Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 867 - Just A Dream

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Chapter 867: Just A Dream

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Mu Sihan lifted his well-defined fingers, b.u.t.toning his hand-made b.u.t.tons one by one.

Hearing Nan Zhi’s words, his smirk widened even more. “It’s been four years, and you’ve learnt to seduce men now.”

Nan Zhi’s lashes fluttered. “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you ask Feng Yao to be softer last night too?” His black eyes were filled with derision, though she didn’t know if he was scoffing at her or berating himself that he couldn’t stop himself.

A sharp pain appeared in Nan Zhi’s chest.

Many times, when couples broke up, the trust they had for each other would be destroyed at the same time.

Of course, she couldn’t hope for them to have any trust for each other again.

“No explanations?”

Nan Zhi met his deep dark eyes. “You’re mistaken. I injured my elbow and Feng Yao help me to apply some medicine.”

Mu Sihan’s handsome face seemed to tense even more. “Your boyfriend is really considerate.”

Nan Zhi was speechless as well.

“He wouldn’t mind our one night stand?”

Nan Zhi looked down, spotting the condom in the rubbish bin from the corner of her eyes.

Her heart fell painfully.

When he touched her in the past, he didn’t like to have any obstruction… Of course, at that time, he got the palace’s doctor to prescribe her a harmless contraceptive medicine.

However, that time before they separated, the Qiao family got into trouble and she forgot to take the contraceptive, which was how she had fallen pregnant with the twins.

Did he use a condom because he thought she was dirty?

Nan Zhi did not wish to overthink, though she didn’t need to think too much as well. A one night stand was extremely normal between grown adults.

“I won’t tell him. I believe you won’t tell Miss Helian as well.”

When he heard what she said, Mu Sihan’s expression darkened even more. They stared at each other, neither of them speaking. The surging emotions they had last night were all gone as well.

All that was left was a stiff coldness, lingering in the atmosphere.

After Mu Sihan b.u.t.toned his last b.u.t.ton, leaving the top two opened to expose his exquisite and s.e.xy collarbones, as he put a hand in his pocket. He stared at her with dark eyes. “Wait for me here tonight.”

“I’ll be leaving after finishing all the preparations for tonight’s banquet.”

She no longer had that pa.s.sion and courage from last night. Now she had regained her quiet elegance and rationality.

He wanted to catch an abnormal emotion in her bright eyes, but there was nothing.

The hand in his pocket clenched slightly.

“I still can’t make you stay, can I?” His s.e.xy lips moved.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, not daring to look at him as she looked out of the window instead. “The Qiao family’s taint is still there. Besides…”

He smiled coldly. “Besides what? Do you think that I only want you?”

Nan Zhi met his cold eyes, her heart clenching in pain. “I’ve always known that you wouldn’t lack women around you.”

He looked at her, scoffing, “But there aren’t many who dare to give themselves to me.”

Nan Zhi tightened her hold on the blanket.

A bitterness grew in her. They were once so close and intimate with each other, but now that they were awake, they could only talk so sharply to each other.

It seemed that was all that was left between them.

She looked down, suppressing her surging emotions as she said to him, “Feng Yao is coming to fetch me later. You should leave first!”

It was rare for Mu Sihan’s expression to not darken. He sat not too far from the edge of the bed, staring at her coldly for a few seconds. He remained silent as he moved to open the door and walked out.

When he left, the air around him felt like a freezing cold torrent.

It was so cold Nan Zhi felt her bones hurting from the coldness. Nan Zhi wrapped herself in the blanket, reminding herself to not be sad and not be miserable.

They were no longer people in the same world.

She should stop dreaming!

What was the use in continuing to cling to him and pester him? Was there any point in telling him that she still had feelings for him? It would only result in the two of them to be in the same situation as when they were forced to separate.

It was too late.

She no longer had the energy to love without a care for anything else.

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She would just treat last night as a beautiful dream. After the dream was over, she should return to reality!

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