Immortal Path to Heaven

苍天白鹤 - Cang Tian Bai He - Heaven's White Crane

Chapter 852 - Apologize

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Chapter 852: Apologize

Outside the Illusion Formation, Xue Yan and Wu Xiaohuang stared ahead seriously but also looked frightened.

The Illusion Formation that was set up by Ou Yangming could not only trap an enemy, but it had also gathered many offensive and defensive properties—it was a composite formation map from Reborn in Paradise. Nonetheless, the formation map’s greatest power was still its Illusion Formation property, which was why it could be categorized as an Illusion Formation.

Moreover, although the Illusion Formation targeted anyone inside the formation, when the formation was first activated, even the living beings outside would be affected to a certain extent. At the very least, it would be difficult for them to see the situation inside the formation.

As at this moment, Xue Yan and Wu Xiaohuang—2 top-grade Spiritualists—could only see dense mists and the python-like saber-lights that were surging inside. This was because Ou Yangming did not reveal the formation map’s nodes.

“Brother Xue, judging from the saber-lights, Boren’s using his ultimate skill, right?” Wu Xiaohuang asked in a deep voice.

He and Xue Yan had sworn to live or die together, or he would not have taken in the Xue family while risking offending the Teng family from Donglin City. Furthermore, he also had a certain understanding of the Advanced Spiritualists from the Xue family.

Xue Yan’s face darkened slightly. Looking from the outside, even a fool could tell that Xue Boren had fallen into the formation map and could unlikely come out as a whole.

“Based on those saber-lights, I suppose that Boren has done his best.” Wu Xiaohuang furrowed his eyebrows and remarked, “This formation map’s… Really odd.”

He initially wanted to praise that the formation was powerful, but he decided to change his choice of word out of consideration for his good friend.

The formation could trap an Advanced Spiritualist but the more peculiar thing about it was how it could limit powers from spreading.

Advanced Spiritualists were considered formidable figures in the Spiritual Realm. If they were to go all-out, even though they would still be far from Venerable Ones, they could still cause significant destruction to their surroundings. Despite that, Xue Yan and Wu Xiaohuang were shocked when they looked at the surging giant pythons inside the formation maps. It was true that Xue Boren had given his all, but most of the power that he released were either resolved or absorbed by the formation map, such that only an insignificant portion of his power was released in the end.

This was the exact reason an Advanced Spiritualist’s full-on power was released soundlessly without alarming the people in the residence.

Such a formation could not be described as ingenious anymore.

The 2 top-grade Spiritualists looked at each other and confirmed Ou Yangming’s ident.i.ty almost in an instant.

Even if he was not a core disciple from Reborn in Paradise, they figured that he was at least a disciple that was particularly paid attention to in an influential sect and was close to being a Daoist disciple.

He might not have an outstanding cultivation base, but he was certainly not someone that could be offended by the 2 top-grade Spiritualists. No, not to mention them, even the 2 Venerable Ones in Huixun City would probably be afraid of him too.

“Hehe, Brother Yu, I’m Xue Yan. Please forgive me for offending you today.” Xue Yan suddenly flashed out of the dark and walked to the border of the formation. He cupped his hands as he spoke.

Wu Xiaohuang was slightly stunned, but he immediately understood what Xue Yan was doing.

While Ou Yangming displayed a nearly unreasonable strength, according to Xue Haiya’s description, he was still an inexperienced young man that had just left his sect to train. As long as one was sincere in front of him, one would likely be able to gain his favor.

Wu Xiaohuang shook his head and flashed to Xue Yan’s side.

Nevertheless, the 2 of them did not release their strong auras as top-grade Spiritualists. Instead, they curbed their auras as much as they could to not pressure Ou Yangming.

Sure enough, after they showed up, the dense mists in the Illusion Formation became thinner and disappeared.

