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Chapter 524.2

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Chapter 524: Conscience, it must be intentional (Part 2)

“Hey, don't cry… It's a good thing that your brother came to pick you up.” Lin Chujiu softly coaxed him while wiping his nose and tears, regardless of whether the child understood him or not.

“Umm, um…” The child thought that Lin Chujiu was playing with him, he put his arms around Lin Chujiu's neck and rubbed his little face full of tears and snot into Lin Chujiu's shoulder… …

Lin Chujiu has been used to it a long time ago, and so she didn't think there was something wrong with it. Aren't all the children like this?

But, but… …

It was Hua Jinrong's first time to see something like this. Well, he was the young master of the Hua family.

It was the first time he saw how dirty his little brother was, but Lin Chujiu didn't seem to dislike it when his brother rubbed his snot on her body.

This time, Hua Jinrong firmly believed that Lin Chujiu was really good to his brother. Because if it was him, he will definitely dislike it.

It's too dirty!

As for Lin Chujiu's pretense?

This… Hua Jinrong admits that he still has a vision for reading people. Whether Lin Chujiu dislikes his younger brother can be seen at a glance.

The child rubbed his snot and tears on Lin Chujiu's clothes, then raised his innocent face and giggled at Lin Chujiu. As usual, Lin Chujiu kissed the child on the face in exchange for the child's 'toothless' sweet smile.

A big person and a small person play like there was no else. When Lin Chujiu reacted, she found Hua Jinrong and the servants of the Hua family, staring at her dumbfounded. As if they had seen an alien.

At this moment, even if she has thick-skinned, Lin Chujiu couldn't help but blush.

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“Ahem… that… this is an accident.” Lin Chujiu tried to calm herself and looked at Hua Jinrong and the others, then she patted the child's b.u.t.tocks, and said solemnly: “Be good, go back with your brother. I will visit you when I have a chance.”

They don't know if the child was sensible or Lin Chujiu's coaxing technique was good, but the child didn't cry this time. He obediently followed Hua Jinrong away. Seeing this, Lin Chujiu was both happy and disappointed.

Kids had always been… …a disturbing existence. Just like this child, he cried to death just now, but he left with a smile on his face, completely forgetting her existence.

However, it's useless to felt at loss. The child belongs to another family. How could she prevent the child from reuniting with his biological family?

No matter how good she was to this child, she cannot replace her parents!

After sending away the young master of the Hua family, Lin Chujiu felt relieved from saving Xiao Tianyao's life from danger.

“Housekeeper Cao, go and invite Su Gongzi.” Hua Jinrong came too suddenly and left too abrupt. She didn't have time to discuss things with Su Cha first, nor inform him about some things. She could only talk with Su Cha afterward.

When Hua Jinrong came, he was very low-key and didn't disturb people when he left. So when the emperor woke up, he didn't know that Hua Jinrong had already left. He braced his weak body and got up to let people help him prepare. He will go to Xiao w.a.n.gfu to see Hua Jirong… …

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