Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!


Chapter 1617 - Comrades, Opponents, and Lovers

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Chapter 1617: Comrades, Opponents, and Lovers

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After gathering at the last minute, Ye Jian could clearly feel that the atmosphere had changed. It was like an arrow had been shot. It was filled with killing intent.

“All the best, brother!”

“Okay. Don’t cry when you lose.”

“It looks like we can’t give in to you. We have to see what’s real!”

“Azure Bird, I can’t treat you like a female soldier anymore. If I offended you in any way, please forgive me. I’m a soldier, and I have a mission. It tells me that I must move forward!”

Big Eel stood in front of Ye Jian and looked at her sternly. “From now on, we are comrades and rivals.”

“Yes, Big Eel. From now on, we are comrades and opponents. So, please don’t treat me as a female soldier. A female soldier won’t admit defeat just because she’s a female soldier. A female soldier is a soldier too. She has a fearless spirit!”

Ye Jian smiled at him and answered him seriously.

She was a female soldier, but she had her own beliefs and goals. She was ready to fight for glory!

Standing behind her, Xia Jinyuan smiled. The smile on his handsome and n.o.ble face was deep. He looked at his girlfriend with gentleness in his eyes.

After Big Eel left, he took a few steps closer. From a certain distance, the tall man stood quietly and looked at her intently.

“Azure Bird, I’m the captain of the Snow Region Brigade. My codename is Q King. From tonight onwards, you’re my comrade and my opponent. I won’t give in to you just because you’re a female soldier. I won’t give you special treatment because of our relations.h.i.+p either. I’m a soldier. I have my principles and my mission.”

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“As for you, as a soldier, you don’t need other people’s modesty or special treatment. I always believe in you. I believe that as a soldier, you will overcome all obstacles and become an outstanding Special Forces soldier.”

Li Jinnian turned around and returned to his seat without any hesitation. At the same time, he moved his sleeping bag further away to leave more s.p.a.ce for the two of them.

They were comrades, rivals, and lovers.

It was late at night. Lying in his sleeping bag, Xia Jinyuan turned his body slightly and hugged Ye Jian’s cold feet tightly with his hands, using his body temperature to warm them.

He wouldn’t give in to her during the compet.i.tion, but he would do his best to take care of her and make her happy in life.

Ye Jian struggled for a moment but didn’t move after a while. She had already experienced his stubbornness.

He was a man of his words.. He was not joking when he said that he would warm her feet.

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