Immortal Path to Heaven

苍天白鹤 - Cang Tian Bai He - Heaven's White Crane

Chapter 855 - Black-winged Centipede

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Chapter 855: Black-winged Centipede

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The black mists drifted like silk or threads above the Forest of Death. They looked like the most exquisite and perfect as a whole, forming a sinister picture scroll while they danced with the breeze.

Xue Boren looked at the black mists in the sky and was afraid, so he quickly looked away and said, “Younger Brother Tianrui, it’s not early, so let’s quickly enter the forest. Blood crystals and great items that can be exchanged for spirit ores or absorbed for cultivation so the more, the better.” He breathed out the murky air inside his chest and began to look fervent.

Ou Yangming nodded. With that, they entered the Forest of Death one after another.

As soon as they entered, Ou Yangming felt an invisible pressure on his shoulders, and it came from above. His face changed as he asked, “Senior, why do I sense an oppressive feeling?”

The elder shook his shoulders and explained with a smile, “It’s very normal. The Forest of Death has an unexplainable origin and has countless evolutions inside. As long as one enters the forest, one will feel oppressed—even Venerable Ones will feel the same. You’ll get used to it after a few hours.”

Xue Xuanle was dressed in red and had a charming look on her face. She stole a glance at Ou Yangming but quickly looked away. She kept moving her fingers in circles while she curled her lips into a bright smile. n.o.body knew what she was thinking at the moment.

Ou Yangming looked like he finally understood everything. He nodded and looked into the distance, but he noticed that the sunlight was blocked by the black mists, causing the forest to look deep and dark as only dim and subtle lights could be seen. Consequently, the forest looked like an ancient ferocious beast that was widening its mouth to devour anyone that entered. It gave one a tingling sensation on one’s scalp and gave one gooseb.u.mps.

It was late winter but strangely enough, not a single snow could be found inside the Forest of Death. It was filled with dead leaves, and it gave off a decaying aura.

Some spots even had black and fertile soil, where countless insects were crawling everywhere. As for further places, they could not be clearly seen as they were filled with black mists.

At this moment, a loud sound was suddenly heard coming from Xue Boren’s wrist.

When he spread out his hand, 2 white pills could be seen on his palm. They gave off a pleasant fragrance, which made the spiritual Qi inside his body become livelier.

Xue Boren looked proud as he introduced the pills to the young fellow, “Brother Tianrui, these are Blood Promotion Pills. Eating one can prevent you from being eroded by the black mists, and it’s essential in the Forest of Death.”

Ou Yangming’s face changed, and he raised his pitch as he asked, “Eroded by the black mists?” He stared at Xue Boren when he asked.

“Yes!” Xue Boren nodded and continued to brag even more, “The black mists are extremely erosive, where they’ll enter one’s blood when one breathes. They can even permeate into one’s blood through one’s pores, so one will surely be caught off guard. As long as the black mists reach a certain intensity in one’s blood, whether one’s a spirit beast or a cultivator, one will lose one’s wisdom and become a walking dead. Furthermore, one will be filled with endless hatred and have bloodshot eyes, such that one will only want to kill.”

Ou Yangming and Xue Xuanle exchanged glances and gasped at the same time as they were appalled.

“What does this white pill do then…” Ou Yangming was smart enough to guess the pill’s function, but he could not be too sure.

When Xue Boren flicked his fingers, a white stream of light shot toward Ou Yangming in an arc. He answered, “It can block the black mists from eroding one’s body but there’s a time limit to it. It can only stop the erosion for 3 days, so one will have to consume another one after that.”

Ou Yangming tensed up a little. He lowered his center of gravity and grabbed the air with his right hand, but the white pill was already in his hand by the time he withdrew his hand. Both the young fellow and Xue Xuanle swallowed a pill each.

As the 3 of them advanced slowly, the deep forest became denser with fainter light. Xue Boren had a grave look on his face as he carefully observed his surroundings like an experienced hunter.

Without warning, an intense roar was heard coming from a distance away. Concurrently, the black mists above the forest surged.

