Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 87.5

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Chapter 87.5


Aegir Hardlett

21 years old . Black hair . Goldonia Viscount . Eastern Independent Army Commander . Feudal Lord of Former Arkland Southeastern Area . King of the Mountains

The protagonist is blessed with a muscular build and kinetic vision, as well as talent for fighting . He is unskilled in strategic planning and usage of tactics . His final goal is to become king; he loves women, is great in bed, and has a wide range of tastes for women . His c.o.c.k is still growing even till this day . 1

Family (females)


17 years old . Silver hair . Height: 158cm B80 W57 H79

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama, Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

As the protagonist’s adjutant, Celia keeps her public and private life separate and is the closest to him . She offers her virginity to the protagonist to satisfy her heart’s desire, and also fulfills her role as a lover . She knows how to read, write and do math, and shows talent in a wide variety of fields . Her loyalty is strong, bordering on fanaticism, but she also lets her guard down around a few household members besides the protagonist .


20 years old . Brown hair . Height: 160 B113 W61 H84

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama, Self: I (watakus.h.i.+)

Nonna is the protagonist’s legal wife and daughter of the destroyed Elektra family, entrusting her heirloom sword to the protagonist and swearing to reclaim Elektra . She is familiar with manners and etiquette, and knowledgeable of n.o.ble’s common sense but is a stranger to commoners’ common sense and spending habits . When there is sufficient room to spare financially, her wasteful spending habits gets put on display . She normally wears a refined and elegant mask but when in l.u.s.t, she has a preference towards masochism . Outsiders get overwhelmed whenever they see her huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s . She has beauty that greatly surpa.s.ses even those in the family .


Mid 20’s Chestnut-colored hair . Height:165 B92 W62 H88

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir, Self: I (atas.h.i.+)

Carla is the protagonist’s concubine and gave birth to his daughter, Ekaterina . She is targeting Nonna’s standing . Things like exposure and excreting outdoors spurs her perverted hobbies .


38 years old . Blonde hair . Height:160 B88 W65 H92

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Mel is the protagonist’s concubine and gave birth to his daughters, Sue and Miu . She was a n.o.ble’s lover but was abandoned after getting pregnant . She was severely burned in a wildfire, but the protagonist saved her and slept with her . She was separated once before, but became the protagonist’s concubine after reuniting with him . She is surrounded by four daughters already, but hopes to give birth to more children . She approves of the protagonist’s relations.h.i.+p with Kuu and Ruu .


19 years old . Blonde hair . Height:158 B80 W57 H84

Kuu is Mel’s daughter . She supports the relations.h.i.+p between her mother and the protagonist . Had her first kiss stolen by the protagonist . Along with Ruu, her relations.h.i.+p with the protagonist has become one where they caress each other .


15 years old . Blonde hair . Height:148 B74 W55 H74

Ruu is Mel’s daughter . She sells things around the town . She’s timid and hesitant, slow-witted and clumsy . On one hand, she adores the protagonist as a father, but has burning l.u.s.t for him when they make love to each other .

Irijina Wolls

23 years old . Brown hair . Height:181 B93 W68 H88

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-dono, Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Irijina was a former soldier of Arkland but was captured by the protagonist and f.u.c.ked, becoming his lover . She’s a master with the spear and proud of her manly herculean strength . She has a lively personality, is naive, and especially alien toward relations between man and woman . Because she has such an impressive stature, she often gets attacked intensely by the protagonist .


29 years old . Black hair . Height:170 B88 W61 H92

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama, Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

The feudal lord in Datrohn fell in love with Rita at first sight and took her in as a servant, but treated her as a toy . After that, she was brought to bed by the protagonist and was charmed by him . She is highly skilled in housework and highly capable at managing people . She desires to be dominated and loves large c.o.c.ks . She is deeply infatuated with the protagonist, whose c.o.c.k is growing year-by-year .


24 years old . Blonde hair . Height:156 B80 W57 H82

Way of addressing protagonist: Dear (anata)

Catherine is a blonde beauty and is the daughter of the rebelling n.o.ble, but for the sake of saving her child, misunderstood the protagonist and surrendered her body to him . She has given birth to Rose, and the protagonist’s biological son, Antonio . Because of that, her relations.h.i.+p with Nonna is slightly awkward . She is extremely l.u.s.tful and lewd, and loses her sense of reason when she craves men . Her body and heart has fallen and she has forgotten about her ex-husband, swearing to offer everything to the protagonist .


22 years old . Black hair . Height:163 B98 W60 H82

Yoguri is the central figure in the first farmers’ revolt in the Arkland war . The protagonist promised her that he would treat her village favorably but chased after him when he forgot . After that, her wish was fulfilled and she offered her virginity as well . Currently, she stays by the protagonist’s side as a house guest, and struggles to protect her villagers . She has considerably large t.i.ts .


13 years old . Dark brown hair . Height:138 B68 W53 H63

Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama), Self: Pipi

Pipi is the daughter of the previous mountain nation chief, who was defeated by the protagonist . She is an important person who communicates with the mountain nation . She desires to bear the protagonist’s child, but since there is such a disparity between their body sizes, she gets treated as a mascot . She is extremely skilled with the bow, even amongst those in the mountain nation .


21 years old . Light brown hair . Height:162 B77 W58 H75

Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama), Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Luna was offered to the protagonist by the mountain nation tribes as proof of their pledge of allegiance, and her virginity was also taken . She excels in martial arts, including swordplay, and is also a capable leader . Because she learned how to speak politely from reading old books, she uses a somewhat strange way of speaking .


17 years old . Brown hair . Height:150 B76 W55 H74

Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama), Self: I (atas.h.i.+)

Ruby is Luna’s younger sister and also a follower who accompanies her elder sister . She is excellent at martial arts and was even able to wound the protagonist in a past battle . At this point, she is still worried about that fact .


