The Glory After Rebirth

Huai Ruogu

Chapter 11: Uncle Appeared

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"Second Master, bad news! Young Master met some trouble at Jia family!"

In the Prefecture Yamen, the servant of Ling family ran straight towards the Tongzhi Office to find the second master of Ling family, Ling Zhaowen, who was on duty at that time.

T/N note: Tongzhi, a fifth ranked official, is a deputy of Zhifu, the highest magistrate of a prefecture.

Ling Zhaowen said with a disapproving frown, "Why did you come here shouting so loud along the way? That's so rude."

Quickly swallowing, the servant hurried to report the matter after regaining his breath, "Second Master, young master is in trouble. Lord Tao's attendant, w.a.n.g Ke, who took the token of Lord Tao back, urgently dispatched ten yamen runners to Jia family. Seeing me, he told me to inform you that young master got trouble at Jia family. Jia Yuanling of Jia family tried to frame young master for committing adultery with Jia Yin's new concubine."

Ling Zhaowen's face changed greatly, and he suddenly stood up that made the chair bang heavily on the ground with a loud noise. "What did you say?"

The servant quickly breathed again, and continued, "...But it was penetrated by other people. Now young master has sued Jia Yuanling to court. And Lord Tao arranged yamen runners to Jia family to arrest Jia Yuanling!"

Ling Zhaowen breathed with ease, and because of enormous mood swings, his back was full of cold sweat. "Now hurry up! Let's go to Jia family!"

Rushing to Jia family with the servant, Ling Zhaowen met a bunch of people halfway with Tao Feng and Ling Zhang in the lead.

The coldness and fierceness on Ling Zhang's face was quickly replaced by surprise, and his eyes brightened up upon seeing Ling Zhaowen. "Uncle!"

Even though he had turned the situation of the previous life around and successfully captured Jia Yuanling and the other conspirators, the joy could not be compared with meeting his uncle at this moment.

It was his uncle who was still alive, safe and sound.

Ling Zhang's heart grew heavy, and his throat felt tight as if being blocked by something. And his eyes quickly reddened. Looking at Ling Zhaowen with those innocent eyes, it seemed that Ling Zhang would burst into cry when he said a word.

With a quick glance, Ling Zhaowen saw his nephew who wore a look of being severely wronged, and that made he so distressed. Walking towards Ling Zhang quickly, Ling Zhaowen raised his hands and pressed them on Ling Zhang's shoulder steadily before calming his nephew with a soothing wink. When he turned his head, Ling Zhaowen changed into an angry face to look at Tao Feng, "Lord Tao, what happened?"

"Zhaowen, Ling Zhang was wronged in this case, and I will do him justice." Tao Feng said.

"My nephew is the most self-disciplined and well-behaved. How dare the Jia family frame my nephew? What a beastly bully!" Ling Zhaowen fumed.

Tao Feng appeased him, "All of us saw everything clearly. You can rest a.s.sured that Jia Yuanling and other people who actually committed adultery with Jia Yin's concubine, have been caught up. And this magistrate will not let Ling Zhang be treated unfairly."

Ling Zhaowen was shocked, what? He only thought that Jia Yuanling just framed Ling Zhang, but he did not expect that Jia Yuanling had done such an outrageous thing!

Ling Zhang raised his hand and tugged at Ling Zhaowen's sleeve. He pulled it gently, and said with a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Uncle."

Although Ling Zhang had fought hard to keep his cool, his voice was still somewhat hoa.r.s.e.

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"Let's not block the road of Lord Tao. It's urgent for him to go back to the Prefecture Yamen."

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