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Ban Cheng Fan Xue

Chapter 2030 - She's Back

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Chapter 2030: She’s Back

“I’m sorry…”

Ma Haodong’s heart was broken too, but he couldn’t explain that he wasn’t involved in Xiao Yuche’s death either.

“Do you think just because you’re sorry that my brother will come back? Leave! I don’t ever want to see you again!”

Xiao Yuqian scolded him and turned her head as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Ma Haodong tried to walk towards her. He wanted to hug and comfort her.

But Xiao Yuqian turned back and glared at Ma Haodong. “One more step and I’ll die with my brother!”

Ma Haodong immediately stopped moving.

Xiao Yuqian didn’t say anything further. She walked past Ma Haodong as if they were strangers. At that moment, both of their hearts were broken.

With Xiao Yuche’s death hanging between them, they didn’t know how to face each other ever again.

Xiao Yuqian then found a new apartment to live in. Ma Haodong would appear outside her apartment every night, wanting to find a chance to redeem himself.

But Xiao Yuqian was too exhausted. She was tired of being in love, and her brother even died because of that.

Xiao Yuqian decided she didn’t want to have anything to do with Ma Haodong ever again. She moved to Estan with her mother and stopped contacting anyone in Peijing.

Ever since Xiao Yuqian left, Ma Haodong had been living under guilt every day. He couldn’t let Xiao Yuqian go, no matter how many years had pa.s.sed.

He even kept his promise and stayed at Huayin, working his way to becoming a successful actor.

He stayed there so that he could wait for Xiao Yuqian’s return.

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Six years had pa.s.sed since then.

The past should be kept in the past. Ma Haodong wanted to rekindle things with Xiao Yuqian.

Ma Haodong had done a lot of things for the Xiao family in the past six years, trying to pay his respect to the family.

When they met, Xiao Yuqian pretended to not know who Ma Haodong was.

After a brief introduction, Ma Haodong learned that Xiao Yuqian was back to take over Jingyue Entertainment.

Not only was she the new boss of a company, but she would be managing Jing Xi’s acting career too.

Ma Haodong was excited to learn about that. With his relations.h.i.+p with Jing Xi, he would have a lot of chances to meet with Xiao Yuqian.

Even though the two of them hadn’t seen each other for six years, they didn’t exchange any conversations during the dinner.

Depressed by it, Ma Haodong drank too much alcohol and got drunk. Unable to get back by himself, Jing Xi entrusted Yi Xiao and Wan Dou to bring him home.

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