Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

North Night - 夜北

Chapter 1818 - Right And Wrong (2)

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Chapter 1818: Right And Wrong (2)

With a shake of her head, Ye Qingtang told Little White Tiger about the illusions she had seen.

“I guess it is not unreasonable for the True G.o.ds to hate humans so much. They never expected the primordial humans, whom they created with their own hands to betray them like this.” Little White Tiger sighed softly.

“Heavenly Demons have always known how to use the power of desire. The moment they discovered the inner desires of those primordial humans, they would have targeted it and used it to entice the humans to do their bidding. At the end of the day, you can say that the True G.o.ds created a race that didn’t want to be controlled.”

True G.o.ds, Heavenly Demons and the primordial humans. The relations.h.i.+p between these three was complicated and capricious.

Since Little White Tiger already knew of this piece of history. As a result, it was not shocked by it.

Still, Ye Qingtang was puzzled over something. The divine consciousness of the woman she saw in the illusion had nearly faded away toward the end. But she had clearly seen the back profile of that woman previously. And that familiar tune. Even Little White Tiger had heard it. There was no way that it could have been an illusion.

Could it be that something had preserved the divine consciousness of that female True G.o.d?

Ye Qingtang instinctively thought of those doors which she had been unable to pa.s.s through.

Even now the woman’s singing voice could be heard. Fire was still raining down from the sky, rendering them unable to leave. Ye Qingtang was full of questions over what she had just witnessed.

In the end, Ye Qingtang decided to carry Little White Tiger and Little Heavenly Demon and follow the route she had seen in the illusion, heading down deeper into the underground palace in the temple.

In the illusion, the temple had just been destroyed. As a result, it was still rather bright and clear despite the aftermath of chaos that had occurred. But after the pa.s.sing of so many years, the inside had become exceptionally dark and dank.

As Ye Qingtang ventured toward the underground palace, she realized the route was different from what she saw in the illusion.

The tunnel, which had been minimally affected by the destruction, now appeared exceptionally battered. The walls on both sides looked like they had been rammed by a great force, with more than half of the stone carvings shattered and scattered across the ground.

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As she pushed on ahead, she saw that there was now a large hole in those tightly-shut doors. A damp, musty breeze blew gently out of that opening.

Ye Qingtang cautiously made her way toward the door. With Little White Tiger and Little Heavenly Demon in her arms, she stepped through the opening.

The moment she pa.s.sed through the doors, Ye Qingtang was dumbstruck.

Behind those big doors was a dilapidated secret room. The destruction that had occurred in this room was far greater than any other part of the temple. It was impossible to tell what this room had once looked like.

It was as if an intense battle had happened in this room.

“What is this?” Little White Tiger noticed a jade platform amidst the ruins. It was covered by a layer of dust.

Wasting no time, it jumped on top and blew away the thick layer of dust which instantly puffed up and stung its eyes.

“Grrr, there’s so much dust!”

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