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371 Chapter 363: Bandit Busheng!

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"Ah?" Both Duan Li and Liu Sheng Duhai was stupefied with what the Extermination Knights was calling him.This was especially so for Liu Sheng Duhai, his mind went into a daze for a short moment before clenching his fists tight.

Paying respects to the Great Patriarch Liu your head!!

One has to know that Patriarch Liu has never appeared in public for the last 300 years! He was someone that practiced the old ascetics way of life and had completely severed his ties with the mundane world!

Unless it was absolutely necessary for him to intervene for the sake of the Liu Clan's survival, not even the destruction of the Liu Empire would faze him into making an action!

In addition, the Patriarch himself did not fancy wearing armors, not to mention full plate armors and preferred more of using robes!

After all, being someone in the top apex of power in the world of cultivation, there were not many that could injure their physical body!

Still, he understood their reasoning behind their misunderstanding, so he had no choice but to suppress the agitated feeling he had inside.

Had this been any other occasion, he would have long pummeled them half foot into their grave for mistaking their great Patriarch as someone else!


"Hmm. It would be the best for you all to be prudent in your words, and speak non of this again. Also, from now on, do not call me that!" Duan Li waved his hand as he made use of their misunderstanding to solidify his standing and ident.i.ty among them!

They are mistaking me as someone else? Eh, I'll just play along then!

Seeing the Great Patriarch of the Liu Clan looking displeased, the Extermination Knights bowed their heads even lower and apologized as they were scared into their wits!

This was the Great Patriarch they were talking about here, and a single wave from his hand would be enough to sever their flesh and skin from their bones!

Furthermore, they were fearful of being punished like their fellow comrade You Wing. If they were to be stripped naked like that, wouldn't they have lost all their dignity immediately?

Who could have thought that the Great Patriarch of the royal Liu Clan would be so... particular in his means?

Indeed as the rumors said, the apex cultivators of the Tian continent were all eccentric individuals and does things quite differently than others!

"T-Then, how should we address you E-Elder?" their leader said hesitantly.

"Hmm." Unbeknownst to him that he had just shifted the image of the honorable and Great Patriarch of the royal Liu Clan into something that could make the person himself to commit suicide in shame, Duan Li cupped the chin of his helmet as he pondered deep like an expert contemplating on the meaning of life.

"You can call me.. Supreme Elder!" Duan Li finally made up his mind.

"Yes! Supreme Elder!" the Extermination Knights swiftly understood the reasoning behind this new alias of his!

Perhaps the Great Patriarch wanted to be low profile and that was why he was like this!

En! That should be the case!

Meanwhile, Liu Sheng Duhai also nodded in satisfaction of Duan Li's choice of name as it sounded powerful enough. Since Duan Li was posing as their Great Patriarch, it was good for them too if viewed from another perspective!

After all, although their Great Patriarch was powerful as well, he was not as overpowered as Duan Li! Therefore, if their enemy misunderstood their Great Patriarch to have such an overwhelming power, who would dare to look down on them again?

With a suave turn, Duan Li then said with solemn voice, "Let us depart!"


Pshh!! Pshh!!

"Its an ambush! Disperse!" the bald and overweight bandit leader quickly commanded his minions after they were suddenly attacked from behind!

"Who is it? Who dares to sneak attack the great Busheng? Come out!" he bellowed in fury as his veins popped out from his temples.

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He was too focused on seeing his enemy got baited with the bandits he sent forward to attack the gates in order to test the waters, yet who knew that the enemy would take that opportunity to attack them instead?

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