Immortal Path to Heaven

苍天白鹤 - Cang Tian Bai He - Heaven's White Crane

Chapter 712 - The Big Mountain-guarding Formation

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Chapter 712: The Big Mountain-guarding Formation

Yuqi the Venerable One whistled, then he soared into mid-air.

With his hands behind his back, he looked down coldly like a giant spiritual G.o.d.

Black-faced Venerable One twisted its humongous body and shot out countless white silks all of a sudden. The thin silks were the Spiders’ most powerful killing trick. Not only were they poisonous enough to suffocate one to one’s death in an instant, but they were also tough and st.u.r.dy, such that they could not be easily cut by even divine weapons or sharp tools.

Nonetheless, Yuqi the Venerable One looked scornfully at Black-faced Venerable One. He lifted his head slightly and pointed at its direction from afar.

An intense fluctuation emerged from the Big Mountain-guarding Formation below him at once, where a giant light pillar was shot toward the spiderweb. The second they came into contact with each other, the light pillar seemed to contain unimaginable energy that swallowed the web right away. Moreover, the light pillar continued to advance toward Black-faced Venerable One ruthlessly.

“The Big Formation Light…” Black-faced Venerable One’s enormous body quivered suddenly and shrunk 100 or 1,000 times in a split second like a deflated balloon, by which it went back to the size of a mill’s tray. At the same time, it opened its mouth and released a black light.

With that, the 2 lights clashed. Black-faced Venerable One’s body flew roughly 305 meters backward before it managed to avoid being caught up by the Big Formation Light.

After it somersaulted in mid-air and landed on the ground steadily, it shouted fiercely, “Yuqi, are you shameless? If you’re so capable, don’t use the Big Mountain-guarding Formation Light. Let’s compete fair and square.”

Yuqi the Venerable One sneered. He floated in mid-air as though he had never moved an inch. It seemed like his attack earlier had nothing to do with him.

As for the people below, their minds were at ease as they watched the fight, and they thought that the human Venerable One was peerless indeed.

“Black-faced, is it fair that the Insects sent 3 Venerable Ones here then?” Yuqi the Venerable One’s voice filled the air. “If you make Gold-bodied and Ghost-clawed commit suicide here, I’ll do as you wish and fight without using the Big Mountain-guarding Formation!”

Ghost-clawed Venerable One and Gold-bodied Venerable One were infuriated. ‘How dare this d.a.m.n Yuqi something so unreliable? He really deserves to die.’

Even so, when they thought about how potent the Big Mountain-guarding Formation was, they could only suppress their anger.

The Big Mountain-guarding Formation was the strongest defensive power of the Humans’ sects and the lairs of various influential Beasts. If the 3 insect Venerable Ones had joined hands elsewhere, they could surely make Yuqi the Venerable One scurry away. Now that he was protected by the big formation and could transfer powers from it, the 3 insect Venerable Ones dared not say that they could defeat him even if they went 3 against 1.

This was the foundation that had been acc.u.mulated by the Beast King Sect for countless years. Once the Big Mountain-guarding Formation Light was incited, even a Venerable One would have to get out of the way.

“Black-faced, don’t act impulsively.” Gold-bodied Venerable One swayed to the front of Black-faced the Venerable One. He sneered and said, “Let’s slowly erode the Big Mountain-guarding Formation and see how long it can hold on.”

The big formation was incredibly mighty, where it could be used for offense or defense under a Venerable One’s control. Nevertheless, it was not indestructible.

It would normally acc.u.mulate energies, but they were not endless. When the Big Poisonous Gas Formation from the 3 races kept eroding it with poison, its power would be weakened bit by bit. Once the big formation’s power was worn out to a certain stage, it would be the time for the 3 insect Venerable Ones to show off their powers.

Needless to say, if the Big Poisonous Fog Formation’s power was 10 times greater, it could directly crumble the Big Mountain-guarding Formation.

Having said that, it would be fine for them to just think about it. If any of them was foolish enough to hope for that to happen, their wish would not be fulfilled even until the end of time.

