Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

108 The Second Level Of The Sunken Jade Tower

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After the Vermillion Spirit Condor came a Blizzard Leopard, a Zephyr White Ape, and a Crimson Gold Hound - all which were swiftly enslaved by Ye Chen. They were all peak Tenth Level beasts. The Blizzard Leopard was rather lithe and small, almost the size of Little Tanuki but it was blindingly fast with razor-sharp fangs. It was ferocious and did not lag in its ability to kill compared to bigger beasts like the Lynx. Similar to the Lynx, the Crimson Gold Hound was a large-sized beast. It had a shade of red on its body and golden-colored eyes that gave off a menacing stare. Compared to the rest of the large beasts, it was the weakest but it had a keen sense of smell, which proved invaluable in tracking down adversaries. Perhaps the haul of the day was the Zephyr White Ape. The ape was four or five meters with a large hand and extremely shredded front limbs like a supersized gorilla. Its body was as hard as gold, st.u.r.dy, and strong. Its iron fist was as strong as a war hammer. One strike down could easily squash a Tenth Level combatant. 

After enslaving so many beasts, Ye Chen's Astral Body finally began to feel tired. Having to control so many peak Tenth Level beasts at once was not a simple matter of segregating some Astral Bodies. It took a lot of energy to control them. Ye Chen was satisfied with the number of the beasts he had. Once his powers had reached a greater height, he would capture more!

Five peak Tenth Level beasts surrounded the golden Chi-ama.s.sing Formation. Ye Chen could practically open a mini zoo now. 

Once Ye Chen was back at Donglin County, just these five top Tenth Level beasts alone were enough to make the Second-rank Prince of Donglin to drink himself to sleep. 

With so many Tenth Level beasts watching over them, would the Ye Clan be the stronghold that they were meant to be?

Initially surprised at Ye Chen's ability to capture so many peak Tenth Level beasts, Little Tanuki eventually got used to it. Most Celestial Beasts could only enslave three beasts. If they wanted to catch a new one, they would have to forego one of the older pets or it would put a toll on their Psyche. However, the cap did not apply to Ye Chen. Up to that point, he had already gained eight beasts! The strength of Ye Chen's Astral Body was immeasurable. 

After capturing the beasts, Ye Chen continued to cultivate and consolidated his cultivation. His Astral Body too, continued to grow stronger as it absorbed the residual souls.

The Chi-ama.s.sing Formation began to spin rapidly again. The moment it spun, the level of Celestial Chi and residual souls congregate within. Outside the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation, all beasts, Celestial Beasts, and humans gathered to cultivate too.

During that moment of silence, neither being attacked the formation.

In the formation, Ye Chen regressed into a meditative state once more. 

Just then, a group of Tenth Level combatants ran toward the formation. While running, the man shouted, "Listen up members of the Taiyi Sword Sect, we have orders from the Third Elder. All Tenth Level disciples come with me!"

Everyone could tell there seemed to be an urgency in his voice.

The Tenth Level members stood up one by one and ran to him. There were about twenty of them.

"What happened to the sect?"

"The path here leads to the second level of the Sunken Jade Tower. Maybe something happened down there."

The sect members discussed among themselves.

There were three major sects in the Xiwu Empire - the Emerald Cloud Sect, the Tianyi Sword Sect, and the Stalwarts of the Heavenly Stars Sect - all similar in power. Then, there were certain subsects to the major sects like the Tianji sect or the Supreme Magic Sect. All three major sects in the Xiwu Empire shared a complicated relationship and were extremely powerful. Even the Great Emperor Mingwu did not dare to provoke them.

A large commotion like twenty Tenth Level combatants running caught Ye Chen's attention. He used his Astral Body to investigate. He could see the Tianyi clansmen making haste. He wondered what was the matter. 

After a brief period, another Tenth Level combatant came over.

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"Tenth Level members of the Stalwarts of the Heavenly Stars Sect, come with me. We're going to the second level of the Sunken Jade Tower!"

Once in a while, the Raven Hawk and Vermillion Spirit Condor would relay messages to Ye Chen as he tailed behind. 

About thirty minutes later, Ye Chen arrived at a big pothole. It was pitch-black with no indication of where it led to. This was where the Tenth Level combatants leaped into. Ye Chen contemplated for a moment. If the Tenth Level combatants dove in, it was probably safe. He dove in too.

There were towering cliffs to the side. Ye Chen continued to fall. After a few hundred meters in, he scanned the surroundings using his Astral Body. A large puddle awaited beneath. It was blood red. The men who had arrived there first swam to the sh.o.r.e. Once they were on land, they continued running.

Plop. Ye Chen fell into the puddle. His Astral Body scanned the bottom of the puddle. It was ten meters deep with mirroring eggs. The puddle must have been home to some beasts but the humans had cleaned the spot.

Nothing new. Ye Chan swam to the sh.o.r.e. Once he had gotten on land, a majestic sight beheld Ye Chen. 

The second level of the tower was a vast world though it differed in landscape and scenery compared to the first level. There were thick linings of limestone formation. In between the slits of the limestone, black smoke spewed out. Beneath the limestones were molten red liquid. Life was all around the limestone. There were red plants, mirroring the shade of blood. Right up ahead in the pitch-black darkness was a faint red flow, like the stars of the night. It was mesmerizing.

Who would have guessed that there was such a view in the Sunken Jade Tower?

Coo coo. A few bird calls came from afar. There were sounds of a battle breaking out.

"Found the three major sects. Let's go, Little Tanuki!" Ye Chen ran ahead with Little Tanuki and three Tenth Level beasts by his side toward the direction of the noise.

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