Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

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Chapter 474

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Chapter 474: Seems Like a Symptom of Pregnancy

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Rong Yan's face was gloomy and mysterious. After a while, he looked up and said, “No, I'll keep it as is.”

After being with Rong Yan for so many years, how could Xu Zhiyuan not know what Rong Yan was up to now? He was probably planning to keep it for the sake of making Young Madam's heart ache tomorrow morning.

Sigh, what a trick. I wonder if Young Madam will fall for it.

The next day.

Luo Anning woke up very early. Firstly, she had insomnia and could hardly sleep all night. She felt groggy. Secondly, she wasn't used to the bed.

As soon as the sky turned bright, she woke up.

At this moment, the butler was instructing the servants to clean up and was busy walking in and out of the kitchen.

Upon sight of her, the servants greeted, “Miss Luo, good morning.”

Luo Anning smiled and said, “Good morning, everyone.”

“Miss Luo, you're up so early. Why don't you sleep a little longer?” The butler who was in his fifties smiled and walked towards her benevolently.

Due to the fact that she was also a butler, Luo Anning had a good impression of him. She smiled and answered, “I don't sleep well. I might as well get up and walk around.”

“Alright, the scent of roses in the garden is very strong in the morning. You can go take a walk in the garden. When breakfast is ready, I'll call you.”

After walking around the garden, the butler happened to call her for breakfast and Luo Anning returned to the living room.

Kristen and Catherine were both surprised to see her coming in.

“Why are you up so early?” Kristen walked towards her in amus.e.m.e.nt and rubbed her head.

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Luo Anning frowned and smacked his hand away. “I can't sleep… ”

“This seems like a symptom of pregnancy,” Catherine said.



Luo Anning shook her head frantically and said, “Impossible. I've been diagnosed as infertile for the rest of my life. It's impossible for me to have a symptom of pregnancy, let alone get pregnant. Perhaps it's my intestines that aren't good.”

She explained for herself.

Catherine frowned and asked, “Infertility?”

Luo Anning nodded and said, “Last time, when Mo Xiyan crippled my right hand in order to save me, I had a miscarriage because of external forces. Hence, my uterus was damaged and they said I can never conceive again.”

Luo Anning sounded a little sad.

Catherine's frown deepened.

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