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Canteen Buns - 食堂包子

Chapter 1100A – Changes at Nine Nether Pagoda

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Chapter 1100A – Changes at Nine Nether PaG.o.da

Before he had confirmed Qin Yu’s status just now, it hadn’t mattered if his att.i.tude was good or bad. He just needed to get over it.

But the situation had changed. He certainly had to be careful so that he didn’t anger that boy.

Right now, to the old King’s lineage, Qin Yu was a treasure that couldn’t be exchanged for even all the gold in the world!

So he had to bring this stone tablet back. Otherwise, with his previous actions, Cloud Boundless was worried that Qin Yu would flip the table. If that happened it wouldn’t be good.

Qin Yu had imagined countless possibilities, even coming up with a plan for the worst possible outcome. But, things progressed far differently from his expectations.

When Cloud Boundless returned, he simply didn’t say anything before laughing and taking out the stone tablet. He even said that Qin Yu could do with it what he wanted.

What was going on here?

And if the other demons who attended this banquet were to learn of this, what sort of expression would they have? They had all bathed and cleansed themselves, leaving behind a fingerprint on the stone tablet, yet it was given away so easily. What sort of respect was that?

While he was perplexed, his movements didn’t slow down. When he received the stone tablet he could feel an aura that belonged to him.

With a thought, the aura vanished from sight. Qin Yu relaxed. He shook his head a few times before smiling, “The abyss is dangerous and I cannot help but be careful. If I showed any disrespect, I ask Clan Elder to forgive me.”

Cloud Boundless smiled brightly. He sincerely said, “It is I who wasn’t prepared and caused such an accident to occur. It’s fine as long as little friend Qin Yu doesn’t blame me.”

Not prepared? Accident?

Hoho, as if I would believe you. You sinister old man, you are absolutely bad! This matter was probably planned by you so that I would unknowingly fall for it.

Even though Qin Yu had scattered the aura within the stone tablet, his intuition told him that this smiling old fellow had already done something.

However, looking at things now, this other party had no ill intentions in obtaining a bit of his aura.

Was it just for his own amus.e.m.e.nt?

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced and his smile became even more natural and carefree. “Haha, Clan Elder is too polite.”

He was too impatient to bandy around false niceties with this snake, but he couldn’t find a suitable chance to bring up Nine Nether PaG.o.da. He could only temporarily endure it and wait for the opportunity to arrive.

Since this person intended on keeping him here, he would definitely state his motive. But, Qin Yu simply had no idea what it could possibly be.

Otherwise, was he supposed to believe that a solemn Clan Elder of the old King’s lineage would be so bored as to waste time here with him? He wasn’t that naïve!

As Qin Yu was prepared to deal with any possible change, a shadow flickered from outside the temple and a young demon walked in.

At first glance, even though Qin Yu knew that it was the wrong time to have such a thought, he couldn’t help but feel that this man was handsome to the point of flying, so handsome that other men had no chance to survive in his presence!

But soon, Qin Yu couldn’t be bothered with this thought. His complexion changed and he tightly clenched his fists beneath his robe.

Horror and panic rose up from the bottom of his heart, bursting out like a volcano.

No! No way! There was absolutely no way!

Qin Yu lowered his head, covering up his face that was already completely twisted up.


About a man…he actually had such thoughts…and it wasn’t a little…but a lot…

This discovery caused Qin Yu to fall into a state of immense fear. He repeatedly warned himself that no matter how beautiful this person was, he was a man. He was someone with a on his throat, someone whose chest was flat; his entire physical body structure was that of a man!

Qin Yu, how could you be like this? Qin Yu, I will not allow this! I absolutely will not allow this! Wake up!

Old Fox and Black Astral faintly recognized that something was wrong with Qin Yu. They were puzzled, a strange look on their faces. This demon junior might be delicate and pretty to the point of being unreasonable, but that shouldn’t be something that would cause His Excellency Qin Yu to lower his head.

Could it be that he felt inferior to this other person’s looks? Or…could it be…uh, such a thought was too disrespectful. Put it away, hurry and put it away!

