Takahashi Mako

59 How Dare You!

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Gradis happily slammed her finger into the 'enter' b.u.t.ton and let out the biggest yawn her little mouth could make; which was surprisingly quite large, and then drank her 6th cup of coffee.She looked at the drop at the bottom of the cup and then slurped it up, then placed the cup down gently into her sink, stretching wildly on her way to her couch. She closed her eyes as she flopped onto the couch and stared at the ceiling, the bleakness of the gray describing her mind too accurately.

"OUCH!" she exclaimed, as the hard case of her phone jabbed into her back.

Angrily, she yanked out the phone from behind her and threw it to the ground and was about to look away when the screen lit up to reveal a string of texts on a notification. Reluctantly, she clicked on it and punched in her pa.s.scode, then read the messages.

"Oh…" She sighed, realizing what the texts were about then speed-read the texts from Mia and was about to turn off her phone when Mia texted one more sentence.

"I'm sorry," Gradis read the text, staring at it blankly after reading it.

"Ha…" her hands trembled, "HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA."

She burst into hysterical laughter as the sentence repeated in her head, "HAHAHAHAHAH I'm sorry? HAHAHAHA...HAHAHA...HAHA...HA," her hands tightly wrapped around her phone, "shut up."

Before she could stop herself, her hands rose up and threw her phone at the ground, bursting into another fit of laughter as she watched the screen showing the 'I'm sorry' shatter.

"SHUT THE f.u.c.k UP!" She screamed, her pupils shaking, as she stood up unsteadily and slammed her finger into the screen, then picked up the phone and threw it at the ground again when she read the sentence again, "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!!!!"

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"What do you know?" Gradis asked as she stared at the flickering screen, her trembling lips twitching into a smile, "WHAT THE f.u.c.k DO YOU KNOW?!"

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