Ou Yangming probed with his mental power. He was elated, and his eyes flickered as he informed his companions, “It’s a high-rank vicious beast.”

Xue Boren could not hold back his excitement. He chuckled and noted, “With the help of your formation, Brother Tianrui, we can kill even a high-rank spirit beast!” While he spoke, he leaped and hurried over to the beast like a breeze.

The young lady followed closely behind with graceful movements, but Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

In less than 5 minutes, a long-tailed centipede appeared in front of them. The centipede was about 66 meters long, and it was utterly black. 2 of its segments protruded outward at every 3 meters apart, and they appeared to be as sharp as blades. Moreover, 2 curved spurs that looked like antlers could be seen at the top of its head. They were as black as ink, and they vaguely released some black vapor. Needless to say, the most terrifying part about the centipede was its tail sting that looked like a shiny sickle and gave off a cold intent.

Xue Xuanle was startled, and she could not help but take a step back. She asked in shock, “Is this even a centipede? Its eyes are as red as lanterns under a dark sky!”

Ou Yangming was dumbfounded, and he smiled bitterly. “Senior, this is a spirit beast that has lost its wisdom.”

Xue Boren’s face darkened as he responded, “Yes, and no. This Black-winged Centipede has indeed lost its wisdom, but it’s not a spirit beast—it’s a ferocious beast.”

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While they conversed, a red light flickered in the Black-winged Centipede’s eyes, and it looked bloodthirst.

Before his voice was gone, the runes on the explosive arrow shone and contained a queer red light. Following a “boom”, it exploded and stirred up an airwave and a thunderous sound. Additionally, a shrill shriek echoed in the air.

When the dust in the air dispersed, the Black-winged Centipede’s head exploded. Black blood flowed out of its head, and a foul smell filled the air.

Xue Xuanle was dazed. Her lips had parted, and she thought, ‘How’s this possible? Why did the arrow explode? It was so powerful! This is a high-grade spirit beast!’

As for Xue Boren, he gasped twice while monstrous waves surged in his heart. He was well-informed, but he had never heard of anything like this.

When he finally calmed down after about 10 breaths, his eyes gleamed as he asked, “Younger Brother Tianrui, what arrow was that?” He secretly wondered, ‘What would happen if I were to use that arrow against an enemy?’ Nonetheless, Xue Boren immediately nullified the thought because Spiritualists would have trained their muscles to be in a thoroughly meticulous state. They would be able to sense the Qi momentum, hence it would be too difficult to shoot them.

“Senior, this is an explosive arrow.” Ou Yangming answered with a smile. This was an inspiration that he gained when he threw out the Blood Condensation Spear when he was escaping from Li Xin, where he made the runes that were carved to self-explode. Now, it seemed like this power could not be underestimated at all. The young fellow had used a similar trick in the lower realm, but he had not learned much about formations and runes back then, where he almost got killed by a half-spirit beast.

At this moment, the Black-winged Centipede suddenly sucked at the sky.

As a result, black mists spiraled toward its mouth and were devoured into its stomach. The injury on the savage beast’s head then recovered at a visible speed.

Ou Yangming’s face changed, but he laughed after that.

‘This is a high-grade spirit beast, after all. Even if it lost its wisdom, it can’t be killed so easily.

‘I was being too presumptuous to think that I could kill a high-rank spirit beast with an explosive arrow.’

He reacted quickly and yelled, “Let’s attack together!” Striking white lights flashed from his interspatial bag as numerous exquisite formation boards danced in his hand like a long dragon. When the young fellow waved his sleeve, the runes on the formation boards flickered. They aimed to surround the Black-winged Centipede, causing the Forest of Death to be exceptionally bright at the moment.

Xue Boren wielded his sabers, which shone in white lights and looked like 2 horned dragons that were going rampant in the sky. They carried a magnificent momentum, and their saber-lights were closely packed.

Due to his extreme speed, m.u.f.fled sounds of thunder were heard. They came from his sabers, which were as majestic as dragons.

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