Immortal Path to Heaven

苍天白鹤 - Cang Tian Bai He - Heaven's White Crane

Chapter 1339 - The Divine Mountain Nation

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Chapter 1339: The Divine Mountain Nation

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After waiting for a while, there was still no reply from Ou Yangming.

Ai Ruisi’s gaze turned cold. “Since you’re not going to answer, I’ll have to make my move.”

Instantly, a chill attacked.

The corners of Ou Yangming’s mouth curled up slightly as though he did not care at all. He also asked, “Do you know who I am?”


Ai Ruisi sneered, showing a little interest. ‘Could it be that this guy has some extraordinary background?

‘Even if he does, it’ll be nothing.

‘In the vast chaos, what kind of background can be compared to our Divine Mountain Nation? Unless he’s someone from the other 3 nations.’

“Tell me about it then.”

Ai Ruisi looked at Ou Yangming with a half-smile, his eyes filled with ridicule.

To him, this person was doomed to die. So what if he really was from the 3 other major nations? No one would know if he was killed in this place. Moreover, even if the powerhouses of the 3 major nations knew, they would not come to find trouble for a nameless guy.

“You should know about the First Celestials, right?” Ou Yangming asked indifferently.

As he spoke, he slightly looked up and observed Ai Ruisi’s expression.

Why did he say that he was a member of the First Celestials?

Ou Yangming had his plan. According to the information he got from Dao Xuanji, the First Celestials’ destruction seemed to be related to the Divine Mountain Kingdom. Now that he had met the genius of the Divine Mountain Kingdom, Ai Ruisi, he could use this opportunity to get information from him.

When Ou Yangming had obtained the Enlightenment Pavilion, Hong had asked him to help him take revenge.

Ou Yangming had always kept this matter in mind.

As expected, when Ai Ruisi heard Ou Yangming mention the First Celestials, his expression changed drastically, and his eyes flashed with unconcealed killing intent.

“You’re a survivor of the First Celestials!” Ai Ruisi’s gaze was like a sharp knife.

Then, he shook his head, “That’s not right. I don’t sense any aura of the First Celestials from you. You should be a human from the lower realm and have nothing to do with the First Celestials. Tell me, why did you pretend to be a member of the First Celestials!”

Ai Ruisi saw through Ou Yangming at a glance.

There was still a big gap between the original living beings in the chaos and the people from the lower realm.

Ou Yangming did not deliberately hide his aura. It was not a big deal to be recognized because his goal had been achieved. From the word “survivor,” he could determine that the First Celestials’ destruction was indeed related to the Divine Mountain Kingdom.

Furthermore, the change in the other party’s expression just now also happened to confirm this point.

“You’re right. I’m a human, but I have some relations with the First Celestials. The First Celestials were wiped out by you, right?” Ou Yangming looked at Ai Ruisi’s eyes.

“Hahaha.” Ai Ruisi laughed loudly. “There are really people in the chaos who aren’t afraid of death. You actually told me, Ai Ruisi from the Divine Mountain Nation, that you have relations with the First Celestials. Well, what’s the harm in telling you the truth? The First Celestials were wiped out by us. Some of them are still on the run, but we’ll be able to wipe them out soon!”

Ou Yangming slightly clenched his fist and asked, “Then you should also know how Hong died, right?”

Upon hearing this name, Ai Ruisi was slightly stunned. He looked at Ou Yangming and asked coldly, “The person who’s related to you is Hong?”

All of a sudden, he thought of something…

“I was wondering why the whereabouts of that old fella couldn’t be found in the entire chaos. It turns out that he went to the lower realm. Well, with that magical treasure in his hands, he could’ve escaped to the lower realm indeed.” Ai Ruisi looked at Ou Yangming, and a look of surprise flashed across his face.

“Is Hong’s treasure in your hands?” Ai Ruisi’s breathing was a little hurried.

Hong, whom Ou Yangming had mentioned, was the former leader of the First Celestials.

The main reason the Divine Mountain Kingdom had killed the First Celestials was because of the 2 treasures of the First Celestials. One of the 2 treasures was with Hong.

“You answer my question, and I’ll answer yours.” Ou Yangming smiled.

He had guessed what the treasure Ai Ruisi was talking about was. If he was right, the treasure was the Enlightenment Pavilion.

Ou Yangming had obtained a total of 3 treasures behind the waterfall. The puppet clone might be considered a treasure in the Great Wide World but in the chaos, it was worthless. It definitely was not the treasure Ai Ruisi was talking about. There was also the Meteorite. This item could be used to smith an Innate Spirit Treasure. Even in the chaos, it was very rare and could be considered a good item. Nevertheless, Ai Ruisi and the people of the Divine Mountain Kingdom surely had some, so they would not go crazy over a Meteorite.

Then there was only one thing left.

It was the Enlightenment Pavilion!

The level of the Enlightenment Pavilion was somewhat vague but given its time acceleration of 1,000 times, it was of a much higher level than the Reincarnation Spear.

Ai Ruisi looked uncertain.

If it was before, he would have long killed the other party. However, he was now eager to know the relations.h.i.+p between this young fellow and Hong.

Ai Ruisi’s eyes were cold as he looked at Ou Yangming. He added, “Hong was heavily injured by our great ancestor with a sword attack. After that, that fella used some unknown method to escape. Based on our guess, he was severely injured and was forced to activate his secret technique. He probably couldn’t live much longer. It’s a pity that the treasure in his hands was also lost.”

He stared at Ou Yangming. “Alright, I’ve told you the truth. It’s time for you to answer my question. Is Hong’s treasure in your hands?”

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Ou Yangming smiled, then he nodded and said, “Your guess is right. Hong’s treasure is in my hands. I even promised him that I’ll help him take revenge.”

It blotted out the sky and covered the ground. It was as if the universe was wailing, and layers of sword shadows tore apart the sky and ground.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Ai Ruisi’s movements were very fast and this time, he took the initiative to attack.

That golden treasure sword was also a top-tier Innate Spirit Treasure. The longsword was like his arm, completely fusing with him. Every second, it could slash out tens of thousands of sword-lights.

“It’s Ai Ruisi!”

“What is he doing? Who’s that person? How could he force Ai Ruisi to use such a stunning sword technique?”

A few people flew over from the distant void.

These people were all Heavenly Rank powerhouses who cultivated outside the graveyard. Those who were qualified to come here were not weak. They had lived here for countless years and were very familiar with each other.

The sword-lights in the sky were overbearing as if they wanted to slice Ou Yangming into 1,000 pieces.

Ou Yangming seemed to have fallen into a pa.s.sive position. He could only rely on the Reincarnation Spear to parry the opponent’s attack.

“That person is also not bad. He should be at the Sixth Heaven. It’s a pity that he angered Ai Ruisi…” A powerhouse shook his head.

Ai Ruisi was exceptionally overbearing, but that was because he had the capital to do so.

Regardless of strength or background, there were not many people in the primal chaos who could compare to him.

“What a pity.” Another shook his head as well.

“Do you think that person has the key to the Universe Graveyard?” Suddenly, one person asked, his eyes s.h.i.+ning.

“It’s possible.”

“Didn’t Ai Ruisi come here to intercept people with keys? That fella’s strength is extraordinary. He has the qualifications to explore the Universe Graveyard.”

Thinking of this, everyone’s interest became even stronger.

None of these 8 people thought highly of Ou Yangming. The main reason was that Ai Ruisi was too famous, so much so that no one thought he would lose.

“Have you played enough?”

Suddenly, a cold voice was heard.. Following that, Ai Ruisi felt his arm suddenly shake, and a huge counter-shock force attacked.

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