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Chapter 1029 – Cangwu's Ambition

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Chapter 1029 – Cangwu’s Ambition

Qin Yu discovered something very interesting.

The strength of the Abyssal King that was summoned using Shang Lingyu’s body was weaker than he expected.

This explanation wasn’t too accurate. It should be said that the strength with which the abyssal being erupted wasn’t as formidable as sensed previously.

Qin Yu wasn’t sure if the natural suppression of abyssal energy against flesh and blood creatures caused him to sense something incorrectly. Or perhaps for some reason he didn’t know of, the abyssal being that had taken over Shang Lingyu’s body wasn’t able to completely utilize the Abyssal King’s strength.

But none of this mattered. What mattered was that Qin Yu saw a ray of hope. A possibility where he could strike down his opponent, suppress the Abyssal King’s source and even absorb it.

Although he was still weak, as long as an opportunity existed and he did his best to obtain it, there was still a chance of success. Of course, this was an extremely interesting matter.

Bang –

A heaven-shaking explosion erupted. A violent and terrifying power broke out, distorting s.p.a.ce like two raging pythons. A ma.s.sive tract of abyssal energy swept out in all directions, forming a ring-shaped empty region.

The ground shattered and buildings collapsed. Some abyssal beings that were drawn in by the aura of the Abyssal King were ripped to shreds, torn into countless bits of flesh that flew in all directions. The smell of blood filled the air.

Qin Yu was forced back step after step. Each step he took left behind a deep footprint.

When he took the last step back, he couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. His feet that were deep within the hollowed ground were now covered in tentacles. They were thick and dense, as if they were the root system of some plant.

They rapidly spread upwards, releasing a cold yin aura. Like thin and soft needles, they p.r.i.c.ked into his skin and dove deeper to where his marrow was.

In an instant, these red tentacles had already twined around Qin Yu’s legs, completely covering everything below his waist.

Cangwu’s shaken eyes quickly returned to normal. He laughed out loud and said, “The lingering strength of this feeble city is stronger than I imagined. But this is the abyss and it belongs to my world. Moreover, your cultivation is far too weak. Even if you have fused with its strength, how much of it can you display?” He lifted and hand and grasped forward, his five fingers tightening together, “Now I shall destroy you…and this city!”

Bang –

Dazzling light erupted from within Qin Yu’s body. The blood red tentacles that twined around him screamed out in pain. They ignited on fire, soon turning into ashes.

Bang –

A dull ringing sound came from the surrounding nothingness. The dazzling light that covered Qin Yu suddenly dented inwards in many places. On closer inspection, the dents were in the shape of a palm.

Hus –

The area where the light sank in emitted harsh melting and corrosive sounds. The two opposing strengths were crazily colliding together.

More and more abyssal energy continuously exploded, forming a terrifying shockwave that proliferated outwards.

The private school was thoroughly destroyed in just several breaths of time. The shockwave soon covered the entire city.

The remaining cultivators that were being besieged by abyssal beings and desperately trying to live all revealed looks of ecstatic joy.

“Ah! This strength…someone is fighting that terrifying creature! Could it be that someone outside has discovered the changes within the Path of 10,000 Souls?”

“This is great! Do your best, we might not die here today!”

“I am a direct bloodline descendant of the Zhang Family! I have no idea which great lord has arrived, but please come and rescue me! The Zhang Family will definitely reward you generously!” A cultivator shouted into the skies.

But there were other people that had approximately guessed the truth of the situation. Yun Feng, Jiang Yuanyi, and the others glanced at each other. Although no one spoke, they knew what they were thinking.

The one who was fighting now was that mysterious lord Qin Yu!

Perhaps the outside world really could sense what was occurring within the Path of 10,000 Souls. But it was absolutely impossible for them to react and send powerhouses to a.s.sist them in such a short period of time.

The only possibility was Qin Yu!

It was just…

The degree of this impact, even if it was just the shockwaves, caused their minds to tremble with despair. If they were struck by it then they would instantly be vaporized.

This lord Qin Yu was far more terrifying than they imagined!

“If Qin Yu wins, we might be able to survive. If he doesn’t….we will all die here…” Yun Feng’s eyes were dark and uncertain. Finally, she took a deep breath and said, “Let’s stimulate the array formation’s power and kill the abyssal beings outside!”

Jiang Yuanyi’s eyes flew open, “Have you gone insane!?”

