Reincarnation Paradise


Chapter 246

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(T/N: Edited!)

The battle was about to start, and only one of them can come out alive.

But even if Su Xiao defeated Esdeath one on one, she still had an entire army behind her.

She didn't even think about going against him one on one. She wasn't a knight or a Samurai.

“If I can catch you alive, it will be perfect. I will let you enjoy all my methods of torture.”

Esdeath's Sadism appeared as Su Xiao wasn't one of her men now, he was her enemy.

Su Xiao stayed silent as he charged forward with Dragon Flash.

Perhaps this was his last fight.

“No need to fight.”

A slight whisper from the little emperor interrupted them.


Su Xiao looked at the little emperor with doubt.

“Bring me out. I want revenge!”

The little emperor gnashed his teeth, and his face was unusually fierce.

“I don't even know whether I will survive this or not. Why would I bring you with me?”

“No, we might have a chance, listen…"

The little emperor whispered in Su Xiao's ear while the soldiers surrounded them.

“Is there such a thing? Doesn't the prime minister know?”

Su Xiao saw hope in this.

“I discovered this when I first touched the key of the Supreme Teigu. I didn't care about before, so I didn't tell anyone.”

“You finally did something wise.”

Su Xiao stabbed his sword on the ground, leaving a mark on it.

“What is he doing? Is he mad?”

The prime minister looked at Su Xiao with doubts.

“No, Byakuya is not mad, can it be…”

Esdeath hurried toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao glanced at Esdeath, who was pushing the soldiers moving toward him, then looked at the minister and said.

“Prime minister, thank you for saying nonsense that made the little emperor desperate enough to come up with this idea.”

Su Xiao directly stumped his foot on the ground as hard as he could.


The floor directly cracked, and a large piece fell down.

A large round hole appeared in the ground. Anyone could tell that this was a man-made hole.

It was dark and deep. Su Xiao directly fell down with the little emperor in his hands.

“Don't think about escaping.”

Esdeath jumped into the hole. This s.a.d.i.s.tic woman general would not give up.

Just as she jumped, Su Xiao directly pointed a strange weapon at her.

“Is this… a gun?”

Bong! Bang! Bang! …

While falling, Su Xiao shot six times at Esdeath.

A thin layer of ice was formed in front of Esdeath, blocking all the bullets.

Ding, ding…

Because she was in the air without any form of support, Esdeath was directly pushed back out of the hole by the force generated from the bullets.

Esdeath directly landed on her feet and stood beside the hole, no longer jumping down after Su Xiao.


Something appeared in the hands of the falling Su Xiao. He directly threw it toward Esdeath, who stretched her hand and caught it.

Looking at it, Esdeath saw the unit's token. A word was engraved on the back of the token. The word was Byakuya, which was slashed with a sword.

“So, it turns out Byakuya was just a fake name."

Esdeath held the token in her hand and thought about the time when she first met Su Xiao.

'You won. I am your subordinate now.'

This is what Su Xiao said when he fought Esdeath for the first time.

“Don't think you can escape like this.”

Esdeath's killing intent surged as she directly jumped down again.

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“Esdeath, wait…”

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