Peerless Battle Spirit

Supreme Villain (极品妖孽)

Chapter 1112 - The Taciturn Heart

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Chapter 1112 - The Taciturn Heart

Qin Nan glanced in the other direction.

Even though he was not too fond of Yu Qingtong on account of her personality, she was still their ally after all, thus it was expected for them to help each other.

Qin Nan swung the saber and shattered the magical force. He was stunned when he saw the sight before him.

Standing in front of Yu Qingtong was none other than the first-ranked genius on the Monarch Ranking, Shi Qingfan.

Unlike the Sage and the Sorceress, their atmosphere was quite romantic.

“Qin Nan? What are you doing?” Yu Qingtong was confused.

“I'll help you kill him.” Qin Nan sprang forward and thrust with the Heaven-Shattering Saber, aiming in Shi Qingfan's direction.

“Don't!” Yu Qingtong was instantly startled, who stood in front of Shi Qingfan, using her body as a shield. “He's my Senior Brother's Primary Force, you can't harm it!”

Qin Nan frowned, "Primary Force? He's lying to you. It's only an illusion. Stop losing yourself.”

“Illusion? Even if it's an illusion, I won't let you kill him too!” Yu Qingtong did not believe a single word. Her face as filled with a determined look as she performed a hand seal, emitting a mystical glow that encapsulated Shi Qingfan's figure behind her, “If you want to kill him, you will have to kill me first!”

Qin Nan was quite surprised. He did not expect this woman who was scornful and extremely afraid of dying would be willing to sacrifice everything for Shi Qingfan. Qin Nan quickly glanced at Shi Qingfan and saw the smirk on his face. His gaze instantly coldened as he prepared his attack.

However, the voice of the Monarch Envoy could be heard at that instant.

“Qin Nan and Chen Zilai have finished their missions. They will now return to the dojo.”

Before Qin Nan could react, two powerful forces appeared from the rift and enclosed Qin Nan and Chen Zilai's figures, causing them to disappear.

Yu Qingtong let out a relieved sigh as she wore a charming smile.

Everything was worth it as long as she managed to protect Senior Brother's Primary Force.

She suddenly recalled something and glanced in the direction of the remaining magical force on the other side of the village, causing her to be confused. Why was the Death Cultivator still there? Why didn't Qin Nan help her?

Little did Yu Qingtong know that inside the magical force on the other side, the Death Cultivator Jiang Bilan was wearing an icy look.

“I'll repeat it one more time. I don't love you; enough with your wishful thinking.”

Jiang Bilan took a deep breath and said in a cold tone.

The Qin Nan standing in front of her shrugged and said with a smile, “Of course you don't love me, you're in love with the real Qin Nan, right? Why did you reject him when he offered to help? Weren't you just trying to stop him from discovering your little secret?”

Jiang Bilan's face remained expressionless, but the Death Qi in her palm caused the surrounding temperature to drop rapidly.

“Do you really want to kill me? If you do so, Qin Nan will be severely injured.” Qin Nan's gaze sharpened.

“You can trick the others with the same lie, but do you really think it will work on me?” Jiang Bilan's eyes flickered with disdain as she dashed forward and launched the Death Qi.

Qin Nan's expression changed slightly as he dodged the attack with a close call. However, Jiang Bilan had already antic.i.p.ated his movement. She flipped her palm, causing the Death Qi to transform into giant snakes, which turned around and tore at Qin Nan.


Qin Nan let out a cry of agony as he was bitten by the snakes.

Jiang Bilan's lips moved slightly, but she withheld the urge in the end.


Qin Nan burst out laughing in a mocking manner all of a sudden.

“What are you laughing at?”

Jiang Bilan frowned slightly.

“I”m not surprised that you actually want to kill me. Previously in the lower district, you tried to do so many times for my treasure! I barely survived them! Even though you have helped me a couple of times since then, it's just your disguise!” Qin Nan said with a grin, “I clearly know your character; you're just a vicious, evil woman! You will do anything just to get what you want...”

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Jiang Bilan's face became pale instantly.

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