Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith


Chapter 2179 - First time crossing swords (1)

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Chapter 2179: First time crossing swords (1)

Huang Yueli was helpless as she could only sit down beside him.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you alright? Do you need to be so childis.h.!.+ You also need to fight over a seat!” Huang Yueli mumbled softly.

However, the man grabbed her lower jaw as he turned her face over.

“What did you say about me?” The handsome looking face was right in front of her eyes, magnified with no limit.

Huang Yueli stared at that pair of pitch black pair of eyes as she gulped down her saliva, “Nothing, I only said… my husband looks so handsome while he’s jealous!”

Li Moying then became satisfied as a smile flashed past his eyes.

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief and suddenly she realised that there was a soft feeling on her lips.

She went into a daze for a moment to discover that she had been sneakily kissed by Li Moying!

Moreover, even before she could even fly into a rage, Li Moying had already retreated and returned to his own seat, putting on an aloof look with a forbidden desire.

“You…..” Huang Yueli just was about to say something.

Li Moying suddenly voiced out, “Stop talking, the third round of compet.i.tion has just ended and they’re about to announce the ranking!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were too many people around, and moreover their attention was all over here, Huang Yueli really wanted to pounce up and bite him!

Act! I’ll let you continue acting right here! Really a long tailed lecherous wolf!

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Suddenly at this moment, Master Shen’s voice was really heard coming from the compet.i.tion grounds.

Master Shen announced a long list of names and Huang Yueli was only paying attention to pinching Li Moying’s arm as revenge, so she wasn’t listening carefully.

Li Moying knew that his little fox was in a rage so he didn’t dare to resist her, or it could also be said that he didn’t want to resist her. Based on his cultivation, to be pinched by his fiancée for a few times really wasn’t painful at all. Instead, he felt that it was a different kind of excitement…

“In third place: Third rank Pill Master from the Alchemist Guild Feng Xiaoyan!”

Hearing this name, Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment, “Oh? Feng Xiaoyan didn’t even manage to get second place?”

Liu Buyan laughed coldly from the side, “This is called getting what she deserves! After she lost her ice crystal, it was difficult for her to control her own deviant flame and ever since you returned to the spectator’s seating, she ruined three entire batches of medicinal pills so of course her points weren’t that high.”

In second place was also a third rank Pill Master, and he came from the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild.

Lastly, Master Shen gave a slight cough and announced in a slightly agitated tone, “Lastly, I believe everyone already knows this, the champion of this round’s Pill Master Rising Star Compet.i.tion is Pill Master Bai Ruoli from Blue Profound Sect! Prior to taking part in the compet.i.tion, she hadn’t even been certified by the Alchemist Guild, nor was she even an apprentice! But she had created the highest record ever in the historical compet.i.tions that we’ve ever conducted!”

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