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Tsukigami Saki - 月神 サキ

Chapter 132

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Banished To Another World《异世流放》Yi s.h.i.+ Liu Fang.                                 Chapter 48: Punishment and the Beginning of the First Touch

Yuan Zhan and Meng pulled out a circle of straw rope from the house and jumped out of the window. After they went out, they backed the board back to the window and added two wooden bars to avoid the woods animals from running in.

Meng raised a torch and the two quickly ran towards the cliff.

After arriving over the cliff with Jiu Feng's nest, Yuan Zhan yelled at the edge of the cliff and shouted: "Yao Mo?"

No one answered him.

Yuan Zhan called again, and when he couldn't hear a response, his face became very ugly.

"I will go down and see." He said, he took the straw rope to find a suitable place.

"You are crazy! Its the night now, that is the cliff! The straw rope is not strong! You feel that mountain wind again! Who is going on a task to die?"

Meng disagreed and tried to stop him, "Jiu Feng could come back soon, just wait until it comes back."

"When it comes back, maybe Yao Mo will be  dead by then." Yuan Zhan can't tell his feelings towards Yan Mo.... Is it a reluctant slave, or a Priest? Anyway, no matter which one, now he knows Yao Mo may have end up in accident, and he can't sit still.

"Maybe he is dead now," Meng speculated the truth. Although he didn't know why the small slaves suddenly goes wrong, they all do this. Sometimes the slaves looked good in the morning. At night, they were gone. Maybe they were eaten by wild animals. Maybe they accidentally ate poisonous gra.s.s and accidentally drank toxic water, perhaps bitten by a poisonous snake, or may have been killed by other tribes, perhaps by those other slaves who they offended, and sometimes their warriors will strangely die, one or two people would too while training and running, they all have become accustomed to this kind of life when someone suddenly dies.

Therefore, Yuan Zhan did not get angry because Meng was directly speaking the truth, because he knew that Meng saying might be a fact, but he still wanted to go down and see.

"Yao Mo is a Priest with the inheritance of the ancestors. He can't die easily, and... I need him to build a new tribe."

Meng looked up at the sky with half a moon and slapped his own head. "Okay, actually. I also want to go down and see what happened to the little slave, but we will continue to do so with care because it is really easy to fall to death."

Meng looked up and looked down at the cliff where the black face could not see the end, he was fearing enough to retract his head.

Yuan Zhan took the initiative. "You look at it, I will go down. I have already risen to 3rd Rank. My control of soil and rock is better than before. If no one attacks me, I should be able to climb down easily."

Listen Yuan Zhan saying such words with a calm look he did not like the way adventure, Meng gave in," give me the rope, this rope is not long enough so tie it to me brother, so that you can remember, if you fall I will fall to death with you."

Yuan Zhan smashed his chest and handed one end of the straw to his partner, and the other end tied on his waist, crawling under the cliff and towards the edge of the cliff. .

Yuan Zhan is not blindly saving people, he is indeed sure of that.

After rising to 3rd Rank, he found that he had more control over soil and rock than before.

Since discovering this, he has always wanted to go rock climbing from the cliff to Jiu Feng other nest.

It was only in these two days that he had not found an opportunity to do so. He even looked at the route to the cave many times during the day, and he almost had the pathway to go.

He thought it will be used so soon.

The fingers could now easily be inserted into the hard rock and the toes are the same.

It was the mountain wind behind him, it often blows and could blow his body off the cliff if he moves fast so that forced him to move a little bit slower.

In this way, really a step by step with two handprints, Yuan Zhan climbed from the top of the cliff to Jiu Feng to another nest on the cliff.

Once in the hole, Yuan Zhan did not jump from above immediately, but he moved like a gecko, crawling quickly from above the wall.

“Yan? Yan Mo?"

Yuan Zhan touched the huge bird's nest in front of the moon. The bird's nest was very shallow, and he could see a person at the corner.

“Yan Mo?" Yuan Zhan quickly walked over to reach out and hold the young man on the side.

The juvenile eyes were closed and the nose and mouth were b.l.o.o.d.y.

Yuan Zhan's heart was tight, and the strange feeling of sorrow rose again from his chest, and even his hand that stretched out to test the other's breath was a little trembling.

The young man clenched his fist and reached out to the boy's nose. For a moment, he didn't feel anything, which made his heart sink a little.

He stubbornly refused to let his palms leave, and finally he felt the faint breath from the boy after he took a deep breath.

"G.o.d bless!" Yuan Zhan held the boy tightly, then quickly released him to see if there was any obvious wound on his body.

Just looking at the horrible blood on the boy, he thought that the boy had angered The Mountain G.o.d Jiu Feng was killed or ate something toxic.

However, there was no obvious wound in the juvenile after checking for a long while, and Meng's vague screams came from outside.

Yuan Zhan pulled the straw rope three times and said that he was fine.

He wanted to take the boy away because if he waits around till Jiu Feng to come back and find that he is in his lair, that annoying bird will definitely force him out, even killing him is possible.

But how can he take the boy away?

He thought about carrying the boy on his back and carrying him up, but the straw rope was not strong, and the mountain wind was blowing fast outside. If he climbed halfway, the gra.s.s rope broke, and the teenager fell from him, it would be better to stay in the hole.

The boy suddenly shook a bit.

Yuan Zhan subconsciously hugged the boy. Although the cave was sheltered from the wind, it was still very cold. He could not leave his future Priest alone. Jiu Feng was not there. The boy was unconscious and he stayed up for one night where people may freeze to death.

Yuan Zhan thought about it carefully. He put down the boy and tried to pile up the hay and feathers in the bird's nest on Yan Mo. He took off his animal skin and put it on him.

He circled in the hole and looked around, then he climbed back to the cliff top along the original road.

"Is Little Mo still alive?" Meng saw him and immediately reached for him.

"He's still alive, but the breathing is very weak."

"What happened to him?"

"I don't know." Yuan Zhan untied the straw and gave it to Meng. "You go back, it's too cold at night, you can't stay here."

"What about you?"

"I will go down. Yao Mo will freeze to death alone."

Meng face changed. "If Jiu Feng come back and see you it will take out of the hole and throw you away."

"I know that." Yuan Zhan calmly said: "I saw the nest hole, it was big, there was a pathway inside, if Jiu Feng comes back to kill me, I will run inside, and wait for it to leave and the climb out."

"Then I am coming with you... ..."

"Don't be stupid! Remember, if you find Jiu Feng screaming tomorrow, you will have to run into the woods. When Yao Mo dies, Jiu Feng will not allow us to stay in its territory."

Meng grabbed his head. "Well, do you want a torch?"

"How can I take it? The mountain wind is blowing fast." Sometimes what  Yuan Zhan says leaves his brother speechless.

When Yuan Zhan once again hugged his little slave, he suddenly felt a strange satisfaction.

Embracing someone while entering them is the most intimate behavior he can think of. However, at this time, just holding the boy like this, the two skins are closely attached, the body temperature is intertwined, and the body limbs are entangled together, he felt very comfortable and satisfied

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He used to doing it with the teenager, but at that time it was more venting his desire, and the teenager was just a slave.

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