Inside the formation map, Xue Boren quickly noticed the change in his surroundings. He could finally withdraw his power and take deep breaths. When the elder sensed the extreme exhaustion from his body, he was puzzled and appalled, ‘How did I consume my power so quickly?’

He was an Advanced Spiritualist, after all, where his endurance was much better than that of ordinary people. While he went all-out earlier, he could still persevere for some time. However, when the elder withdrew his sabers and stood still at the moment, he realized that he no longer had the power to continue.

Xue Yan sighed a breath of relief. Fortunately, Ou Yangming stopped, or he would not know how to end things.

Subsequently, Ou Yangming opened the door and walked out with his head high and chest out, but he was clearly unhappy.

He scanned Xue Yan and Wu Xiaohuang from head to toe, then he asked, “You’re the Xue family’s patriarch?”

“That’s me.” Xue Yan chuckled. He bowed at Ou Yangming again and said, “Please forgive us for offending you earlier.”

Ou Yangming shifted sideways to avoid the salutation, then he questioned, “Your Excellency Xue Boren, why have you come as a masked man?”

Xue Boren’s face reddened right away. He reached out his hand and removed his mask embarra.s.sedly before he responded, “Brother Yu, this is all my fault.” He put his sabers away and mumbled, “I heard that you’re skilled at formations, and I couldn’t hold back from wanting to see it for myself…”

Ou Yangming sneered and asked, “Is that really so?”

Xue Boren cried bitterly inside, but he could not confess the patriarch’s order, hence he could only bite the bullet and take the blame.

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Even so, when he wanted to reply to the young fellow, Xue Yan waved his hand gently and sighed. “Brother Yu, frankly speaking, Boren only did what he did because I asked him to come.”

‘Why do Spiritualists from Zhangzhou not have moral principles at all? How can top-grade Spiritualists not have any airs? As compared to Mao Jianbi and the others, they’re much worse.’

Nonetheless, Ou Yangming did not know that top-grade Spiritualists from influential sects and those from clans that were made up of rogue cultivators were entirely different.


After going far from the room, Xue Yan asked in a deep voice, “Boren, how’s the power of his formation?”

Wu Xiaohuang p.r.i.c.ked up his ears too to listen carefully.

They were outside the formation just now, after all, so they could not have experienced it as much as Xue Boren did.

Xue Boren’s face changed, and he answered, “Patriarch, the formation was exceptionally mighty!” After hearing his description, the faces of Xue Yan and Wu Xiaohuang changed. It was worth noting that Ou Yangming had not fully unleashed the formation’s power, but it was already so powerful. If he had attacked without any restraints…

Wu Xiaohuang and Xue Boren were surprised yet overjoyed. Perhaps it was the Xue family’s blessing to meet such a brilliant young talent amidst their disaster.

“Patriarch, what should we do next?” Xue Boren asked.

“He’s surely from an influential sect, but let’s pretend that we’re not aware and become friends with him as sincerely as he can,” Xue Yan answered after some thought. He paused for a while before he continued, “I have a feeling that if he becomes our friend, the Xue family will be able to rise again.”

Wu Xiaohuang looked enviously at him. Nevertheless, the Wu family would also benefit greatly if the Xue family rose again.

Xue Boren nodded. “Patriarch, I recall that the Hunting Meet’s about to begin. Why don’t we ask Xuanle to bring him into the forest so that he can play around?”

The patriarch was dumbfounded. “I’m only afraid that he might not take a fancy to Xuanle, then the outcome might be the opposite of what we want.”

“Patriarch, they traveled together before this, after all. Even if he’s not fond of her, he won’t fall out with her and regard her as his enemy. Besides, we don’t have a more suitable candidate,” Xue Boren quickly noted.

Xue Yan’s face twitched. His eyes flickered when he thought about his clan that was attacked and destroyed. “Alright, let’s do as you suggested. Go and get it done then…”

With that, Xue Boren left in a hurry. On the other hand, Xue Yan sighed as he did not know if his decision would be a blessing or misfortune.

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