Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

North Night - 夜北

Chapter 1822 - Cursed True God (3)

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Chapter 1822: Cursed True G.o.d (3)

Ye Qingtang and Little White Tiger discussed for a long time, but failed to ascertain what happened at that final moment tens of thousands of years ago.

While they were still debating, Little Heavenly Demon waddled over to Tu Fu’s body. With eyes wide with curiosity, it gazed up at the Heavenly Demon who had died all those years ago.

“Uh… is it okay to let this little kid stare at the dead body of one of its own kind?” Ye Qingtang couldn’t help feeling worried at Little Heavenly Demon’s curious expression. Would the sight of the corpse of this Heavenly Demon leave a scar on its young, impressionable mind?

“Please… it is a Heavenly Demon. Do you think it’s some innocent little puppy? Heavenly Demons are capable of killing each other, the mere sight of a corpse is nothing to it. Instead of worrying about that, you should worry about whether it might take a bite out of that corpse.” Little White Tiger snorted.

The image of Little Heavenly Demon gnawing on the body of that True G.o.d was still fresh in their minds.

Ye Qingtang was speechless…

But before Ye Qingtang could say another word, Little Heavenly Demon suddenly reached out one little paw and tapped Tu Fu’s leg.

That Heavenly Demon corpse, which had been maintained perfectly in that state for tens of thousands of years, instantly disintegrated with that one tap.

The tall, strapping figure collapsed into a heap of black dust which scattered across the ground.

“Cough cough cough… d.a.m.n you little punk. Were you really going to eat it?!” Little White Tiger was coughing so intensely that tears had sprung to its eyes. If not for the fact that it was no match for Little Heavenly Demon, it would have already given it a sound thras.h.i.+ng!

Ye Qingtang was astounded by the disintegrated body.

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“Why did it suddenly disintegrate…”

Ye Qingtang took stock of the food in her s.p.a.ce ring. As little Heavenly Demon was now awake, her supplies had been depleting very quickly. While Ye Qingtang could go without food for up to two weeks without any problem, Little Heavenly Demon on the other hand…

She didn’t forget the way Little Heavenly Demon would eye Little White Tiger when it was hungry.

When all their food supplies were depleted, Little Heavenly Demon might just kick Little White Tiger out to roast in the rain of fire, so that it could eat it.

“It’s a pity that my Dharma treasures are ineffective here. Otherwise, I can use something to ward off the fiery rain.” Ye Qingtang sighed softly.


Having suddenly thought of something, she took out those two halves of the key from her s.p.a.ce ring.

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