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Chapter 1098 – A Difficult Second Path

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Chapter 1098 – A Difficult Second Path

There was a problem? It was certainly impossible for there to be a problem. Qin Yu nearly rolled away as he fled from the room in an embarra.s.sing situation.

If he could choose, he would rather risk his life desperately fighting against a group of demon beasts than experience what he just did.

It was certainly sensual and erotic, but if one added the label of ‘look but cannot touch’, then it was a form of exquisite torture.

It took him several deep breaths before he managed to calm down his racing heart. Once he recovered a little, he sniffed the fragrance that contaminated his body.

He hadn’t been in the mood to think about it before, but now that he did, he found it strange. He wasn’t a person with no sense of self-control, so how did he lose all discipline there?

Had someone done something?

This thought only circled around in his mind a few times before he directly pressed it deep into his heart.

Not to mention that the old King’s lineage had no reason to do this, he also didn’t believe that there was anything special about him that would cause the old King’s lineage to go through so much trouble to flatter him.

Was it flattering him? They sent four top level beauties into his bath. Although they didn’t say anything, from their att.i.tudes it was clear that they would allow him to do anything he wanted to them.

Moreover, if his thoughts were a bit more sinister…even if the old King’s lineage was scheming against him for some reason, he had no evidence. Without evidence, what did it matter if he knew about it?

Was he supposed to start a scuffle with the old King’s lineage because of this? If news of this ever leaked out, others would just point at him and call him an idiot.

Beautiful women were sent to him and he didn’t even enjoy them, but instead bit back. This was simply absurd!

Qin Yu took a deep breath and slowly released it. He knew that no matter what the truth was, his only choice was to pretend that nothing had happened.

When he returned to Nine Nether Temple, most of the other guests had already come back from bathing and was.h.i.+ng.

Cloud Boundless wasn’t there, so everyone was relatively free to mingle. Coupled with their upcoming partic.i.p.ation in the bloodline potential test of the old King’s bloodline descendants, there was excitement in the air.

Of course, Qin Yu’s status and background was also something they cared about.

In short, Qin Yu was soon encircled by a number of demons. They laughed merrily and talked with each other. While there weren’t any direct inquiries, it was inevitable for there to be some veiled probing.

Qin Yu calmly dealt with all of them one at a time. At the same time, he confirmed his own guess.

Having four beautiful women helping him bathe wasn’t a treatment that everyone was able to enjoy.

Or to be more exact, he was the only one who had received such splendid treatment!

As he thought, things weren’t as simple as they looked. But what was the reason for this? Did the old King’s lineage want to catch his weakness? But this didn’t make sense.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. While he wasn’t able to catch the key point, a sense of dread had already appeared in his heart.

Today’s banquet wasn’t simple!

When Old Fox and Black Astral saw Qin Yu look at them, they raised their vigilance. Although Qin Yu didn’t say anything, it was clear that something happened that had disturbed him.

Even though the two old demons had experienced a recent growth in strength and were confident in themselves, this was Bluetile Courtyard, and what they faced here was the old King’s lineage, one of the three great factions of the Nightmare Clan.

Abandoning all else, just Cloud Boundless alone was enough to make them feel fear!

The two old demons bitterly smiled. They prayed that nothing would go wrong today, otherwise their prospects of leaving here alive would be questionable!

Fortunately, everything proceeded smoothly. None of the dreaded accidents occurred.

Cloud Boundless returned to Nine Nether Temple with a wide smile. Besides looking at Qin Yu with a deep gaze, he didn’t have any other expressions.

Next, he personally presided over the ceremony. It was unknown what means he used, but he was actually able to summon the power of the Nightmare Ancestral Land.

This was a special strength that was different from soul tempering power but shared the same origin. Just by sensing its aura, Qin Yu was sure of this.

And at the same time, he once again discovered that he felt a special connection to the Nightmare Ancestral Land.

It was just that the medium used now was Nine Nether Temple which he was standing inside.

Sure enough, this great temple was just like Nine Nether PaG.o.da. A strange and subtle connection existed between it and the Nightmare Ancestral Land.

However, the connection between Nine Nether Temple and the Nightmare Ancestral Land was much weaker. Qin Yu was able to sense this.

“Enter the temple and accept the bloodline potential examination!” A deep voice resounded from outside.

Young descendants of the old King’s lineage filed in through the entryway. There were exactly one hundred people.

At the center of Nine Nether Temple, a halo of light appeared. Its boundaries twisted and s.h.i.+fted without a fixed shape, as if it were a ma.s.s of burning flames.

It was nearly colorless and translucent. When a demon entered, it would display different colors depending on their bloodline potential.

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And by borrowing the strength of the ancestral land, it was impossible to tamper with the bloodline potential test or to fake anything.

He took several deep breaths and barely managed to calm his mind. But no matter how calm he was on the surface, it was simply difficult for him to raise any interest for this bloodline potential examination.

Moreover, he had no idea what it meant to have a strong or weak bloodline. Just by looking at the faces of those in the temple as well as the vivid expressions and shouts they released, it seemed to be quite astonis.h.i.+ng.

This caused Cloud Boundless to smile widely, feeling as if he were radiant and proud. Although this was just an incidental thing, it was still considered a gain of face for the old King’s lineage.

To be honest, today’s result was several degrees better than what he expected.

Once the final old King’s descendant finished taking the examination, the 100 people respectfully bowed. Cloud Boundless gave them some words of advice before ordering people to lead them away. Without concealing his smile, he laughed and said, “They are just a bunch of good-for-nothing juniors. I must have made you all laugh.”

These words…were just far too fake. They were good-for-nothings? If they were any more useless, you would probably be smiling from ear to ear.

Although the crowd felt sour in their hearts and had a few disrespectful thoughts, they didn’t dare to voice them out loud.

Not just that, they had to rush forward and flatter the Clan Elder’s smelly feet.

For a time, the stench of flattery filled the air!

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. In truth, he never thought that he would see such a sight after entering the abyss.

Even abyssal tribes could act like this?

This was very different from what he imagined before he had stepped foot in the abyss. Although the abyssal demon race was still cruel and bloodthirsty, and some of them even ate each other to cultivate, they still maintained a rough sense of order and civility. There didn’t seem to be much of a difference with the living world.

In fact, as far as what Qin Yu saw, some aspects of the living world were much crueler and colder than the abyss world.

As these random thoughts tumbled through his heart and he was feeling anxious, Cloud Boundless clapped his hands. Soon, a pitch black stone tablet of unknown material was carried into the temple from outside.

Within Nine Nether Temple, the eyes of the invited demons all lit up. Some of them even had faces that flushed red, and they were unable to conceal their excitement.

The procedure of witnessing the bloodline potential examination of the old King’s lineage was more than what they had seen so far; it wasn’t finished yet. This stone tablet was the true key.

Every demon that was invited to stand witness would leave behind their fingerprint on the stone tablet. It was something similar to a signature, and it indicated that they acknowledged the results of the examination.

At the same time, this was a great glory!

It was mentioned before that not everyone had an ancestral land. And even if everyone did, how many of them in the entire known abyss could compare with the Nightmare Ancestral Land?

To leave behind one’s own fingerprint on the test result, who had the qualifications to do this?

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