My Hidden Wife Is Sweet

Helan Yang Yang

Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Mrs. Fu Was Here

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Although Fu Hanzheng did not go to the company, he still had many things to work on at home.

 Since Gu Weiwei was reading the script in the living room, he also moved his work into the living room.

 Sitting on the sofa, he was reading the files and every now and again, he glanced at the girl who was deeply concentrated on reading the script.

 Although they were focusing upon their own work, they did not find it awkward at all. It was not a date for a couple, practically speaking.

 After going through some lines from the scenes, Gu Weiwei got up and sat down after pouring herself a gla.s.s of water. Then she glanced at Fu Hanzheng and their eyes met each other's.

 Fu Hanzheng continued to read the files and asked indifferently, “You drank so much the other day because you ran into Wei Ziting?”

 Startled for a few seconds, Gu Weiwei took a sip of water from the gla.s.s.

 “Of course not, I drank too much because I finished school!”

 “But neither of them was drunk, only you were.” Fu Hanzheng squinted.

 “Alright, alright, I was upset because Wei Ziting is getting engaged with Li Xing'er!”

 Gu Weiwei understood that if she did not give him a proper explanation, he would keep asking her about it but she could not possibly tell him that she was upset because of the Gu Family, so she had to use Wei Ziting as a shield.

 Fu Hanzheng looked cold and said unkindly, “You courted Qin Lv and now you have lingering feelings over your ex fiancé. What have you picked up at such a young age?”

 Gu Weiwei glanced at this jealous man and directly countered.

 “Then what is so good about you when you force me to marry you when I am still young?!”

 He was so rude to say that she was young and picked up bad habits, yet he himself had tried to take her when he was an old uncle!

 Fu Hanzheng signed the paper and said, “They don't like you as I do.”

 Wei Ziting should be glad that he was not courting her but was engaged to someone else.

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 Otherwise the Wei Family would lose more than one project with Fu's Enterprise.

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