Black-faced Venerable One scoffed. Its body changed again as it suddenly descended and landed in front of the Insect’s Poison Formation like a mountain. Following that, it lifted its head and let out an earth-shattering roar. “d.a.m.n humans, try and attack us again!”

At this moment, the 10 over top-grade Spiritualists that had retreated looked at each other. Despite their notable combat powers and unreachable experiences, they were at a loss.

They had agreed to stay to partic.i.p.ate in the war because they wanted to achieve great results to obtain flying carpets from Ou Yangming.

It did not mean that they were willing to die.

If the Insects’ Big Poisonous Fog Formation was guarded by Black-faced Venerable One, how could they attack it?

Yuqi the Venerable One’s face darkened. He questioned fiercely, “Black-faced, are you going to intervene in the fight between our children?”

Black-faced Venerable One was enraged. “Pfft, you hid over 10 top-grade Spiritualists and made them sneak an attack on us. Are you in any place to reprimand me?”

Top-grade Spiritualists—those were top-grade Spiritualists!

The Insects had almost turned out in full strength this time. Although there were still top-grade spirit beasts holding the line at their base, it was a luxury for them to bring 3 of them here this time.

According to their estimation, there were definitely less than 10 top-grade Spiritualists from the Beast King Sect including those that were close enough to stay.

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If the sect sent them to fight in batches, at most 5 of them would leave the Big Mountain-guarding Formation at any one time.

They witnessed the changes on the battlefield, thus they knew it would be difficult for them to contribute anymore. This was because the 3 insect Venerable Ones had lowered themselves to guard the Big Poisonous Gas Formation. The second group of powerhouses comprised top-grade Spiritualists but if they were to be counted on to attack the Venerable Ones… None of them would be willing to do that as it would be suicidal.

However, if that was really the case, the second batch of top-grade Spiritualists would end up doing nothing on the battlefield. In terms of military service, they would indeed lose their chance to fight for the flying carpet, so how could they be cheerful at all?

Bear Li scoffed angrily. “Brother Mao, you already have a flying carpet, and you didn’t attack just now. Even if the first group will be given a share of the flying carpets, you’ll have nothing to do with it.”

Mao Jianbi chuckled. “Brother Bear, if I hadn’t supervised the insect Venerable Ones from the sky and informed you… Hehe, I’m afraid that you couldn’t have returned safely.”

Bear Li was stunned for some time, but it shook its head and stressed, “No, since you didn’t attack at all, you didn’t contribute and won’t be given a flying carpet!”

The rest of the powerhouses in the first group agreed with the spirit bear. At the end of the day, it would be good to have one less compet.i.tor for the flying carpets.

Just as they were arguing, Immortal Fox noted, “The Insects haven’t retreated yet, so isn’t it too early to talk about this now?”

Mao Jianbi and Bear Li were dumbfounded. They thought, ‘Do these fellas from the second group think that they can create a miracle? We’ve either killed or injured the 3 top-grade spirit insects, which is considered an unbelievable achievement. Unless they take down or injure one of the Venerable Ones, they won’t be able to steal our glory.’

As formidable as Immortal Fox was, a top-grade Spiritualist was a top-grade Spiritualist; one could not be mentioned on equal terms with a Venerable One.

Mao Jianbi cleared his throat. He did not agree with the spirit fox but he was not willing to offend it at this time. As he looked around, he frowned and stated, “The poisonous gases around the protective shield are getting more intense. If this goes on, while the Big Mountain-guarding Formation won’t be destroyed, it can eventually be attacked.” He paused for a while before he continued, “If you have any more ideas, please suggest them while you can.”

Immortal Fox and the rest shook their heads. Under the circ.u.mstances, the only way would be to send powerhouses to mess up the formation of the fellows that were releasing poisonous gases.

That said, the insect Venerable Ones were guarding the formation this time, so what could they do?

Yuqi the Venerable One still had his hands behind his back. He a.s.sured the powerhouses, “Don’t worry, as long as you don’t leave the Big Mountain-guarding Formation, they won’t be able to prevail.”

The powerhouses responded to him, but they were still rather hesitant.

On the other hand, n.o.body noticed that Ou Yangming was smiling strangely at this time.

‘Poisonous pill’s spirit, you can finally make a move without any restraint.’

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