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Chapter 1791 - Xiao Ying and Long Ming's Ending (34)

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Chapter 1791: Xiao Ying and Long Ming’s Ending (34)

Long Mei did not stay at the Ximen family’s residence for long.

It was only after he had expressed that his feelings were rejected that she realized how coldly she had rejected him when he had begged not to break up with her and begged for her forgiveness. At that time, he must have felt as miserable as she did now!

After Long Mei left the Ximen family, she did not return home immediately.

She stayed in the hotel for the entire night and took a taxi to the Ximen family’s house the next day.

Since she could not enter, she asked the driver to wait at the door.

Not too long later, Ximen Jin’s car came out.

She asked the driver to follow Ximen Jin’s car.

Ximen Jin’s car arrived at a cafe.

Ximen Jin got out of the car with the help of the bodyguard and sat on the wheelchair.

Thinking of how he was forced to be in a wheelchair because of her, her heart ached again.

Long Mei got out of the car and stood in front of the French windows.

Ximen Jin sat in the corner. There were two men in suits sitting in front of him. They should be discussing business matters.

Long Mei leaned against the gla.s.s window and looked at his thin face. She raised her hand and drew his appearance on the gla.s.s.

He was someone who liked to exercise so much. Now that his legs could not move, it had to be such a heavy blow to him!

He must be in a lot of pain!

Apart from physical pain, there was also psychological pain!

He knew that he would be in danger if he went to the snow mountain to save her, but he still did not hesitate!

Why was he so foolish?

Ximen Jin talked to the client for a while. His legs were a little uncomfortable and he reached out to ma.s.sage them. Seeing his actions, Long Mei’s heart felt even worse.

She really wanted to go forward and ma.s.sage him.

However, she was no longer qualified.

Long Mei’s tears blurred her vision as she left dejectedly.

Walking on the road, she ignored the strange gazes of the pedestrians and her shoulders twitched.

She would rather that she was the one who could not walk than him!

Long Mei did not know how long she had walked for when she arrived at a park.

Sitting on the bench in the park, Long Mei looked at the child flying a kite on the lawn and the parents sitting not far away. Her eyes were filled with envy.

She had planned to have a child with Ximen Jin after they got married. They would bring the child out to walk around the park during the weekend.

But now, the most ordinary life had become an extravagant hope for her.

Long Mei leaned back against the chair weakly.

After sitting for a while, just as she was about to leave, a familiar voice suddenly sounded by her ear. “I only got together with him because of our interests. We don’t have any feelings for each other. He also promised me that he wouldn’t care about my private life after we got married. We can still be together. After a year or two, I’ll ask for a divorce with him. When I get married again and lose my value, my family will give up on me and we can be together.”

“I’m sorry, Qingqing. I’m incompetent to make you suffer like this.”

Hearing the conversation between the man and woman, Long Mei took a few steps forward.

Behind a tree stood a couple.

The woman was Ye Qingqing.

Long Mei did not know the man, but he was very young and handsome.

Long Mei turned and left quickly.

After Ximen Jin finished his work for the day, he left the company.

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She was about to take the elevator to the bas.e.m.e.nt when she received a message on her phone.

Hearing her words, Ximen Jin frowned. “Long Mei, do you know what you’re saying?”

Long Mei held his slender fingers and looked at him firmly. “I know. I want to marry you.”

The moment she finished speaking, he shoved her hand away.

“I don’t want to hear such words again. I don’t want to see you again!”

She was caught off guard and fell to the ground from his push.

She looked a little disheveled.

Long Mei saw the coldness in Ximen Jin’s eyes. With her understanding of him, how could she not know what he was thinking?

“Ximen Jin, I’m not marrying you because your leg is injured and you can’t walk. I really love you. I want to be with you in the future. No matter what, I want to be with you. If you don’t believe me, I can prove it to you…”

Before Ximen Jin could say anything, he saw Long Mei quickly stand up and rush toward the road.

If she rushed out like this, she would easily get into a dangerous situation.

Ximen Jin’s expression was tense. “Long Mei, what are you doing?”

Long Mei acted like she did not hear him and rushed to the road. A van drove over.

With a screech, the tires made a sharp sound against the ground.

Ximen Jin’s heart immediately jumped to his throat.

He pressed the switch of the wheelchair and flew toward Long Mei quickly.

When they arrived at the van, Ximen Jin was shocked to see Long Mei lying on the ground. “Mei’er, Mei’er!”

Long Mei’s eyes were slightly closed and her long eyelashes moved. “Ximen Jin, do you believe my sincerity toward you?”

Ximen Jin wanted to get up from the wheelchair, but Long Mei hurriedly stood up and held him down. “I’m fine. I arranged for the van was arranged and it didn’t really touch me!”

Ximen Jin wanted to slap her a few times. How could she think of such a dangerous thing?

Long Mei saw the nervousness and care in Ximen Jin’s eyes. She squatted in front of him, her small hand holding his large hand tightly. “Let’s make up!”

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