Immortal Path to Heaven

苍天白鹤 - Cang Tian Bai He - Heaven's White Crane

Chapter 1212 - Eliminated a Clone

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Chapter 1212: Eliminated a Clone

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The devil in the sky did not seem to be in a hurry to kill everyone. In his eyes, the struggles, cries, and roars were like the most beautiful music.

This was a ma.s.sacre, and no one could avoid it. The burly men were struck by the black light one by one, and their bodies turned into dust, disappearing from the world.

Everyone died thoroughly, not leaving a trace of their blood.

Within the tribe, there were countless cries. Children were crying loudly. Those women could only hold their children in their hands, and their bodies were trembling.

There were also some old people. Their muddy eyes were filled with despair. These people had witnessed the rise and fall of the tribe for over 100 years, and they had very strong feelings for the tribe. Now, they had to witness the destruction of the tribe. This was a cruel thing for them.


“Heavens, who can destroy this devil?”

In the tribe, numerous people prayed to the heavens. Nonetheless, even if there was a heaven, would anyone care about the prayers of the insignificant people here?


The man whose body was surrounded by black light suddenly laughed out loud. “Devil. Good, that’s a pretty good name. If the devil’s ability can help me recover my strength, so what if I really fall into the devilish path?”

A sharp light flashed in his eyes. The bodies of the people on the ground exploded, and all of their blood, Qi, and souls were absorbed by him. This made the man feel comfortable.

The devil in the sky waved his hand again, and the cries in the tribe disappeared. He had finally made a move on those ordinary people.

Of course, to the person in the sky, all the people of the Green Wood Tribe were not that different.

“The tribe is finished…”

Everyone was in despair. The Green Wood Tribe would be like the other tribes that had been destroyed, disappearing from this world forever.

“Crack, crack, crack…”

All of a sudden, a strange sound came from the sky. The black-robed devil was shocked and raised his head.

A huge crack appeared in the void, and a figure appeared in the chaotic turbulence. The figure was very far away and due to the obstruction of the turbulence, the black-clothed man could not see the person’s appearance clearly.

“A powerhouse from the Great Wide World?”

The black-clothed man was slightly surprised. ‘Could it be that the people of the upper realm have already noticed my actions? I’ve only destroyed 20 small worlds.

‘This is only the 21st.

‘Compared to the 50 small worlds that I planned to destroy, I haven’t even reached half.’

“Isn’t this too fast?”

The black-clothed man did not have the time to care too much. A person who could forcefully break through s.p.a.ce was at least an existence in the law boundary. With his ability at the moment, it would be very difficult to deal with such a person. Moreover, the other party might be in the second step. If he met such a person, it would be troublesome.

“I’ll leave this place first!” The black-clothed man stretched out his hand. He did not intend to waste time. He wanted to immediately destroy all the people in the tribe and quickly leave this place.

Just as he stretched out his hand, a thunderous voice came from the horizon.

“Nine-sworded Ruler!”

The voice was like thunder, shaking the black-robed man’s body. His expression changed, and his body turned into a ray of black light as he flew into the distance.

He had escaped. After hearing this name, he even gave up on exterminating the Green Wood Tribe.

A figure appeared in the void. Golden light burst out from Ou Yangming’s eyes. He stretched out his hand and tore open the fragile s.p.a.ce in the lower realm, chasing after the black-robed man.

Ou Yangming did not expect that the first person he met in the lower realm would be the Nine-sworded Ruler, the supreme powerhouse from the Third World who had been injured in the Desolate Ancient Ruins and left.

How could anything good happen when he came to the Spiritual Realm?

If it was the Nine-sworded Ruler at his peak, Ou Yangming would retreat. Now that the opponent had been permanently injured twice, he was not afraid at all.

The devil left, and Ou Yangming’s body also disappeared into the void.

At this time, the people of the Green Wood Tribe were dumbfounded. They stood on the ground in a daze, their eyes staring blankly at the sky.

Only a third of the survivors of the tribe were left. Those strong men had almost all died at the hands of the devil just now.

“The devil left!” An old man said with a trembling voice.

“Yes, the devil is gone. We all survived…”

The tribe had suffered heavy losses, but they were not destroyed in the end. Compared to the other tribes that had encountered this devil, they were the luckiest.

“It should be that deity who came out just now. He drove the devil away.” Someone vaguely remembered a young man’s figure flashing across the sky.

Whether it was that devil or Ou Yangming, their strengths had surpa.s.sed everyone’s imagination.

In a small world where Venerable Ones were already top-notch powerhouses, such a frightening powerhouse was no different from a deity in their hearts.

“We also saw him. After the devil saw that deity, he ran away. Sir also chased after him. We hope that sir can eliminate that fella and leave a trace of survival for the billions of living beings in the Spiritual Realm.”

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Everyone from the Green Wood Tribe kneeled on the ground in unison. They prayed that the deity who suddenly appeared could kill the devil. Of course, these prayers naturally could not reach Ou Yangming’s ears.

In the void, countless scattered auras began to gather, then they were absorbed by Ou Yangming’s mental power.

This art was learned by Ou Yangming from the strange book of the Seven Stars Pavilion. It had a very powerful power, and its biggest function was soul-sucking.

He could suck a person’s soul!

Even for a person who had died for a long time, as long as there were remains of the person’s soul power, he could use this art to see the other party’s memory fragments.

The Nine-sworded Ruler had just died, so his soul power should still be complete.

Faint starlights gradually appeared in the void.

These starlights gradually gathered, and Ou Yangming’s mental power gathered into a horned dragon. The horned dragon opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and swallowed all the starlights in one gulp.

Very soon, images began to appear in Ou Yangming’s eyes. These images were the remains of the Nine-sworded Ruler’s soul fragments.

Eventually, Ou Yangming’s face became stern. After seeing everything, his face was as gloomy as ink.


There was not much information contained in the soul fragments, but Ou Yangming also knew some crucial information. For instance, the Nine-sworded Ruler secretly came to the lower realm because he knew a cruel cultivation technique that could recover his strength by devouring the blood essences and souls of his race.

In order to not be noticed, the Nine-sworded Ruler came to the lower realm, and he had destroyed 20 small worlds!

20 small worlds!

Ou Yangming clenched his fists tightly. In so many small worlds, the number of humans was almost uncountable. The Nine-sworded Ruler’s hands were filled with blood, and it was even more than during the disaster of the Ancient Demons.

The young fellow’s heart trembled slightly. He knew the Nine-sworded Ruler’s goal. If he was a step late, this world would…

Old Craftsman, Ni Yinghong, Wu Hanning, Bai Shixue… All the people he was close to in the Spiritual Realm would be killed by the Nine-sworded Ruler.

Even for a heavily injured powerhouse in the third step, it would be a piece of cake for him to destroy a small world.

Ou Yangming was furious. It was fortunate that he had returned early. If he had been a step later, he would have regretted it for the rest of his life.

In his heart, he wanted nothing more than to crush the Nine-sworded Ruler into ashes.

From the simple memories in the soul fragments, Ou Yangming did not know much. However, he knew that it was not the Nine-sworded Ruler who had been killed. It was just one of his clones. If the Nine-sworded Ruler wanted to recover his strength, he had to do more than just slaughter people. If that was the case, it would be much simpler.

After killing people, the Nine-sworded Ruler would need to absorb their souls, blood, and Qi. In order to increase his efficiency and speed, he split himself into 9 clones. This was just one of his clones.

The other 8 clones were still in the Spiritual Realm….

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