Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress

Just Like - 犹似

Chapter 1887 - Men Get Angry About These!!

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Chapter 1887: Men Get Angry About These!!

As Wen Xinya nestled on the sofa, she did not have any energy to lift her body. Looking around the private room, Gu Junling and Zhou Tianyu were flirting, Ling Qingxuan was at Ye Feiyu’s feet, Han Mofeng was seducing Du Ruo like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, and even the single Xu Tongxuan was having fun looking through Wechat on her phone.

She was deeply depressed!

Affection can go and die!

Love dies fast!

At this time, Xu Tongxuan saw that she was feeling down and could not help asking, “What’s wrong, do you feel unwell?”

Suddenly, she found that Xinya’s complexion was not very good. Thinking of the recent mess inside the Wen Corporation waiting for her to clean up, she feared that she was tired because of her busy work.

Wen Xinya shook her head, feeling weak. “It’s okay, just do your own thing. Don’t worry about me.”

She must be sick.

Moreover, it was lovesickness.

Otherwise, why was she neglecting her meals, feeling emotionally depressed, and throwing tantrums these few days?

It must be that stinky man who had not forgiven her. Wen Xinya suddenly did not want to talk anymore.

In all her life, she had not met such a difficult man.

In order to get Si Yiyan’s forgiveness, she put in so much effort these two days.

Acting sly, pitiful, pretending to be innocent, and whining was useless.

She went to the kitchen every day in person and prepared loving lunches for him; left her work alone and stayed in the Jiayuan Club to accompany him; she even lowered her dignity and tried seducing him. But everything was useless!

For the first time, she found Si Yiyan’s self-control terrifying.

She admitted that she had misunderstood him and said something she should not have. He would rather he lose his temper at her, scold her, or punish her severely, it was all better than this.

However, he was neither cold nor hot, neither salty nor bland, neither icy nor fiery. What kind of n.o.ble and cool att.i.tude was this?

After so many years with Si Yiyan, she discovered for the first time that in addition to his intense training, Si Yiyan also had his own pride?

At this time, Zhou Tianyu came over, looked at her sad expression, and smiled. “Looking at your dissatisfaction, is it because your man has not been able to satisfy you recently?”


Wen Xinya’s face was black. She really wanted to spit on her. “You look so proud and breezy, at a glance everyone can tell that your little Eunuch Gu has worked hard on you recently!”

It was originally a retort, but coming from Wen Xinya’s mouth, it had lost its meaning.

Ye Feiyu smiled. “That sounded so sour. You have your own Ninth Si, do you still need to say something like this?”

She could not understand.

When it came to love and doting, no one was better than the boss Ninth Si.

Du Ruo’s big eyes looked at Wen Xinya. “Xinya, did you fight with Brother Si!”

Traditional Chinese Medicine paid attention to hearing and asking, as could be seen from Xinya’s appearance at this time. She had Yin deficiency and was in a distraught state, which meant anxiety and sadness in her heart.

Du Ruo frowned slightly and observed her face carefully.

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As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s eyes turned towards Wen Xinya.

Xu Tongxuan said earnestly, “Xinya, what you should think about now is how to coax him and make him forgive you. Men all need some coaxing.”

Ye Feiyu bitterly said, “Now that things have reached this stage, you must not fight with Ninth Si. I guess Ninth Si just wants to punish you. You must have patience and coax him.”

After listening to her friends, Wen Xinya was close to crying. “I know, this time I was too impulsive.”

At this moment, she could not say anything.

Her heart was full of remorse.

Gu Junling was not good at joining a conversation between the girls, but seeing Wen Xinya’s depressed look, Gu Junling could not help but say, “Xinya, men are very true about proving themselves. This matter is serious, so you must be careful and not act sloppily.”

Coaxing was a must.

But just coaxing was not enough, she must treat this matter carefully.

In fact, this was not Xinya’s fault. What she said under impulse, she did not mean and should not be taken seriously, the speaker did not mean it but the listener took it to heart.

Ling Qingxuan agreed. “A man’s mode of thinking is completely different from a woman. Ninth Si will be angry at you obviously because you have pushed his b.u.t.tons.”

Breaking up and canceling the engagement.

Every man had a different att.i.tude towards this matter.

However, one thing in common was that, to any man, this issue was a matter of principle.

Han Mofeng grinned. “Don’t worry too much, Ninth Si cares about the words you said about breaking up and canceling the engagement, which happens to reflect that he cares about you. Although you are wrong about this matter, so long as you apologize, he will forgive you sooner or later.”

Wen Xinya nodded, thinking about what was going on and that Si Yiyan would eventually forgive her.

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