Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress

Just Like - 犹似

Chapter 1882 - Of One Soul, Sharing All Honor and Disgraces

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Chapter 1882: Of One Soul, Sharing All Honor and Disgraces

Si Yiyan finally realized why she had such a huge reaction. Not only was she jealous, but she had also suffered a major grievance. Hence, he turned and went to brew some tea for her.

The fragrance of the tea permeated the entire room, chasing off the thick air of frustration.

Si Yiyan’s tea-brewing skills were excellent and could make even the most modest of teas taste good. A clear green color, the fragrant tea had a sweet and refres.h.i.+ng flavor. It soothed Wen Xinya’s turbulent emotions and gradually calmed her down.

Si Yiyan didn’t start refuting but just called Gu Yuehan. “Did you hire a secretary for me?”

He truly had no idea about any female secretary. He had been in a meeting with Gu Yuexi and gang the moment he arrived at Jiayuan today, all the way until it ended just now.

Perhaps it was Gu Yuehan who had taken the initiative to hire a female secretary for him, after seeing him swamped with work.

Gu Yuehan was momentarily startled, before replying, “I would never dare to do something like that without explicit instructions from you. But I ran into An Feiya earlier, and she asked me about Wen Xinya.”

At this point, if Gu Yuehan still didn’t know what had happened, his 200+ IQ would have been all just for show.

Si Yiyan raised his brow slightly. “An Feiya?”

For the moment, he really had no idea who this person was.

Gu Yuehan was somewhat speechless. He paused for a second before replying, “She is Old Mr. An’s daughter. She has always been working at Xiasi Group.”

Si Siyan should know of An Feiya.

Previously in Italy, with Old Mr. An as an excuse, she had frequently hung around Ninth Young Master. But with Ninth Young Master’s personality, she had not dared to behave too audaciously.

He thought that Ninth Young Master would at least have some impression of her. After all, An Feiya was indeed very beautiful.

He never expected Ninth Young Master to not even remember her name.

He couldn’t help feeling somewhat sorry for An Feiya.

Si Yiyan recalled that there was indeed a woman who always appeared by Old Mr. An’s side and who was supposed to be his daughter. However, he had not paid too much attention.

Wen Xinya’s face took on a strange expression as she overheard Si Yiyan and Gu Yuehan’s conversation.

Si Yiyan didn’t look like he was lying.

So a female secretary who even Si Yiyan didn’t know about had appeared by his side?

Si Yiyan hung up the phone and rubbed his aching temples. “An Feiya’s father is Old Mr. An, who used to be my father’s most trusted subordinate. All these years, he has been in charge of controlling our remaining holdings in Italy. As for An Feiya, her sudden arrival in Capital city and her becoming my secretary—I think Gu Yuexi probably has something to do with it.”

He had not interacted much with An Feiya.

Every time he met her, it was because he was meeting her father.

Even so, they did not have many interactions work-wise either.

That was because it had always been Gu Yuexi handling Xiasi Group’s affairs. In addition, the company also hired some management staff to oversee the operations. Apart from some important strategic matters, Si Siyan seldom interfered with the company.

Other than Gu Yuexi, he could think of no one else who would appoint An Feiya to become part of his staff.

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Wen Xinya pursed her lips and kept silent.

Regardless of whether An Feiya truly didn’t know of Xinya’s status or if she was just pretending—for Gu Yuexi to a.s.sign her to Si Siyan’s side and for her to hold the authority to access the top of Jiayuan Club—it was proof that she held some smarts and should have been able to guess.

Her blindness toward Xinya’s ident.i.ty was probably because of her own intentions toward Si Siyan.

For a moment, Wen Xinya was too moved to speak.

This was not the first time Si Yiyan had said something like that to her. This was not the first time Si Yiyan had used action to show her that in his world, she was without any doubt his one and only queen, and she had no need to fear anything or anyone.

“Let me handle this matter.” With that, he gazed at the bruise on her left wrist. His face darkened and he gently lifted her hand. “Is it painful?”

He had accidentally caused that bruise in his earlier rage.

Only then did Wen Xinya notice the bruise on her wrist. Noticing his darkening expression, she hurriedly said, “It’s no longer painful. You know how sensitive my skin is, I bruise very easily. It looks serious, but I’m not actually hurt.”

To prove that she wasn’t lying, she even rotated her own wrist.

A dull ache shot through her wrist, causing her some discomfort.

Si Yiyan held her hand to stop her movement. “I will be the judge of the extent of your injury.”

With that, he retrieved the first-aid box from below the gla.s.s side table. He took out the ointment and tenderly rubbed some on her bruise.

The cooling ointment felt very soothing on her skin. Wen Xinya smiled. Si Yiyan did love her best. Like before, he would fret over the slightest bit of hurt or grievance she had endured.

Her brain must have gone haywire earlier for her to believe Si Yiyan had a change of heart!

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