Nine Astra Skies

Mad Snail

100 Peeing Oneself In Terror

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Ye Chen practiced Kunlun Sundering the Mountains repeatedly to gain a thorough understanding of the form so that his movements would not be sluggish when he had to perform this technique. A few days later, he had achieved the True Advance Attainment Level and began familiarizing himself with the next technique called Heavenly King Rupturing the Sun. Additionally, as Ye Chen's Celestial Chi and Astral Body continued to be enhanced, he gradually approached the next rank barrier. Ye Chen became incredibly happy at how fast he was advancing in his martial arts cultivation base.

One day, while Ye Chen was cultivating his martial arts techniques, he suddenly noticed something odd as an unfamiliar presence entered his perception range. His Astral Body immediately tracked down this presence and found a scarlet Lioness appearing in his field of vision. 

Although it looked very much like a tiger and a leopard, Ye Chen could tell at a glance that it was a Lioness. This Lioness had managed to force its way into the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation at some point during the ongoing battle outside. It seemed like there were still moments where those evil spirits would slip up too. 

This Lioness was a Celestial Beast with mid-Tenth Level capabilities. Since quite a number of days had pa.s.sed, it made sense that a Celestial Beast would manage to force its way into the Chi-ama.s.sing Formation.

A human-like expression appeared on its face as the Lioness looked proud while muttered in human language, "Indeed, I have great luck after all. You guys should just keep staying outside!" As it took a deep breath, a joyful expression appeared on its face. "This formation is so rich with Celestial Chi and spiritual energy. If I can stay here and cultivate for a month or two, I might be able to come close to advancing to the Earthly Adept Attainment Level."

While the Lioness was still feeling pleased with itself, an extraordinarily powerful Psyche suddenly appeared and surrounded it from all sides, which nearly caused it to collapse in shock. The Lioness could feel its legs trembling with fear while it screamed wildly in its heart, 'Only a powerhouse above the Mystique Adept Rank can possess such a powerful Psyche! No, this is very likely a Daemon King Rank powerhouse! Oh my G.o.d, how is it possible for me to encounter a Daemon King Rank powerhouse in this Chi-ama.s.sing Formation? Why would a Daemon King Rank powerhouse appear in this place?'

The Lioness was so terrified that it felt a sudden urge to pee but managed to suppress the urge for the time being. At that moment, it was truly scared to death since a Daemon King Rank powerhouse could easily annihilate the Lioness by using its Psyche. The Lioness was filled with regret and frustration. If it had known that it would fall into such a situation, it would not have forced its way into the formation earlier! 

Ye Chen pondered for a moment and then decided to scare this Lioness away first since he did not know anything about its background anyway. 

"Who are you? How dare you come and disturb me while I'm cultivating?" Ye Chen used his Astral Body to convey his message while imitating a Daemon King's tone of voice. He was slightly childish after all, so every time he saw how terrified these mystical beasts were of his Astral Body, Ye Chen found it somewhat amusing as well. 

The Lioness was on the verge of tears. If it had known that a Daemon King Rank powerhouse was hiding at the center of this Chi-ama.s.sing Formation, it would not have dared to barge in here no matter how bold it was. The Lioness replied anxiously, "Your Highness, I didn't know that you're cultivating here. Please forgive me for disturbing you, Your Highness." The Lioness sounded as though it was crying while it spoke. As large beads of tears rolled down its cheeks, the Lioness looked rather pitiful and helpless. 

'It's quite fun to tease this young Lioness.' Ye Chen thought. However, as he looked at its pitiful and miserable state, he became soft-hearted. 'Never mind. I should stop making fun of it and let it leave instead.' At that moment, Ye Chen suddenly heard the sound of water flowing and felt puzzled as to where this sound was coming from. Then, as he used his Astral Body to scan his surroundings, Ye Chen became dumbfounded. This young Lioness had literally peed itself in terror!

Ye Chen laughed to himself awkwardly while in thought. 'This young Lioness seems a little too cowardly. I can't believe it had been so frightened that it peed itself.' However, Ye Chen did not realize how highly regarded a Daemon King was in the world of Celestial and mystical beasts. A Daemon King's deterrent force was beyond his imagination. 

"You may leave now," Ye Chen said after giving it some thought.

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"Thank you, Your Highness!" The young Lioness shed tears of grat.i.tude and instantly turned around to leave.

The Lioness was startled. It was partly out of self-interest that the Lioness had said those words. In the world of mystical and Celestial Beasts, Daemon Kings were among the most powerful beings. A Daemon King usually had countless concubines and had bigger p.r.i.c.ks than human emperors. For a Daemon King, having an inner palace filled with women was no big deal. If a mystical beast or a Celestial Beast could become a concubine of a Daemon King Rank powerhouse, the smallest reward from a Daemon King would help them achieve rapid improvement in their cultivation base. 

When Ye Chen had allowed it to stay, the Lioness thought that Ye Chen wanted something more from it. Therefore, the moment it heard him huff coldly, it became frightened and thought that its words had angered him. Indeed, Daemon Kings were mostly supreme beings who had lived over thousands of years after all. Certainly, they would have encountered numerous beautiful creatures of various ranks throughout their thousands of years of existence including captivating and seductive foxes, pure and innocent tanukis, alluring and desirable panthers as well as adorable and charming deer. With a wave of his hand, countless mystical and Celestial Beasts were capable of transforming their appearances into gorgeous women and they would eagerly flock to a Daemon King. Thus, why would this Daemon King pay any attention to a Lioness that could not even transform its appearance? 

"Your Highness, please forgive me for my mistakes." The young Lioness wailed and wept as it was afraid that Ye Chen might smack it to death out of anger.

"Just be obedient and stay here. You're not allowed to leave. I'm going to carry on with my cultivation now." Ye Chen withdrew his Astral Body and wiped the sweat off his forehead. It was not an easy task to pretend to be a Daemon King since he might have to deal with flirtations from a Lioness, a Tigress or even a Frog. 

When Little Tanuki noticed Ye Chen blushing in embarra.s.sment, its large and round limpid eyes narrowed into crescents as it stared at him in a teasing manner. Its white and smooth fur made Little Tanuki seem inexplicably pretty and lovely. 

Ye Chen saw Little Tanuki's expression and knew that it found his situation amusing so he became slightly annoyed and said, "Little Tanuki, stop making fun of me!" As he studied its adorable and flirtatious expression, he caressed its pointed ears. "If we're talking about someone seducing me, I feel like you're the one who's trying to seduce me!" All Celestial Beasts were capable of transforming their appearances. What would Little Tanuki look like after it transformed its appearance? Ye Chen longed for that day to come as he was sure that Little Tanuki would turn out to be an unsurpa.s.sed beauty.

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