Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire

Song Xixi

Chapter 1699 - We will not bring that person tomorrow.

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Chapter 1699: We will not bring that person tomorrow.

“Okay, then. That shall be it. I’ll bring the three children out to play, while you two can handle your company matters in peace.”

Madam Ji felt very happy. She had actually called Pei Ge to talk about this, but with her son’s request, she had actually achieved her goal without exerting effort.

The three children, who were lying in bed, heard their grandmother finish her call and asked expectantly, “Granny, did mommy agree to let us go?”

“Of course, she did. Can your mommy not agree once I say so?”

Her eyes were smiling as she looked at her grandchildren. “Are you three not going to sleep separately? Hurry and go to sleep. You still have to accompany me to my friend’s house tomorrow.”

“Yay! Amazing!”

Ran Ran clapped her hands. If it was just to play and not study, then it was her greatest happiness in life.

“Then, what about you two boys? Hurry and go back to your room to rest.”

Madam Ji’s eyes were twinkling as she looked at these children. “Rest early so that we can return faster, alright?”

The children together: “Yes, granny. We want to sleep together.”

Ran Ran pouted. Her pink lips were full of pleas.

“Fine, fine, fine. Since you three want to sleep together, you can’t sleep too late, or else you won’t be able to wake up early tomorrow and we won’t be able to visit my friend.”

Their grandmother laughed aloud as she watched them climb back into their bed. Ran Ran was in the center, while her brothers were on either side of her, but despite this, the huge bed was not cramped at all. Instead, it seemed very warm and homely.

“Then, go to sleep. I will go to my room now.”

“Granny, then, when we leave tomorrow, will that person be going, too?”

She suddenly popped her head out and probed.

Madam Ji recalled that, other than them, the nannies, and housekeepers, there was an unwanted guest present. It was the grinning and cheeky Qu Xiujie.

“We won’t bring that person tomorrow,” she answered definitively, truly intending not to do so.


Upon getting the answer she wanted, Ran Ran holed back into the blanket. As Ji Chi was smiling at her directly, she laughed when he said, “Little sister, let’s sleep.”


She obediently nodded her head, closed her eyes, and drifted off into a sweet dream.

In her dream, her brother was not this cold and was always willing to hold her hand to walk on a road filled with flowers and plants. There were even beautiful mushrooms and little b.u.t.terflies. Their laughter echoed from her dream to reality.

However, the next day, when the four of them prepared to leave, Qu Xiujie opened the pa.s.senger seat door and got in.

“I say, our in-law, you are truly not kind enough. You didn’t tell me that you’re bringing the three children out to play.”

Madam Ji sat at the back, shocked to see him board the car. Upon hearing his remark, she knew at once that he had heard their conversation last night.

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“Why is an old thing like you following us? Shouldn’t you be resting in your room right now?”

She opened her eyes groggily and immediately spotted him sleeping soundly beside her. There was a short stubble on his chin and dark circles under his eyes. Although her sight was a little blurry, she still noticed this.

“You’re awake.”

Just as she moved to touch the stubble on his chin, the man slowly opened his eyes and looked at her. His voice was filled with joy as he asked, “Does your back still hurt?”

Only then did she recall having experienced the greatest pain in her lifetime the day prior. In her hazy memory, there was someone who kept speaking to her. She did hear some but not everything. Still, she knew that this person was very determined and kept telling her about the past. It was precisely because of this that she could wake up this quickly.

“Ge Ge, does it still hurt?” asked Ji Ziming again when he did not receive a reply. He sat up and was just about to check the wound on her back.

“Doesn’t seem to hurt anymore.”

Pei Ge touched her back and felt the roughness from the healing of a wound.

“Does it really not hurt anymore?”

He had thought that she had not woken up fully, just like the night before when she woke up for a short while only to fall back into a deep slumber. Now, it seemed that she was truly out of danger.

“It really doesn’t hurt anywhere. It doesn’t hurt even when I touch it.”

She carefully flipped her body over to lie down facing the ceiling. She did not feel any discomfort on her back, just that it was a little rough to the touch.

“Looks like that old dude’s medicine is still useful.”

Upon receiving this confirmation, he relaxed and sat down by her side. The person beside him had slightly pink cheeks—a totally different sight from the pale and ghastly face she had yesterday.

This made him even more rea.s.sured and finally stopped worrying.

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