Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1941 - Xia Tang and Huo Ze's Finale (23)

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Chapter 1941: Xia Tang and Huo Ze’s Finale (23)

“The two of them are actually married!!!”

“Oh my G.o.d, their beauty is unbelievable!”

After Xia Cha and Huo Heng registered their marriage, they went back home and slept again.

She had not slept much the night before and slept until evening.

Both of their phones were turned off.

Xia Cha was the first to wake up. She glanced at the man beside her and raised her slender fingers to lightly tickle his high nose bridge.

Huo Heng opened his eyes. His eyelashes were very long as he slowly opened them, his amorous eyes filled with confusion.

When he woke up, he looked like a big boy.

It was pure and s.e.xy.

He took her hand and opened his mouth to bite her fingertip.

Xia Cha giggled.

“Mrs. Huo,” he called her in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice.

Xia Cha’s ears were slightly red. “Why?”

“Call me.”

“Huo Heng.”

“Hm?” His eyes narrowed with a trace of danger.

Xia Cha bit her lip. “Your name’s Huo Heng.”

“Do you want me to show you who your husband is?”

“It’s so awkward. I can’t say it.”

Huo Heng looked at her flushed face and did not force her.

“Are you hungry?”

“Slightly.” They were probably the weirdest newlyweds that had gone to sleep for the entire day after registering their marriage.

“Shall we go out to eat?”


Xia Cha got up from the bed and turned on her phone.

The moment she turned on her phone, she received countless messages and unanswered calls.

Xia Cha glanced at the Huo family, her siblings, and the Xia family’s numbers. Something must have happened.

He opened WeChat and saw that in the Xia family, the Huo family, the Harbor City University group, the Capital University group and the studio group all seemed to be exploding with messages.

Xia Cha flipped to the chat records that mentioned her. Everyone was asking her why she had secretly registered her marriage.

Xia Cha was a little dazed.

The matter between her and Huo Heng was indeed meant to be carried out secretly. She had planned to tell her family and friends at night.

How did they know everything?

Xia Cha was still in a daze when another call came in.

It was Xia Mo.


“Cha Cha, you finally answered the call. Your brother and sister couldn’t contact you. They were about to buy a ticket and fly to Harbor City to find you!”

“Ah? I… had something on during the day and turned off my phone.”

“Of course, of course. You and Ah Heng just registered your marriage. That’s how it is for couples. However, didn’t you arrange to register your marriage next month so that your family and friends would come and see?”

Xia Cha was a little embarra.s.sed. “I mentioned it to Huo Heng last night. I don’t want to wait that long.”

“That’s good too. I’m really happy for you seeing that you two can be together. Continue to rest, I’ll go tell your brother.”

After the call, Xia Cha answered several calls.

Although their family and friends were a little surprised that they had secretly registered their marriage, all of them congratulated them without an exception.

After the call, Xiaofan mentioned her in the WeChat group. “Cha Cha, oh my G.o.d, your Mr. Huo really dotes on his wife. The Huo Corporation’s official Weibo was actually been activated.”

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Xia Cha was stunned.

Even Ah Ning’s studio had signed with her company.

The company would choose a group of newbies every year. Recently, there was a trend of trainees. The video website under the company was also preparing to release an idol group reality show.

Many management companies would introduce newbies to this reality show, and Xia Cha’s company was no exception.

After Xiaofan graduated, she went directly to Harbor City to help Xia Cha. Now, she was in charge of finding new talents.

She chose five outstanding young boys to take part in the group reality show.

On this day, Xia Cha received a call from Xiaofan and went to the company to a.s.sess the newcomer’s levels.

One of the boys in the middle had debuted abroad before. He was rather popular, had a delicate appearance and had excellent singing and dancing skills.

Recently, they had been training for more than three months. Xia Cha felt that they had worked hard. Before partic.i.p.ating in the reality show, she invited them out for dinner.

Xia Cha and Xiaofan took them to a high-end seafood restaurant.

Before they arrived, Xia Cha had already booked a private room.

When they went in, a group of people came out of another room.

Huo Heng walked among the crowd and saw Xia Cha immediately. There was an exquisite boy standing beside her, looking at Xia Cha with a pleasant face.

“I don’t know why women nowadays are surrounded by young boys who are prettier than girls. They’re living more comfortably than men!”

Before that client beside Huo Heng could finish speaking, Huo Heng glared at him coldly.

Jian Ming, who was behind Huo Heng, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Did this client not get to know the Huo Corporation’s President’s wife before he came to work with them?

Huo Heng returned to the car with a dark expression. Jian Ming glanced at him carefully. “Young Master, are you going back to the company?”

Huo Heng pursed his thin lips and didn’t speak.

A notification sounded on her phone.

He paid attention to only Xia Cha on his Weibo, and she had just posted on Weibo.

Xia Cha reposted the exquisite boy’s Weibo post.

[All the best! Repost @Cheng Xiang: Having a meal with my pretty boss before heading into training camp!]

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