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Chapter 472 – Do you think you can order me around?!

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Chapter 472 – Do you think you can order me around?!

The next morning.

There is no way to cover up what happened in the Investment Promotion Agency.

All the agencies and departments involved in the investment fair were anxious when they heard about it.

Xiang Daofa’s face turned black when he heard this and immediately asked his secretary. Zhou Jun, to call Jia Yan to his office. Although Xie Huilan is named the head of this investment fair, she will be held responsible for the fair’s failure. Still, he was the one who interfered and wanted Jia Yan to take over Dong Xuebing. Xie Huilan had opened opposition against this decision, and Xiang Daofa will have to bear most of the responsibility. He might even have to answer the City Government for this failure, which is not what he wants to see.

Xiang Daofa’s office.

Jia Yan panicked. “Uncle Xiang, I…”

“What have you done?! Ah?! What is going on?!” Xiang Daofa banged on his desk.

“There are some minor issues with the investment fair.” Jia Yan quickly explained. “But I will settle it soon.”

“Small issues?! Park Yongxi is going to withdraw his investment, and you call that a small issue?!” Xiang Daofa got more furious. “The Investment Promotion Agency had only invited twenty investors, and you call that a small issue?! Then tell me what is not consider a small issue?! Ah?! Is this how you do your work?! You can’t even do a simple task well!”

Xiang Daofa is someone who wants political achievements and credits. That’s why when he saw the Investment Promotion Agency had shown some results, he immediately wants to take control of it and kick Xie Huilan’s people away. But he had just realized that he had overlooked many things. It’s not easy to get this credit, and this investment fair is similar to all their County’s previous fairs!

d.a.m.n! Xie Huilan!

This is a setup!

Xiang Daofa finally found out about Xie Huilan’s move. She knows the current situation might happen and openly oppose Jia Yan to replace Dong Xuebing during the Committee Meeting. This means she does not need to be held responsible for it because she had given Jia Yan all the support he needed after that. She had not interfered in the investment fair and even provided manpower and funds to him. This is not because she is thinking of the big picture. She is up to no good!

Xiang Daofa is furious over Jia Yan’s incompetence and Xie Huilan’s evil plot.

The investment fair will fail?!

Xiang Daofa had never thought of that happening. He and the other County Leaders had only noticed the Investment Promotion Agency had shown better results than previous years. The Agency had attracted 50 million RMB worth of investment this year, and Park Yongxi will invest in the County. Many people thought this is because the County’s economy had improved and attracted investors. Not many people think this is because of Dong Xuebing’s credit. After all, he had only become the Chief for three months.

No one had expected all these now!

It’s not only one issue, but several issues are happening at once. Even Park Yongxi had canceled his investment!

Xiang Daofa thought about it. Xie Huilan does not mind a lose-lose situation to make him look bad?! She is even willing to give up this credit to go against him?! No. She should not do this. He immediately understands what Xie Huilan’s motive is. She wants Xiao Dong to continue to lead the investment fair, and she has never given up on this fair!

Although Xiang Daofa knew Xie Huilan’s motive, he cannot do anything about it because Jia Yan is too useless!

Xiang Daofa is looking more terrible. You want Xiao Dong to take charge again?! Xie Huilan! You are too naïve! I am the one who kicked Xiao Dong aside, and this is decided in the Party Committee Meeting. Do you think I will allow Xiao Dong to come back even if Jia Yan fails? Impossible! Even if this investment fair fails, I will also not do that! Xiang Daofa will never admit defeat against Xie Huilan. Even if Jia Yan screwed up and I am embarra.s.sed, I will also not let you have your way! At most, we will all be embarra.s.sed, and there is still time to salvage the situation.

“Uncle Xiang.” Jia Yan looks at Xiang Daofa nervously. “It is impossible for us to allow five years tax exemption for Mr. Park. But I will try to speak to him again to get his investment. I had also contacted my friends to ask them to bring some investment groups over. If they can bring people over, there will be at least more than fifty people.”

“Have they contacted those investors? Can they arrive tonight?”

Tomorrow is the investment fair’s opening ceremony, and all the partic.i.p.ants and investors should arrive at the hotel tonight.

“It’s almost done, and I had sent cars to pick them.” Jia Yan is unsure if any investment groups are coming, and he is only trying. But he had no choice now and had to lie to Xiang Daofa.

Xiang Daofa looks better after hearing this. “Park Yongxi’s investment is very important, and you must get it!”

Jia Yan hesitated. “I will try my best, but… I am afraid someone is behind all these. Mr. Park had agreed to invest and suddenly changed his mind. Someone must be doing something behind our backs.” Jia Yan had never felt this is his responsibility. Instead of reflecting on himself, he will push the blame to others. His first thought is Dong Xuebing is behind all these because he is the one who brought Park Yongxi back to Yan Tai County to invest. He never thought about why Park Yongxi had chosen to invest in Yan Tai County and just want to use this as an excuse to s.h.i.+rk responsibility.

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“Master Park is asking for five years tax exemption, and the County Government cannot agree to it.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Is he going to cancel his investment?”

“Chief Jia is still negotiating with him, and we are waiting for the outcome. Xiao Dong, you are the one who gotten Master Park’s investment. Secretary Xiang had ordered you to call Master Park to stop him from withdrawing his investment.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Mayor Zhao, I will be direct with you. Did Secretary Xiang suddenly remember that I was the one who gotten Park Yongxi’s investment? He had kicked me aside as the leader of the investment fair and still wants me to do things for him?! Even if I am a forgiving person, I am not that forgiving! What is he thinking? He is the one who wanted Jia Yan to take charge of the investment fair. What has it got to do with me now?”

This Xiang Daofa is too shameless!

Do you think you can order me around and kick me aside when I am no use to you?

You had taken away my authority and my credit, and I am already hospitalized. Yet you still want me to clean your a.s.s, and let you all get the credit? What’s next? After I retain Park Yongxi’s investment, Jia Yan and you will get the credit and kick me aside again?! d.a.m.n! Do you think I am an idiot?!

Zhao Xinglong knew Dong Xuebing is unhappy, but he still must convey Xiang Daofa’s orders. “This period is critical to our County, and you are the Agency’s Chief….”

Dong Xuebing is furious. “Is Xiang Daofa and the rest suspecting me of asking Master Park to cancel his investment?”

“… I can tell he is implying this.” Zhao Xinglong replied.

Dong Xuebing got more furious. “Mayor Zhao, you should know me well. Am I the type of person who will ask Master Park to cancel his investment because I got replaced? Furthermore, investors have their own plans, and they will invest because of our County’s environment. Who will want to lose money? Also, why would others listen to me?!”

“I know.” Zhao Xinglong understands Dong Xuebing well, and he believes he has nothing to do with this.

“Am I supposed to be blamed for Jia Yan’s incompetence, and Secretary Xiang chose the wrong person? Oh, they will get the credit, and I will have to bear the responsibility when they fail?! d.a.m.n!”

This group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!

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