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Chapter 1585 - Must Be A Swindler

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Chapter 1585: Must Be A Swindler

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The doctor checked Ye Chu’s eyes thoroughly. In the end, he concluded that the blood clot in her brain had expanded, and it pressed onto an even bigger area, causing her to lose her eyesight.

As long as the blood clot was gone, her eyesight could perhaps be restored. This was neurological blindness.

“Second Master feels that the risk of the surgery is too big. We also really do not have the confidence and are unable to operate on you.” The doctor told the truth accordingly. The risk was too big. If the operation failed, it might cause her to become permanently blind.

Ye Chu suffered a huge blow. Every day when she opened her eyes, it was a dark world. She could not differentiate between daytime and night time. Strangers were around her. Someone had self-proclaimed that he was her brother, but she did not feel any familiarity at all. Ye Chu frustratingly felt that she had become a useless person and that she had nothing.

“Ye Chu, you will regain your eyesight,” Ye Tingyun said with mixed feelings. Even if she had lost her memory, he lied to Ye Chu that he was her brother. Ye Chu was also not familiar with him at all and did not trust him at all. Ye Chu had a suspicious att.i.tude towards whatever Ye Tingyun said.

Ye Tingyun thought in his heart, Don’t be anxious. Take it slowly.

He would eventually gain Ye Chu’s trust.

Ye Tingyun’s villa was very near to Rose Castle. When Ye Tingyun went back, Shen Qianshu was already in the villa. Compared to Ye Tingyun, Shen Qianshu was better able to gain Ye Chu’s trust. She could make Ye Chu feel more secure.

As she was a girl, Shen Qianshu had a natural advantage.

Shen Qianshu comforted Ye Chu’s fragile nerves. “Tingyun has already booked the plane tickets. He will bring you back to New York for treatment after 2 days. The medical skills are more advanced there. There will definitely be a good treatment for your eyes. Don’t worry.”

If it was really not possible, there was still the Black Rose’s medical team. Treating the blood clot in her nerves was not a problem.

Ye Tingyun’s company had applied nanotechnology on medical treatments, and good results were obtained. The technology had already started to be applied in surgeries in all major hospitals throughout America. Ye Chu would definitely be fine.

“Will you go with me?” Ye Chu asked softly. “I don’t trust him.”

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“…” Shen Qianshu was astonished.

At night.

Ye Chu half-laid on the bed alone. She had lost her eyesight and could not do anything. However, there were some memories that kept flas.h.i.+ng in her mind. They were all memories that she had at sea. After her short-term memory loss, she started to recall many memories at sea one after another. They were all fragments, but she did not disclose them.

Ye Tingyun was not in her memories.


Ye Chu sneered in her heart. Swindler!

Must be a swindler!

Ye Chu knew that she had lost her eyesight and was weak. She remembered what her adoptive father had taught her. If she was facing her enemy, and her enemy was strong but she was weak, and there was a great difference, she should not meet force with force. She should show weakness appropriately so that she could allow herself to live a little longer.

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