Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

107 The Celestial Chi Flying Dagger

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Ye Chen felt like he had discovered something new. The thing was far stronger than the Astral Body but it only appeared for a mere second. When he tried to search for it once more, it was no longer there and the thunderous ring in his head was gone. Ye Chen had depleted his Celestial Chi. He was sweating at the back and his face was pale. He was out of energy. 

Until Ye Chen had attained a better cultivation base, it was best that he did not activate the Flying Dagger randomly. 

Ye Chen was curious about what he had felt. The large force that he had sensed was not Celestial Chi but more akin to an Astral Body though it seemed far superior than one. If he could grasp its concept, it would surely bring him great power. Alas, it disappeared far too quickly before he had a chance to catch hold of it. 

Flying Dagger oh Flying Dagger, just exactly what was it? After what Tian Yuan said, Ye Chen could feel the mysterious presence of the object. 

Ye Chen sat down to take a rest, the Celestial Chi in him was returning once more. 

Ye Chen suddenly had an epiphany. He had consolidated his Celestial Chi and let it out from his body, converging on him. Gradually, the Celestial Chi a.s.sumed the form of the Flying Dagger and hover an inch above him. It bore a resemblance to the real thing. Of course, the dagger was nothing more but a specter conjured out of fun by Ye Chen. It yielded no practical purposes. 

Under the guidance of Ye Chen's Celestial Chi, the specter spun at various angles in the air, to which Ye Chen carefully observed its features. While the dagger may be manifested from Ye Chen's Celestial Chi, it bore a resemblance to the actual thing judging from its size and all. Differences if any, were minimal.

While Ye Chen studied the flying dagger intently, he felt a chill pierced his heart, causing Ye Chen's heart to stop for a split second. 

Impossible. How could a flying dagger manifested from Celestial Chi be so captivating?

What Ye Chen did not know was that while he was studying the dagger, he had unconsciously transferred some of the actual Flying Dagger's consciousness onto the replica.

Another idea came to Ye Chen's mind. Once he had reached a strong cultivation base, could he conjure the Flying Dagger outside of his body using Celestial Chi to kill? It was just a thought but it was going to be a challenge to make it happen. The dagger manifested before him was not the real thing. 

After studying the object for half the day, Ye Chen still could not discover anything new. With a wave from his right hand, the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger disappeared. 

Ye Chen must have remained in the Sunken Jade Tower for a good ten days, had he not? He had figured ten days was still a short time so there would not be any harm if he chose to remain for a full month. However, he did not know that the Sunken Jade Tower lacked the cycle of day and night. The moment he began meditating, a few days had already well pa.s.sed. It was difficult for one to tell the time when they were meditating. Days had pa.s.sed but he thought it was just a couple of hours. By the time a month had gone by, he had thought it was just ten days. 

Time flew rapidly.

While meditating, the volume of Celestial Chi in Ye Chen had reached a critical point. He heard a loud bang. The barrier to the advancement of the next rank had shattered. After such a long time of cultivation, Ye Chen's power levels had gone from peak Ninth Level to low Tenth Level. His Celestial Chi had risen so much that it was difficult for him to tell.

The gap between the Ninth Level and ten was akin to the length of the Yangtze River. It was not as if Ye Chen had suddenly arrived at mid or peak Tenth Level after he had advanced to the said rank. There was still a long way to go before he could attain so. 

Although Ye Chen was only a low Tenth Level, the concentration of Celestial Chi in him was on the level of a peak Tenth Level. After attaining the Tenth Level, channeling Celestial Chi had become an easy feat. It was also stronger. One random punch and he could reduce rocks to rubble. 

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Ye Chen was superbly excited at his new strength. He had no idea that the human body was capable of such a feat. 

The beasts and Celestial Beasts kept charging ahead to battle the evil spirits. One of the peak Ninth Level Vermillion Spirit Condor used its talons to attack one of the evil spirits. The evil spirit merely dodged to the side and the Condor was sucked into the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation.

The Condor was a little perplexed upon entering the formation. There were so many other beasts out there that were attacking the formation who failed to get in yet the Condor got in just fine. It was truly a strange matter. It had no idea that it was Ye Chen who had let it in. As the Condor dove to attack the evil spirit, Ye Chen used his Astral Body to halt the evil spirit.

Like a flaming arrow, the Condor flew directly into the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation.

Just as the Condor was nearing the center of the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation, Ye Chen's Astral Body slowly wrapped around it, holding Vermillion Spirit Condor still. A fragment of his Psyche seeped into the Condor's mind. Likewise, the Condor belonged to somebody else but after a moment, it had recognized its new owner, becoming one of Ye Chen's new pets.

The Vermillion Spirit Condor was larger than the Raven Hawk. It wings were four to five meters long with a shade of crimson red just like flames that burned brilliantly. It was a fire elemental creature that spouted flames and was extremely majestic. On a one-on-one battle, the Condor stood no chance against the Raven Hawk, given its large but weak const.i.tution. In a skirmish, however, the Condor was sure to outperform the hawk.

Little Tanuki looked at Ye Chen in awe. Ye Chen had achieved his fifth pet! It could not understand how Ye Chen had managed to tame so many beasts!

After taming the Condor, it was named Fluffy Five by Ye Chen. The boy was not satisfied still so he continued to hunt for newer pets. Ye Chen had no care for low Tenth Level beasts, only peak Tenth Levels. 

So long as Ye Chen liked what he saw, he would use his Astral Body to lure them in. Unfortunately, there were no Earth-Rank Adept Stage Celestial Beasts as Ye Chen wanted to know if his Astral Body could enslave one.

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