Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Lan Hua Yue - 蓝华月

Chapter 727 - Doubt

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Chapter 727


How could a woman without a womb have her periods?

Lin Mengya looked at Mrs. Huang questioningly.

“Miss, can you cure my illness?” After being questioned by Lin Mengya for a long while, Mrs. Huang involuntarily asked impatiently.

She came here just because she had heard from her mother that the woman in front of her was proficient in medical skills and might be able to cure her illness.

Unexpectedly, the woman just kept asking her questions without offering a solution.

So she considered Lin Mengya as a quack.

“I’ve detected your condition. It’s not easy to cure you. How about you bring me all the medicine you’ve taken in the past three years? I’ll have a good look at it. I can’t just treat you without knowing the details,” after pondering for a while, Lin Mengya said.

“No wonder my mother described you as a person as benevolent and compa.s.sionate as the Bodhisattva. You’re extraordinary indeed and much more proficient than Doctor Ma in my town. Every time I asked him to nurse my health, he only said that my const.i.tution has been greatly undermined after the miscarriage so that I thought I would never be able to have a child in this lifetime!” Hearing her illness could be cured, Mrs. Huang repeatedly nodded her head and tried to flatter Lin Mengya with a bright smile.

Lin Mengya raised her eyebrows slightly and tried to have a chat with her in a casual tone, “Doctor Ma seems to be quite acquainted with you. I think he must be proficient in medical skills. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have turned to him every time you felt uncomfortable, right?”

Someone like Mrs. Huang was used to exaggerating, even trivial matters.

“That’s true. Although Doctor Ma is not very proficient in medical skills, he has a reputation in my town. He is an old acquaintance of my husband and has been nursing my health. Otherwise, my husband definitely would have taken another concubine,” Mrs. Huang said with a complacent look.

The relationship between Doctor Ma and her was probably closer than that between a doctor and a patient.

One of Mrs. Huang’s words attracted Lin Mengya’s attention.

Lin Mengya asked, “Were you treated by Doctor Ma after the miscarriage?”

Mrs. Huang nodded in a flattering manner. After flattering Lin Mengya, she gave an affirmative answer.

It was no wonder that Mrs. Huang had been unaware that she had lost her womb in the past three years.

It seemed that Doctor Ma played a key role in this.

“Well, it’s getting late. You may go back. Remember, don’t use the evil method again. Even if you use it, you are unlikely to get what you want. So you had better not use it again. I’ve heard about this evil method in my hometown. But I learned from the older members of my family that even if you use this evil method to get pregnant with a son or a daughter as you wish, you will give birth to an unlucky baby or a fiend, and as the mother, you will definitely be the first to be affected and come to a sticky end,” Lin Mengya said casually.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Huang was so terribly frightened that she widened her eyes and glanced at Lin Mengya suspiciously.

Seeing her expression, Lin Mengya, who could not be bothered to explain, waved her hand as a hint for Qinghu to take Mrs. Huang away.

It was not until Mrs. Huang left the yard and Qinghu returned to her room that Lin Mengya raised her head thoughtfully.

“I’ve sent someone to keep a close eye on her. Once she does anything, we’ll know immediately,” Qinghu said.

He had been aware of what Lin Mengya was up to. As he expected, on their way out, Mrs. Huang asked him a few questions in a roundabout way.

Her questions were all about whether the mother would be the first to be affected as Lin Mengya said.

Qinghu composedly described the mother’s miserable ends, which actually were not going to happen.

Mrs. Huang was so terribly frightened that she even forgot to behave coquettishly in front of him. Given her temperament, if someone almost got her into trouble, she probably would go to seek revenge against him.

“Okay, let’s go to the town in a few days. You’ve also heard Mrs. Huang’s words, haven’t you? I want to tell you that I found something very strange when feeling her pulse. She has lost one of her organs, but she’s fine and unaware of that. I suspect that the person, who removed her organ, should be Doctor Ma in town,” Lin Mengya said.

Qinghu nodded. The town, where Mrs. Huang lived, happened to be one of the places, where they were going to stay temporarily.

Since Lin Mengya wanted to investigate into this matter, he would let her do as she pleased.

“Alright, I’m going to get ready to set out. By the way, Mrs. Tian committed suicide by throwing herself into the well,” Qinghu said.

Lin Mengya felt a little sorry for Mrs. Tian, as Lin Mengya was aware that at the thought that her daughter could have a bright future, Mrs. Tian did that in order to atone for her sin and die with this secret so that she could protect her daughter.

Maternal love was touching, but it could be a lethal steel knife when it was distorted.

“She is an unfortunate woman. Give them some money,” Lin Mengya said.

Mrs. Tian’s life was a tragedy. Lin Mengya didn’t know what she had been through, but if she hadn’t given birth to her daughter or her lover had married her, she probably would have had a completely different life.

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Mrs. Tian was not a total villain, and she acted cruelly and viciously just in order to help her daughter.

Lin Mengya put the gold ingots in the old man’s hands with a smile.

“No... I can’t accept them. Your brother gave me a lot of money to rent this courtyard. How could I accept them now?” The old man tried hard to reject them, but Lin Mengya insisted on putting it in his hands.

She said with an apologetic look, “After I leave, you’d better move out of the village as soon as possible. You can move to another town or somewhere else. To tell you the truth, I’m not an ordinary person. If our connections are discovered, it may cause you trouble. You are all good people, and I don’t want to get you involved in trouble. So just use the money to settle down.”

If she left after staying here for a rest, it would not arouse the suspicion of those people tracking her.

But she stayed here until today and got involved in the village’s business, which could be fatal to the villagers.

She couldn’t find a suitable place in a short time for these villagers to live in seclusion as she did to her family members.

The only thing she could do was to give them some money so that they could move without potential worries.

“Well... okay, I’ll take them. Miss, don’t worry about it. Our villager is remote and the path leading to our village is rugged, so ordinary people won’t find our village. I’ll arrange it immediately. Rest a.s.sured,” the old man said.

Actually, moving wasn’t any easier than finding a place to live in seclusion.

These villagers had lived here for generations.

It would be difficult to convince them to leave their homeland.

Thinking of this, Lin Mengya said in a low voice, “Sir, I’m sorry for troubling you these days. If some people come here, they must want to question about my whereabouts. When the time comes, you just tell them that you hear us talk about going to the Nation of Dongxia and you don’t know anything else. By the way, you can tell them that I’m safe and sound under extra protection. Remember, you can tell them everything about me truthfully. Protecting yourselves is the most important thing.”

After giving him the instructions, Lin Mengya left with Qinghu.

They were followed by Hou Yuetian. Nevertheless, with the tacit consent of Lin Mengya and Qinghu, they did not have to stay so far away from Lin Mengya and Qinghu.

The two groups of people mingled together and gradually disappeared from the sight of the old man and the villagers.

Perhaps no one expected the sickly girl with a pale face sitting in a wheelchair was Princess Yu well-known in Dajin.

It took them four hours to go to the town from the village, although the carriage moved at a fast speed.

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