent most of his days enjoying life to the fullest and was no longer the tyrant from before. He could not help but feel sorry upon the Ye Clan members' faces.

"Little Xun, why don't we call it a day for now? If we continue to torture them, some of them might just die." Liu Kan looked at Liu Xun in concern.

Liu Xun stared at Liu Kan. "You've gone soft, Father. I'd like to see just how long these stubborn Ye Clan members can hold. As long as they don't submit to me today, I'll continue to be cruel!" He looked to the other side to the ladies.

While the men were placed on the wooden posts, the ladies were locked up on the other side. 

"Are you going to take the pill or what?" Liu Xun grew violent. Liu Xun had taken countless lives and he was not going to let the Ye Clan intimidate him. So what if he had aroused the ire of a powerful combatant? He did not fear death as he would just kill them for pushing his b.u.t.tons!

Seeing how the Ye Clan members continued to stare at him angrily and refused to submit, Liu Xun was becoming more frustrated. 

"Bring the ladies of the Ye Clan over!" Liu Xun ordered.

"What are you going to do, Liu Xun?" Ye Changxuan and the rest had a bad feeling about it.

"Heh, you'll see." There was a twisted smile on Liu Xun's face.

One of the girls by the name of Ye Mei was brought over. She was one of the more talented ones among the youngsters who happened to be an Eighth Level. Ye Mei, too, was wounded and looked defeated. She could not consolidate her Celestial Chi.

Fear crept onto Ye Mei's face as the guards brought her over. Her clothes were tattered and her face a little dirty but neither of that could cover that attractive figure of hers. Plus, she had an air of elegance.

Ye Mei could only react helplessly as the Dark Troopers stood menacingly before her like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Liu Xun looked at Ye Changxuan, Ye Zhantian, and the rest before lifting Ye Mei's chin with his right hand. A s.e.xually suggestive smile showed on his face. "Tsk tsk, such beauty. There's quite a number of beauties in the Ye Castle. A beauty like her should find a decent man, get married, and have a family. I'm sure she'd have a great family in the future. Only my men are all rather muscular and big, I wonder if she can take them?"

"Liu Xun, you savage! You should just die already!" One of the members who shared the name Zhan was infuriated. Those were their children!

"Heh heh, you guys forced my hands!" Liu Xun remarked coldly, "I'm about to show you just how eye-opening things can be! Once I'm done, the rest of you can take your turns. After all, there are so many beauties in the Ye Clan. Tsk tsk."

A few of the guards came over and held Ye Mei by the arms and legs while Liu Xun began unb.u.t.toning his clothes.

The Dark Troopers leered at Ye Mei. They laughed maniacally.

Ye Mei was afraid and she struggled. She cried and pleaded for mercy, "Please, don't!" 

Liu Xun was getting closer. As Ye Mei realized the unthinkable was about to happen, she struggled even more violently. Sadly, without her consolidated Celestial Chi, she could not free herself from the grasp of these Seventh Level Dark Troopers. 

"No!" Ye Meng cried loudly. Blood-soaked tears streamed from his eyes. "I'll take it, Liu Xun, I'll take your pill! Just let her go!"

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Just as Liu Xun arrived at Ye Mei's side, he stopped. He was delighted with what he had heard. "Finally, someone caved in." He looked at Ye Meng then at Ye Mei. "Tsk tsk, it looks like that boy is deeply in love with you!" He turned to look at the Dark Troopers. "Let her go!"

Ye Meng was still crying. If he had a choice, he would rather die with dignity, never to live his life in shame yet he had yet to confess to the person he held dear to his heart. Even if it meant getting himself humiliated and betraying his dignity, he would protect her. Hopefully, his death would guarantee her life in return. Ye Meng took the pill in Liu Xun's hand and swallowed it.

The rest of the Ye Clan members cried. 

"I'll take the pill, Liu Xun, just let them go!" Ye Zhanlong could not bear to see his son in such a state too. He felt heartbroken. He would rather die but these were all his family and clansmen!

"Very good! Ahahaha!" Liu Xun broke into laughter as Ye Zhanlong and the rest ate the pills. "As long as you do as I say, I promise you a prosperous life!"

Ye Zhanlong and the rest felt humiliated. 

Outside the pa.s.sageway at the mines, Ye Chen relied on the memory of his Astral Body to search for the exit. The first time seeing the sunlight after coming out of the underworld made him a little excited. He could not help but feel like screaming at the top of his lungs.

It felt like Ye Chen was out of prison and back to civilization. It was amazing!

"Squeak, squeak." Little Tanuki cheered too. It was just as glad to be out. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. The White Zephyr Ape, Raven Hawk, and the remaining Tenth Level mystical beasts exited the cave.

"Odd. Why isn't there a single soul at the mines?" Ye Chen had a bad feeling when he saw the empty mines. The mine was the Ye Clan's source of income. They would never cease production. Unless, something had happened to the Ye Clan? Ye Chen grew anxious.

Chirp, chirp. The Raven Hawk and Vermillion Spirit Condor took to the skies and flew toward the Ye Castle. 

Ye Chen dashed toward the Ye Castle. His mind was racing so hard that it was going to explode at any time. The Ye Clan must be safe!

Father, grandpa, second uncle… They had got to be safe!

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