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Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: 562

Chapter 562: Seeing the beautiful Mayor’s dark red clothing item again!

After work.

Li Zhi Restaurant got their electricity resumed, and they can operate.

Dong Xuebing called Fen Zhou City Electrical Company’s General Manager Liu Chenlong to thank him and left his office for the cafeteria. Their cafeteria serves dinner as some staff would have dinner before going home. Dong Xuebing is living alone and is lazy to cook. That’s why he had dinner before going home.

It is evening, but it is still bright.

The sidewalks are full of people are rus.h.i.+ng home after work.

Dong Xuebing went straight to the shower when he returned to his apartment. He opened a bottle of beer and started to drink on his sofa. He can finally rest after finis.h.i.+ng his work. He had settled many conflicts and grudges these few days. Being on the frontline for so many days is tiring. He wants to have a good rest and get his revenge on Chu Qinghua a few days later.


Oh, I should have acc.u.mulated a few minutes, and I should practice REVERSE.

Practicing his special powers is a form of relaxation for Dong Xuebing. He could not catch the time required when he tested REVERSE on that pomegranate. He needs to know the exact time required to REVERSE an item.

What item should he try REVERSE on?

What item can show the precise time accurately?

Dong Xuebing finished his beer and switched on the air conditioner. He walks around his apartment, searching for a suitable item. Smash the ashtray and use REVERSE on it? No. It will be too fast, and I cannot gauge the time required. What about an apple? No. Using an apple is the same as the pomegranate. He wants to know how far he can REVERSE with one second. This way, he can use REVERSE accurately.

Dong Xuebing looks around, and his eyes suddenly stopped on an item.

That’s it!

This is the perfect item!

Dong Xuebing should have thought of this item before. He walked over and grabbed the small clock, which had a year and date display on the coffee table. Since REVERSE can reverse the time on an item, he can get accurate timing for every second.

Dong Xuebing called out his MENU, and the remaining time was two minutes and four seconds.

Dong Xuebing doesn’t want to waste his precious time and uses the four seconds first.

Dong Xuebing focused on the clock with the calendar and mumbled REVERSE!

REVERSE started!

One second….

Two seconds….

Three seconds….

Dong Xuebing could see the hour, minute, second hands moving like crazy. It was too fast for him to keep track of the time, but he could feel the hands are moving anti-clockwise!

Four seconds….


REVERSE disabled!

Click! The clock’s hands suddenly stopped moving anti-clockwise!

Tick… tick… tick…

The second hand started moving normally again as if nothing had happened.

Dong Xuebing saw the date and time on the clock. The date on the clock was 10th June earlier, and it is displaying 6th June now. This clock had reversed to four days ago!

One second of REVERSE is about one day!

That means one minute is around two months, and ten minutes is around two years!

Dong Xuebing is overjoyed. He can return the status of an item to a few years ago, and it’s terrific. After confirming this, he did not waste his precious time. He needs to save his time for emergencies, and he has a better understanding of REVERSE.




All these powers are helpful.

Dong Xuebing hummed a song and adjusted the clock before getting another beer from the fridge to celebrate. This was his last beer, and he finished it when he was watching TV. It is around 7 pm, and the stores are opened. He grabbed his wallet and keys to go to the general store opposite to buy more beer and snacks like peanuts.

It is almost dark.

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The street lamps were switched on.

Before he could close the door, Geng Yuehua called him. “Oh, your suit.”

Dong Xuebing remembers he had lent her a set of his clothes two days ago.

“I was not here yesterday and did not wash it.” Geng Yuehua thought for a while. “I will get someone to send it to the laundry later, and you can collect it from me tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Don’t trouble yourself. You can pa.s.s it to me now.”

Geng Yuehua waved her hand. “Tomorrow!”

“It’s not dirty, and you don’t need to send it to the laundry.” Geng Yuehua must have changed out of it yesterday morning, as she was wearing her own clothes at the banquet. She had only worn Dong Xuebing’s clothes for around ten minutes, and they should not be dirty. Dong Xuebing imagined she had worn his clothes with nothing underneath and changed his mind. “You can pa.s.s it to me now. I will bring it to the laundry downstairs later.”

Geng Yuehua looked at him and nodded before entering her apartment.

Dong Xuebing followed her into her apartment and saw his suit and s.h.i.+rt thrown on the bed.

“Thank you.” Geng Yuehua thanked.

“It’s nothing.” Dong Xuebing grabbed the suit. “Have a good rest. I will go off now.”

Geng Yuehua nodded and walked him to the door.

Dong Xuebing’s apartment.

Dong Xuebing is still thinking of Geng Yuehua’s long legs in the living room. He wonders what color of underwear she is wearing under her clothes.

Sigh… why do I think about this?

Dong Xuebing shook his head and went to his bedroom with his suit. He has no intention of sending it to the laundry, and it is not dirty.

Eh? What’s this?

Suddenly, Dong Xuebing notices something bulging in his suit’s pocket. He reached into it and felt something soft and silky. He slowly pulls it out and looks at it.


Dong Xuebing almost fainted. He is holding a pair of dark red lacy underwear in his hand!

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