Rise Of Humanity

宅猪 (Zai Zhu)

Chapter 927

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Chapter 927: Magnificent Forging Skills

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In the Heaven Suppression Fortress, the Heavens Kirin Carriage slowly moved out of the fortress gate while Hundun Yu sat at the door of the carriage with Fu Li controlling the horses.

Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan, on the other hand, were sitting in the carriage as they all headed straight towards Zi Wei Imperial Star.

This time, there were only four of them. Zhong Yue had no choice but to bring Hundun Yu along with them; after presenting the fruit to Zhong Yue, this guy had glued himself to Zhong Yue with the Fusang Branch in his hand. Luckily, this big guy's quiet behavior made him easy to ignore.

As for Fu Li, with his powerful strength, he was brought along as a bodyguard to protect Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan as the trip to the Heaven Court was bound to be a dangerous one.

Yin Fanxuan had requested to tag along; the lady master of the King's Palace was tired of staying in the fortress and was eager to meet other heroes.

Right now, as long as there were no unreasonably strong G.o.ds like Imperial Emperor Xian Tian attacking the fortress, the fortress would be fine even if Zhong Yue was absent. Fu Qizhi, Fu Yanshan and the others were sufficient to defend it.

The Heavens Kirin Carriage's defense was extraordinary; ordinary Creators would not be able to breach it.

They steadily moved towards their destination. Throughout the journey, Zhong Yue looked towards the outside, only to see the many sacred grounds still at war with each other. The situation was still as chaotic as it was.

But the chaos did not spread to the monarch and sovereign races, which is not enough. They are after all, extremely rich in every aspect after years of consolidating their powerbase.

Zhong Yue sat back down and with a thought, six light wheels emerged and started rotating around him while the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art] appeared, accompanied by the sound of mysterious Dao languages.

He was the one who created the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art] and merged together the Celestial Dao, Demon Dao, and the Yin and Yang Daos. But now, it was no longer suitable to cultivate.

Right now, he had achieved cultivating eight innate Daos; the Celestial, Demon, Yin and Yang, Lightning, Time, s.p.a.ce, and Yi. But the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art] only contained four Daos, which resulted in a situation where when he practiced [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art], the other four Daos were unable to be cultivated at the same time.

When he cultivated Innate Lightning, he had to cultivate the [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture]; when cultivating the Time and s.p.a.ce Dao, he has to cultivate the [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture]; when cultivating the Innate Yi Dao, he has to cultivate the [Fu Min Dao Venerate Heart Sutra Scripture].

He was only able to cultivate the eight Daos by cultivating four separate arts. Which meant that Zhong Yue had to spend four times the effort compared to others in order to grow the eight Daos together.

This greatly hindered his cultivation speed.

Yin Fanxuan's cultivation was extremely fast, far surpa.s.sing Zhong Yue's. Apart from the Innate Saint Spirit Body's powerful effect, another reason was that her art only needed to cultivate one type. What she cultivated was not the traditional monarch level heritage of the Yinkang Clan but the [Twenty-Four Secular Worlds Mystic Art] that she created on her own.

And that was also why Zhong Yue did not dare to say he was able to win against Yin Fanxuan for certain even after his considerable growth.

At this moment, Yin Fanxuan was already at the peak of a Heavenly Deity, her speed was even crazier than Zhong Yue's and the most insane part was that the [Twenty-Four Secular Worlds Mystic Art] meant that she was cultivating 24 Daos, which was extremely insane that she was able to cultivate them all at such high speed.

She too, had mastered quite an extent of the innate Deity Kings' Dao languages and the amount Zhong Yue mastered was only 30 more than hers.

All of this explained just how strong this lady was.

If she also consumed the Chaos Divine Fruit and dueled with Zhong Yue, she would destroy Zhong Yue effortlessly.

Hence, Zhong Yue very much wanted to get another Chaos Divine Fruit for her as he was very curious to see how strong she would be after consuming the fruit. But unfortunately, such a chance was very rare.

I need to merge my arts together into one to increase my cultivation speed.

Zhong Yue found himself in a quandary as the [Fu Min Dao Venerate Heart Sutra Scripture], [Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture], and [Desolate Lightning Heavenly Furnace Scripture] were all monarch level arts that required almost an infinite amount of time to completely master, let alone merge together. It was even harder than he could ever imagine.

There were more than 100 arts of comparable quality in Xin Huo's brain and among the many Heavenly Monarch arts, he only had Xin Huo teach him two of them because he knew that cultivating four arts at once was extremely difficult. If he was greedy and asked for all the cultivation arts, there would be no way Zhong Yue could improve anymore.

He then continued to cultivate in the carriage as they proceeded to the Heaven Court. At the same time, he tried to calculate a way to merge the four arts together. And to his shock, after consuming the Chaos Divine Fruit, his cultivation speed has been increased to a terrifying level!

As he activated his arts, his cultivation level increased tremendously, his totem Dao strengthened and widened and things that he did not understand before were now crystal clear to him!

Zhong Yue changed into another art and to his joy, the result was the same!

Now, cultivating four types of arts was even quicker than cultivating one art before!

His cultivation level had increased tremendously, his Daos fortified and his energy surged across his six great secret realms. Within the secret realms, the Dao totem patterns evolved into the skies, earth, sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, exotic creatures, dragons, and phoenixes.

He even vaguely felt that among these totem patterns that flew into the secret realms, there were some Daos recorded within the [Fu Min Dao Venerate Heart Sutra Scripture] that did not belong to the Six Paths.

Zhong Yue activated the [Fu Min Dao Venerate Heart Sutra Scripture] and without him knowing, he had already cultivated these abnormal Dao totem patterns. These totem patterns were incompatible with the six great secret realms and they flew right into the closed secret realms, making them very likely to be the power nourished in these secret realms.

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His Time and s.p.a.ce Dao were also constantly nourishing the s.p.a.ce Secret Realm and the Time Secret Realm hidden in his body, allowing them to grow stronger.

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