Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

Jiong Jiong You Yao - 囧囧有妖

2467 Side Story: Ji Xiuran End

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Time flew by.She journeyed across the world with her grandfather while he accomplished his dreams and ceaselessly expanded the Ji family's territory.

The girl was still young and was still naive and clueless about romance, but he wasn't worried. Life was a long journey, and he still had a lot of time with her. He was also confident that his Little Worriless wouldn't easily take a liking to other men.


He made calculations for everything but forgot to include heaven's will.

"Emperor Ji, your body is probably…"

The elderly man next to Haitang was staring at the man with deeply locked brows.

After learning about his body's condition, the man didn't say anything. It felt like all of this had been predetermined in the unseen world.

"Sigh, extreme intelligence comes at a cost…" the elderly man lamented with a soft sigh and a regretful shake of his head sometime later.

"Mm, I understand." The man was also quiet for a long time before turning to leave with a bitter smile.

A swordsman had a sword, a scholar had a pen, but from now on, Ji Xiuran wouldn't have Worriless Nie anymore.

It appeared the heavens didn't permit him to be in her future.

"Ji Xiuran!"

Haitang hastily chased after the leaving man. "You must recover well…"

The man paused and his gaze landed on Haitang. "But I still have many things to do."

"Many things? Could they be more important than your life?!" Haitang pressed worriedly.

"Then you think lying in bed will stop him from taking my life?" Ji Xiuran pointed at the sky.

"I'll tell Worriless…" Haitang pulled out her phone.

Ji Xiuran shook his head. "No need."

"Ji Xiuran, what do you mean? Doesn't Worriless have a right to know about such a big thing?" Haitang frowned deeply.

"It'd just add to her worries," Ji Xiuran replied softly.

"Just what are you saying? Do you plan to keep it a secret from Worriless then push Worriless away?!" Haitang asked.

Ji Xiuran remained silent.

"Heh, Ji Xiuran… You're so heroic. Just who do you think you are? Are you really treating yourself like the male lead in a tragic romance? You'd shoulder all the big problems yourself and completely disappear from this world all by yourself?!" Haitang demanded furiously.

"Every person has the power to make their own choices. It has nothing to do with heroism." After saying that, the man turned to leave without looking back.

On the island, inside the dilapidated storehouse, the man slowly opened his eyes, his complexion pale. He seemed to have had a dream. He dreamed about a first meeting, he dreamed about mutual companions.h.i.+p, he dreamed about loneliness and despair.

Soon, the man fixed his white s.h.i.+rt with difficulty and faced the camera with a warm smile.

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"I wish you a happy new marriage."

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