How could His Excellency Qin Yu be like that? Even if he was, he wouldn’t put on such a performance, right?

So they had to be overthinking things. That’s right, this was it!

“Clan Elder.” The young demon walked into the temple and bowed. His demeanor was elegant, full of grace and n.o.bility.

Cloud Boundless smiled and nodded. He gestured, saying, “Cloud Billow, allow me to introduce you. This is little friend Qin Yu, an honored guest that I invited here today. In the future, you’ll have to get to know him better.”

He continued without pause, “Little friend Qin Yu, Cloud Billow is the most outstanding junior within my family, and my clan has great expectations for him. The reason he came to Adversity Peak City is to compete for the throne of the new King. You are both proud sons of heaven, so I’m sure you have much in common.”

Cloud Billow was silent. He turned and cupped his hands together, “I greet Your Excellency Qin Yu.”

Old Fox and Black Astral’s complexions changed, an imposing feeling in their heart. After obtaining an invitation from the old King’s lineage, they had done a great deal of preparatory work, and this involved collecting all necessary information. As a result, they knew of Cloud Billow’s status in the old King’s lineage.

He could be called the future hope of the old King’s lineage, and also one of the greatest compet.i.tors for the throne of the Nightmare King.

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In terms of strength, he couldn’t compare with Cloud Boundless. But in terms of status, he was no lower. In fact, he was even a few points higher!

As for what the specifics were…he could only take things one step at a time. In any case, Qin Yu wasn’t some weak chicken that had no strength to resist.

The old King’s lineage had better abide by the rules. If they really were plotting against him, while it was true that he didn’t have the strength to suppress them, it wasn’t difficult to raise a few storms and leave them feeling restless.

Hum hum, did they really think his t.i.tan true body was some mud to be pinched around?

As these rude thoughts appeared in his mind, he maintained a surprised and excited expression. Right now, the slight emotional changes in his performance could be described as peak acting. This could be considered one of the greatest highlights of his acting career!

“Thank you Clan Elder, you have truly helped me. If there is a chance in the future, I will surely repay this favor.”

Cloud Boundless smiled and nodded, “Little friend Qin Yu, I will remember these words. If such a day comes in the future, you must not forget what you said.”

Welcoming his gaze, Qin Yu felt his scalp tingle, as if he had fallen into some pit. But right now all he could do was nod his head and slap his chest in guarantee.

Cloud Boundless was clearly satisfied with this response. He stood up and said, “Cloud Billow, I have some matters to deal with so I will leave first. You may entertain little friend Qin Yu here. You two should discuss and decide when to go to Nine Nether PaG.o.da.”

Once he finished speaking, he vanished from Nine Nether Temple like a gust of wind.

The great temple immediately fell silent. Qin Yu was contemplating some things so he didn’t speak for the time being. Across from him, Cloud Billow didn’t seem to be a man of many words either.

Moreover, for some unknown reason, the atmosphere began to turn awkward and cold…

Old Fox lightly coughed. He said, “Sir Cloud Billow, may I ask when you are prepared to go to Nine Nether PaG.o.da to cultivate? My young master’s situation is indeed a bit urgent.”

To restore the correct atmosphere and state what his lord needed while being polite, these were all things that a qualified subordinate should do.

Qin Yu regained his composure. He cast Old Fox an appreciative look before taking a deep breath and saying, “This is indeed the truth. If possible, I would like to ask Sir Cloud Billow to arrange a time as soon as possible.”

The fact that he was interested in a man…he wouldn’t think about this for the time being. Of course, it was actually impossible to not think anything about it, but he couldn’t just stand here and do nothing because of it.

As the days pa.s.sed, one always had to look forward, right?

Cloud Billow stood up. “Since that’s the case, let’s go now.”

Sometime later, two carriages drove out of Bluetile Courtyard, one after another.

Qin Yu sat in a carriage. Even though he lay on a soft and plush couch, he didn’t feel comfortable at all. He fidgeted around, feeling restless and cramped.

“Aiya…” He let out a long breath and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Something this sudden…this is such a sin!”

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