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An Zhixiao - Calm Understanding - 安知晓

Chapter 1586 - : The Rain Made Everything Wet Silently

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Chapter 1586: The Rain Made Everything Wet Silently

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There were not many people in Ye Tingyun’s villa. There were two agents, Wei Ling, Ye Chu, and him. Besides them, there were only a butler, a chef, and a few servants. Usually when he was not around, the butler and servants would stay in the villa and take care of it.

Ye Chu’s taste was blander. She liked to eat seafood, but it was not too good for her eyes and her wound. The chef prepared some simpler dishes for her. They were nouris.h.i.+ng for her health and her wound. There was even boiled soup. Ye Chu was already hungry. She was staying under someone’s roof and did not dare to speak until the fragrance of the dishes came from downstairs. Ye Tingyun came upstairs, Ye Chu was sitting by the side of the window and was in a daze.

Ye Tingyun felt suffocated in his heart. The little girl was originally lively. Even if she faced him every day without looking good, at least she was angry. She was like a withered flower without any life now.

“Ye Chu, let’s eat.”

Ye Chu followed the voice and looked over, but she did not have any reaction at all. She was still not familiar with the room. There was usually a servant who looked after her. Everything in the house had been moved away by Ye Tingyun to prevent her from running into them.

Even so, she was still not used to being blind.

She would still run into things.

“I’m not hungry,” Ye Chu said. She did not want to appear as a joke in front of him at all.

Ye Tingyun walked over. He did not say anything and carried her up horizontally. Ye Chu got a fright and hurriedly stretched her hands out to hug his neck. She was a little embarra.s.sed. “Put me down!”

“You didn’t eat much in the afternoon, and you are not hungry at night. What have you eaten?” Ye Tingyun said softly as he carried her downstairs. “You cannot see. It will be very tough for you to walk down the stairs. I’m carrying you so that it is more convenient.”

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Ye Chu’s little face was red. It was not known if she was embarra.s.sed or angry. Ye Tingyun lowered his head and looked over. The corners of his lips slightly curled. Her little apple-shaped face was really cute. It was pink and chubby. Her whole face was filled with collagen. This phrase ‘glowing from within’ seemed to be created specifically for her. She was very likable.

He is a swindler, he is a swindler, he is a swindler.

She had to chant silently three times every day.

Ye Tingyun had acc.u.mulated his power deeply. The people in the villa pretended to be oblivious and not watch the two people coming downstairs intimately. Ye Tingyun placed Ye Chu on the chair and laid the napkin for her.

When Ye Chu smelled the direction of the food, she was even hungrier and felt even more restrained. She did not know where to start. She was in darkness. Suddenly, Ye Tingyun held her hand gently and let her hold a spoon.

The other hand was also held by Ye Tingyun. He let her hold a bowl. His palm was warm and dry. There was some hardened skin. He held her fair hands that brought a tinge of dry warmth. Ye Chu seemed to have been scalded.

Ye Tingyun said softly, “This is your bowl and spoon. Eat slowly. I’ll help you scoop up the food. There’s fish, beef, mutton, vegetables, cold lobster, and bone soup. What do you want to eat?”

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