Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Lian Shuang - 帘霜

Chapter 742 - The End (Part Three)

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Chapter 742 The End (Part Three)

Looking at the confident Bai Yihao who had a smile in his eyes, Feng Yuran suddenly put on an enchanting smile. He squinted at him and asked, “Tong’er is smart. If she knew that it was your mother who poisoned her mother back then and the poison in Auntie Fang’s hands was left by your mother, what would you do?”

This was a fatal blow, and Bai Yihao hid it in his heart. He thought that no one would mention it!

The smile froze on Bai Yihao’s handsome face. For a moment, there was a hint of blood in the corner of his warm eye. He put away the smile on his lip corners and looked at Feng Yuran viciously. “You’re really funny. How could that poison have something to do with my mother?”

That was the topic he didn’t dare to mention. He even felt guilty and his heart was even twisted.

“It’s a strange poison, so it must have come from a strange place. There was no way for an ordinary concubine to get it. Even though Auntie Fang died in the residence, Tong’er has always suspected it. I heard that you once asked someone to tell them that you could help Tong’er’s mother get rid of the poison, but she had to go to the Yan Kingdom to get the antidote. At that time, Princess Shuanglan was already dead. If anyone else knew about it, it would definitely be you. Could you say that you didn’t know about it?”

A hint of pain flashed in Bai Yihao’s eyes. He held a white piece in his hand and looked at the piece falling into debris and powder. The debris and powder fell on the chessboard and covered half of it, making it snow-white and cold. He pushed the chessboard away and stood up. His beautiful eyes lost their usual gentleness and were full of coldness that couldn’t be suppressed. He said coldly to Feng Yuran, “You win!”

After finishing talking, he turned around and strode out.

He knew that; he knew it all along…

That was why he had never taken the engagement seriously. Perhaps, his mother had only wanted to punish her disobedient younger sister back then. However, she had not expected Mo Xuetong’s mother to be so stubborn that she refused to leave the Qin Kingdom even when she was about to die. In the end, the two sisters’ children became enemies. Then how could they get married?

It was him who didn’t give up. He wanted to have a try! He wanted to have her goodness and didn’t want to give up. So he did things that made her sad again and again. He had thought that he would make it up to her in the future. No matter what she wanted, he would satisfy her. But he didn’t expect that what happened in the past would slowly surface!

If the two of them, who were destined to be enemies, became husband and wife, what would Mo Xuetong do! As such, he had never mentioned what had happened back then; he had buried everything in his memory. He had secretly done something to push the Yu family to decline. He had been involved in Auntie Fang’s death and Mo Xuemin’s failure.

He just wanted to bury his mother’s a.s.sociation with her third aunt. He must not let her find out!

He could hide everything. He could…

But now he found that he failed…

Tong’er was so smart, so how could she not doubt it at all? If Tong’er knew the truth, the two of them would be enemies. Harming her mother made them sworn against each other. How would she deal with it…

If her mother hadn’t died because of the chronic poison, she would not have lived so hard afterwards. Later, he had investigated her past in Cloud City and found that she had a bad reputation in the city. It was Auntie Fang and Mdm Yu, who secretly manipulated it and ruined her reputation. She was thrown into the Qin family in Cloud City and lived under the shelter of others.

Then, the girl of the Yu family framed her, tried to disfigure her face and ruin her reputation…

After everything she had been through, a girl, who was only 13 years old, was still brave enough to stand in front of others. It required a lot of courage. As he felt sorry for her, he blamed himself even more. If it weren’t for him, she would still be a girl who acted like a spoiled child in her mother’s arms and would not live such a hard life!

What right did he have to try to get her?

However, he still had a wishful thinking. He thought that as long as he was always good to her and protected her, he could make up for what his mother had done in the past. When everyone who knew about that matter died, there would be no trace of it, and Tong’er would never know about it. As long as Tong’er did not know, she would be happy because he would bring her happiness!

However, Feng Yuran’s words woke him up!

Some things didn’t need evidence. As long as there was a thorn in his heart, it couldn’t be taken out. There was no witness who could directly testify against him. But what about the heart? What he wanted was her heart. With a thorn in her heart, how could he really let him enter her heart? What he wanted to give her was happiness, not to let her live in hatred for the rest of her life.

Maybe they were destined to be strangers from the beginning!

Her heart ached so much that he could not breathe for a moment. It felt as if something was slowly fading away. Bai Yihao held his forehead with his hands and staggered. Two lines of light blood fell from the corners of his eyes. The scene in front of him became blurred.

