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Chapter 270: Flower Snares The Finch

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The footsteps sounded closer and closer, as if they were headed to the kitchen opposite to arm themselves with knives. I slipped into the abbot's meditation room under the cover of the junk piled up in the courtyard. As soon as I entered the room, Zhu Xiaohao sat up and demanded, "Who is it?""It's me!” I whispered. “Don't talk, just listen."

With little time left, I kept my explanation brief, clarifying that people were coming to kill him so we had to move quickly.

However, upon hearing these words, Zhu Xiaohao merely arched an eyebrow, dismissive and unconcerned. "I've just realized how negative and dark your thoughts are!” he condemned. “These monks are here to pray and reflect. Whatever possessed you to arrive at such a conclusion?! Have you ever seen such kind-hearted thieves and murderers?"

Anger and frustration flared up inside of me, spurring the growing impulse to yell, “f.u.c.k off! Go to h.e.l.l! I'll collect your body tomorrow!

But before I could lose my head in a fit of anger, the creaking sound of a door came from across the yard, a sobering reminder of what awaited us. It seemed the two had already selected their murder weapons. I looked out the window, Gla.s.s Eye and Skinny's every move visible to me. The delay caused by Zhu Xiaohao's skepticism had left us in a dilemma since leaving the meditation room was no longer a viable option.

I drew the knife from my sleeve and stood against the door, motioning for Zhu Xiaohao not to speak. The best plan I could come up with in such a short time was to lie in wait until they entered the room, kill off one and leave the other to chance!

This was my first time killing someone. My heart pounded exceedingly fast as if it would explode. The deafening sound of my heartbeat filled my ears and I wondered if the others could hear it as well. With the mounting pressure, I deliberately slowed down my breaths, hoping to stabilize my mind.

Outside, their footsteps stopped at the door and Gla.s.s Eyes' whispers floated into my ears. "Four, you go in and take care of him. I'll be on the lookout outside."

"Wait a minute, did someone just run over the roof?" Skinny looked up and thought out loud.

Gla.s.s Eye burst into laughter, "What nonsense are you talking about? Look at how high the roof is! Besides, it's been raining all day so the tiles are slippery. Who the h.e.l.l could do something like that?"

"I'm probably just overthinking it," nodded Skinny.

At this point, the reality of our situation finally dawned upon Zhu Xiaohao. Wide-eyed, he stared outside, sobs threatening to spill from his lips. Right then, he stumbled out of bed and limped towards me but I quickly pushed him away for fear his movements might make a sound.

Stubborn as always, Zhu Xiaohao blocked the door with his shoulder and begged me for help.

Only a moron could come up with that useless idea! The door to the meditation room could hardly be called st.u.r.dy. All the perpetrators had to do was pierce a hole with their knives from the other side. I gave Zhu Xiaohao another hard push and ordered him to stay in bed but he remained motionless, stubborn as a mule.

Suddenly, a heavy kick crashed into the door. Zhu Xiaohao's rotund body trembled like a leaf, silent tears sliding down his cheeks like hot wax on a candle.

"There's something against the door!” cried Skinny. “d.a.m.n it! They've seen through our disguise!"

The door shook vehemently once more and I gulped, bracing myself for impact. As soon as Skinny broke into the room, I would plunge my knife into his throat. But I never expected Zhu Xiaohao to reach for my clothes, gesturing for me to help with obstructing the door.

Before either of us could react, the door fell open with a loud bang, knocking Zhu Xiaohao and me to the ground together. Skinny stood at the door, squinting in the dark for some time. "What are the two of you doing in the same room? I see! Looks like you've got some pretty special hobbies eh!" he mocked.

I couldn't help but curse at my misfortune for taking on such a loser for a teammate.

I stood up and yelled, "Do you know who you're talking to?!"

"I don't!” laughed Skinny. “But I do know you're about to die!"

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I stood my ground, knife in hand as I swept my gaze across the vital points on his body, my throat as dry as a desert. Zhu Xiaohao grabbed my trouser leg from below. I soon heard a soft trickle and the smell of urine permeated the room. It turned out that this guy was so frightened he peed his pants!

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