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An Zhixiao - Calm Understanding - 安知晓

Chapter 1584 - : Is Brother Good, Or Husband Good

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Chapter 1584: Is Brother Good, Or Husband Good

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Her eyes had a heavy shadow at first. Subsequently, she was covered in darkness. Ye Chu was a little panicky. She closed her eyes again. Her mind was a mess. She thought of some scattered segments, but she could not link them. Her memory also seemed to be getting blurrier and blurrier.

What is going on?

Who am I?

Why can’t I see?

She could see just now. Why couldn’t she see now?

Ye Chu woke up in shock within a short while. Her whole body was covered with cold sweat. Suddenly, she opened her eyes. It was indeed dark in front of her. She could not see anything. Her mind became blank. “Adoptive father… ”

“Adoptive father!” Ye Chu shouted loudly. Her mind was a mess, and her memories also became empty and confused. Finally, she could only remember one person. It was her adoptive father. She shouted for very long, but the familiar voice did not come through.

Ye Chu was fearful in her heart. She started crying. “Adoptive father, where are you?”

She was on the bed and kept stroking something continuously in fear. She picked the pillow at the back of her hand and staggered down the bed. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Ye Chu rolled down from the bed and crouched on the ground. Ye Tingyun came over hurriedly. He put the flowers that he had brought aside. Ye Chu cried sadly. It was hard for her to control the fear in her heart. A head of long hair covered her whole face.

“Ye Chu, what happened to you? Did you fall and hurt yourself?”

Ye Tingyun asked anxiously. Ye Chu suddenly lifted her head. Ye Tingyun’s voice was completely stuck in his throat. Ye Chu’s tearful eyes were mottled. A pair of weird different-colored pupils was very obvious. One was black, and the other was blue. The blue eye seemed to be s.h.i.+ning. It no longer flashed by. It clearly appeared in her pupil.

Different-colored pupils…

Ye Chu!

Little Ye Chu!

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“Who are you?” Ye Chu held his hand anxiously and shouted fearfully. “My eyes, I can’t see with my eyes.”

“Your surname is Ye. My surname is also Ye. Of course, I am your brother,” Ye Tingyun said. “You have only forgotten about matters when you were young. I am your brother. I will protect you. I won’t hurt you. Don’t be afraid.”

Ye Tingyun’s idea was very simple. Ye Chu repelled and hated him too much. It was best for him to change another ident.i.ty to let her trust him. This was good for both him and Ye Chu. It was a very good matter.

He suddenly realized that it was actually a good thing for Ye Chu to lose her memory.

He had some hidden happiness at the bottom of his heart.

Ye Chu was doubtful. She had a splitting headache. This blow of the stick had caused Ye Chu to be a little confused. Her emotions were also in a mess. She could not understand anything. She only had an adoptive father in her impression, yet where did her brother come from?

But she indeed did not remember the matters when she was young.

Was this her brother?

Wei Ling could not help himself from complaining in his heart. Brother? Haha, why not say husband? This can save the trouble!

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