Yun Feng said, “I haven’t. Do you not sense that what lord Qin Yu is fighting is from the same race as these monsters? Their power comes from that same terrifying demonic energy. The more we kill, the more demonic energy will be lost. We might be able to help lord Qin Yu!”

“Although the role we can play is limited, even if we only manage to help a little we should still do it…otherwise once lord Qin Yu is defeated, even if the array formation still has strength we will only survive for a short time afterwards!”

“She’s right!”

“I agree with Yun Feng, we cannot sit here and wait for death!”

“Let’s go! Activate the array formation’s power! Rather than waiting for death, we might as well try to kill our fill of these beasts. Even if we don’t escape this tribulation in the end, it cannot be considered our loss!”

Several breaths of time later, the house that was being besieged by abyssal beings suddenly released a burst of blinding light. The power of the array formation condensed into a sword phantom that wildly slashed out in all directions, instantly cutting the nearest several dozen abyssal beings into pieces.

But as these abyssal beings were covered in abyssal energy they contained an incomparably formidable vitality. Even if they were sliced into pieces they still didn’t die.

Parts of shattered bodies were torn and swallowed up by other abyssal creatures. The remnants were pieces together and started melting into each other and growing. A monster with seven to eight heads and dozens of arms and legs soon appeared.

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“d.a.m.n it, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds actually ate my body!”

It was like a towering mountain, ruthlessly suppressing him. The radiant light that wrapped around Qin Yu constantly cracked, emitting loud and accelerating breaking sounds.

His complexion changed. Beneath this column of abyssal energy he was completely suppressed. He couldn’t move at all.

And the strength he obtained from the city only reluctantly guaranteed that he wasn’t smashed apart by the abyssal energy.

Cangyu took a step forward and landed on the ground. His eyes were cruel and fierce, s.h.i.+ning with burning excitement. “You can no longer escape. I will slowly eat you up. Your soul well remain in my belly forever!”

Only by doing this could Cangwu dispel the hatred in his heart. He opened his mouth to swallow up Qin Yu. Bits of light flew out from Qin Yu’s body and into his mouth.

The abyssal nightmare race had a special plundering method. They could directly suck out their enemy’s strength. This strength didn’t include just cultivation, but also one’s flesh and blood and soul.

As the motes of light fell into his mouth, Cangwu’s eyes flew open with shock. In fact, with how shaken he was, he even temporarily stopped swallowing and plundering from Qin Yu.

“This strength…this strength…how is this possible with your cultivation? That’s not right, this isn’t your strength but comes from one…even several…heaven-defying good fortunes within your body!”

“Hahahaha! What a strange harvest, what a great harvest! I originally thought that even if I successfully rescued my King, my cultivation would still suffer a setback. I never imagined that there would be such a pleasant surprise!”

“As long as I swallow you, I can surely break through my boundary, even taking another step forward to almost reach the King level. At that time, the entire abyss will recognize me, and there will be a possibility I will become the next King of the nightmare race!”

Cangwu’s heart vigorously beat. A burning hot greed appeared in his eyes.

Every tribe within the abyss only permitted a single King. Only when the previous King perished could another King be born.

If the King truly did survive and returned to the abyss, then the first one he would kill would be the one with the greatest chance of threatening his status – Cangwu.

So if Cangwu wanted to become a King, he had to have the current King thoroughly vanish.

As this thought appeared, Cangwu trembled. The suppression and submission of his bloodline caused him to feel fear and anxiousness.

But soon, this fear was burnt away by the fires of his ambition.

Because this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He would swallow Qin Yu and capture his good fortune, thus obtaining the approval of the abyss. Then, he would seize the King’s power so that he disappeared together with this city.

And Cangwu would replace him, becoming the new King of the nightmare tribe. He would step near the peak of the abyss and possess the ability to direct the will of the abyss. After that, he would realize this greatest dream. He would guide his people to invade the world of flesh and blood, turning them into caged lambs that were ruled by the abyss.

That’s right! This is not just for myself, but also to fulfill the great goal of the entire abyss!

So everything I do is correct…my King, please give me your strength! I will surely complete your wis.h.!.+

With his heart resolved, Cangwu’s eyes turned even hotter as he looked at Qin Yu. Because everything he thought of was all based on the premise that he swallowed Qin Yu.

And now, this only seemed a matter of time.

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