Lin Yu took several steps forward and held him. When he turned around, he shouted in astonishment, “Your Highness, your eyes…” There were two lines of faint bloodstains hung from the corners of his eyes on his handsome and jade-like face.

“There’s no need to panic. I’m fine.” Bai Yihao stood still and took a deep breath. He suppressed the blood in his heart and a weary and bitter smile crept over his lips. How could the Yuxiao Flower’s ancestral root be easily used in medicine? In order to make the medicine, he used his heart and blood to mix the remaining antidote in his body with the Yuxiao Flower’s ancestral root. That was how he was able to make the antidote.

The poison of the ancient witch tribe was the antidote to another poison of the ancient witch tribe!

But with the pa.s.sing of time, his mother had already fed the last antidote of the ancient witch tribe to him when he was a child. There was no antidote in this world!

“Your Highness, in order to make the antidote for her, you hurt your eyes. Doesn’t she forgive Her Highness’s unintentional mistake in the past?” Lin Yu knew everything, so he said indignantly for Bai Yihao. Even if Princess Shuanglan was really in the wrong back then, couldn’t Mo Xuetong forgive her when his Highness was in such a situation?

Bai Yihao stood up and a little sight had returned to his eyes. He took the handkerchief that Lin Yu handed him and wiped the blood from the corners of his eyes. Looking at the falling white snow in front of him, he said lightly, “It’s all in the past. Get someone to bring the antidote to the Crown Prince of the Qin Kingdom.” He had always been a proud person. Since it had come to this point, what else could he ask for?

“In the battle tomorrow, send out all the people of Duke Ding from the Qin Kingdom. We will retreat for five kilometers first, and then attack the south of the Qin army!” Bai Yihao said calmly. There was a trace of viciousness in his gentle eyes, which made the smile on his lips cold and bloodthirsty.

The people in the south of the Qin army were also the remaining troops of Duke Ding. The two armies confronted each other. They were in brotherhood before, but now they met on the battleground…

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Bai Yihao believed that Feng Yuran would understand what he meant!

“Your Highness, it’s almost time,” Feng Yue said as he looked at Feng Yuran, who had an evil, unpredictable expression on his handsome face under the imperial umbrella. Their ruthless gazes landed on the battlefield, which was filled with the shouts of shouting and killing.

The battle intensified. Many of Duke Ding’s people were killed, and their blood stained the land red. They could no longer work together without a scratch. Duke Ding’s plan was destined to fail.

“Retreat!” Feng Yuran waved his hand; the bright purple reflected the red on the battlefield.

At the same time as the Qin Kingdom withdrew their troops, the Yan Army also gave the signal to withdraw.

This time, after the Yan army was defeated and retreated a few kilometers, Duke Ding’s troops that had surrendered were almost wiped out. On the other hand, the Qin army didn’t have many casualties, and they were all from Duke Ding’s original troops.

On the surface, the Qin army had won!

That night, several high-ranking military officers of Duke Ding’s army came to Feng Yuran’s tent.

History recorded that all the generals kneeled down to weep tears of blood to show their loyalty, willing to entrust their lives to the Crown Prince!

When the original troops of Ding General Manor left the tent, Feng Yuran rearranged the formation, confusing the troops. The original troops of Ding General Manor were reorganized with the soldiers brought by Feng Yuran. Since then, Ding General Manor’s army had truly become a part of the army of the kingdom.

After that, the two sides each had their own victories in the war.

At the beginning of the year, the Yan army suffered a great defeat. The Qin army chased after them for hundreds of kilometers, occupying several cities. Then, they returned victoriously.

Emperor Zongwen personally went to a pavilion which was set every 10 li on the way to meet the victorious troops.

In terms of merits and rewards, everyone praised the Crown Prince for being wise and powerful. No one mentioned how useless King Xuan used to be. After he defeated the Yan army, which had been evenly matched, his reputation was unparalleled. If someone dared to bring up what had happened in the past, he would only be looked down upon by others. The Crown Prince was so calm and had the situation well in hand. How could people like an ordinary man, know about it?

Mo Xuetong had been standing on the mountain town for a long time. She saw the winding army coming slowly from afar. It was like a long dragon. Then she saw that the front procession had stopped, and a tall and straight figure lightly jumped down from the horse; his purple cape shone brightly in the sun.

The people on both sides of the road knelt down and said together, “Your Highness!”

Mo Xuetong could not help crying when she saw the extremely flamboyant purple color. He was thinner and darker!

Seeming to have sensed that someone was looking at him, Feng Yuran turned around and smiled charmingly in the direction she was in. He was still as beautiful and charming as before…

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