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Chapter 643.2

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Chapter 643: Shame, Xiao w.a.n.gye likes me (Part 2)

November 8, 2021Ai Hrist

She was born an orphan. She wore clothes that were worse than this. She had heard words that were harsher than Xuanyuan Zhi. And had seen more contemptuous eyes than Xuanyuan Zhi.

She knew that she was not qualified to be angry. Because she was never the proud daughter of heaven, so she was not qualified to be proud. Faced with the humiliating words of others, she didn’t feel uncomfortable in her heart. She was used to it.

Yes, she was used to it, so she was numb. In short, she doesn’t feel hurt.

Besides, what can she do aside from getting used to it? She also wants to eat well, wear well, and spend money well. Appear in front of people brightly every day and proudly say ‘I am a princess’, but does she have this ability?

What qualifications does she have to pursue higher needs when she can’t eat enough, wear warm clothes, read books, and even meet the lowest survival needs?

Sell her body?

Don’t say she wouldn’t do it, even if she wanted to, she didn’t have the capital!

Faced with Xuanyuan Zhi’s contemptuous gaze, Lin Chujiu’s heart was numb. She didn’t feel any pain or shame. This was the best dress she could take out now.

She has done her best.

Lin Chujiu stood up and apologized calmly and calmly: “I made the eldest prince laugh. If this dress can’t get into the eldest prince’s eyes, I’ll change it now.” The dress she will change may not necessarily be better than this, but it will make her escape this meal.

Although she knew it was impossible, she still wanted to give it a try.

What if Xuanyuanzhi’s brain was offline, right?

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“Change? Can you still bring out better clothes than this?” Xuanyuan Zhi said. He wouldn’t be happy if he won’t be able to humiliate Lin Chujiu.

As soon as Xuanyuan Zhi looked up, he saw Lin Chujiu’s calm eyes. He said with an irritable tone: “This prince thought, according to your n.o.bleness, you would say that this prince is extravagant and wasteful.” He had encountered it before. To please him, many women acted upright and arrogant.

Some n.o.bles would blindly say yes no matter what he does. The rest were n.o.bles who doesn’t put him in his eyes. Whenever they see him setting a banquet and enjoying the delicacies of the mountains and seas at will, they will their n.o.ble faces and say that he was extravagant. He thought that Lin Chujiu would be the same, but she didn’t say anything.

“The eldest prince must be joking. I, Lin Chujiu, have never been a n.o.ble person. Besides, I don’t think the prince is wasteful. As the eldest prince of the central empire, it’s natural for you to take things for granted.” Lin Chujiu said so and thought so in her heart.

It’s not easy to be reincarnated and be born as the prince of the Central Empire. If you don’t enjoy all of this, then aren’t you sorry for your hard work?

Lin Chujiu’s words made Xuanyuan Zhi feel inexplicably upset: “You woman…except for your relations.h.i.+p with Xiao Tianyao, there is nothing pleasant about you.”

It’s just a pity, Lin Chujiu was Xiao Tianyao’s wife, and she poisoned him. If he let this woman go, he would be sorry for himself.

Thinking of the dishes that will be served, Xuanyuan Zhi smiled… …

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