2 years old . Mel’s daughter . Protagonist’s biological child


1 year old . Mel’s daughter . Protagonist’s biological child


2 years old . Catherine’s son . Protagonist’s biological child


1 year old . Carla’s daughter . Protagonist’s biological child

Family at the Capital


27 years old . Red hair . Height:164 B90 W59 H88

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Melissa is a prost.i.tute from White City . Due to a tragic experience in her past, her genitals were damaged but has good compatibility with the protagonist . Because Melissa is unable to bear children, she has really gotten fond of the children servants . She likes to wear racy clothes . She stays in the capital with the children servants as the person in charge of the mansion . She used her techniques as a prost.i.tute to cause Maria to succ.u.mb to her, but is now troubled at what to do .


24 years old . Chestnut-colored hair . Height:164 B74 W58 H80

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watas.h.i.+)

Maria is a girl from Roleil’s Little Bird Pavilion inn who fell in love with the protagonist after he embraced her and went with the flow . Maria is good at cooking and works hard to support her livelihood . She’s gentle, kind and liked by the children, but is a scaredy cat who can’t deal with fighting . Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are small, but is no longer worried about it . She is fostering the love she has with Melissa and uses the d.i.l.d.o on a nightly basis to make love with Melissa .


16 years old . Black hair . Height:153 B78 W56 H79

Way of addressing protagonist: Master (danna-sama), Aegir-sama

Miti left the orphanage to live and work at the mansion . She’s good at dealing with things, and is the older sister out of the three kids from the orphanage; also admires Maria . Her work includes cooking, laundry, and other various ch.o.r.es . After she was shown some incredible s.e.x, she is s.e.xually frustrated . She has a habit of peeping and has recently been peeking at the s.e.xual activities between Melissa and Maria .


13 years old . Black hair

Way of addressing protagonist: she doesn’t

Being the youngest of the orphanage trio, Alma is a scaredy cat and always hides behind Miti . She’s skilled with her hands, so her work includes knitting and sewing . The only people she can talk to are Miti and Kroll . Especially when Celia gets close, she gets scared to death and can’t move . She is curious about Kroll, the only man that is close to her .


14 years old . Brown hair

Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama

Nina is the caregiver who Leopolt brought with him . Her work consists of caring entirely for him and she has a little bit of a crush on him . She is starting to develop into a woman but her master is indifferent to that fact .

Women (separated)


Mid 20’s . Red hair . Height:172 B84 W62 H90

Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir, Self: I (atai)

Mireille met the protagonist while she was with Carla and worked together for a while . She has a determined personality, is boyish and has superior sword-handling skills . At the moment, she is in the eastern region of Treia where she struggles in doing farm work and hunting .


24 years old . Black hair . Height:163 B80 W57 H82

Claire is the daughter of a former n.o.ble . She wanted to regain her family name but ended up descending to the path of a bandit, getting defeated by the protagonist and even had her a.s.s raped . She entered the Flitch company in the kingdom of Stura and has risen in ranks to become the person in charge of the northeastern area of the Central Plains . She wants to succeed however she can, regardless of appearance and doesn’t mind using her body in negotiations either . She feels that the transactions she has made with the protagonist has lots of promise .


15 years old . Blonde hair . Height:145 B72 W51 H68

Laurie is the daughter of a ruined merchant family and was taken into Claire’s custody . She is extremely smart and is blessed with great business sense . She has a child-like figure but is used to handling men . She is attempting to climb up in ranks alongside Claire .

Claudia Albens Malordol

35 years old . Blonde hair . Height:160 B89 W71 H95

Claudia is the wife of a marquess . Due to a discord with her husband, she was left in White City . Claudia invited the protagonist, who stole her daughter’s virginity, to sleep with her but became captivated by him . When time came to part ways, she even offered her daughter as a means to stop him from leaving . She asked the protagonist once before handing him a variety of gifts . Her flames of pa.s.sion have been relit and looks forward to enjoying the letters from the protagonist once every month . She’s starting to get fat because she may be eating too much gourmet food .


15 years old . Silver hair . Height:148 B74 W50 H70

Clara is Claudia’s a.s.sistant, who was bought in the slave market . She has an expressionless face and cold eyes, but has relaxed around the protagonist and accepted him as her first man . She has a brilliant mind and is able to observe things calmly . She is the source of information regarding the circ.u.mstances in the Federation that is written in the letters sent to the protagonist once every month .

Christina Albens Malordol

21 years old . Chestnut-colored hair . Height:159 B83 W57 H83

Christina is the child of a concubine and was thrown to White City because of her problematic behaviour . Her relations.h.i.+p with her mother is lacking and after one immoral misconduct, offered her virginity to the protagonist . She is steadily looking for marriage candidates for her mother .

Lucy Yuktovania

500 years old?? Blonde hair . Height:166 B100 W58 H96

Way of addressing protagonist: You (anata), Boy

Lucy is a self-proclaimed vampire who has lived more than 500 years, has inhuman strength and demonic eyes which can send those whom it sees to their death . She protects the house deep in the forest and is the one responsible for the lost kingdom(?) She is a peerless beauty, has G.o.ddess-like style, and has extraordinarily terrifying technique in s.e.x .

She taught the protagonist, as well as gave him his reason to live (the protagonist took her as her lover but also treats her as a mother) . She promised to become the protagonist’s woman if he becomes king and rules over the area in the vicinity around Erg forest, and this promise is the origin of all of the protagonist’s actions . Her existence is absolute and takes priority over everything else .

Companions (men, subordinates)

Leopolt Fugenberg

22 years old . Staff Officer .

Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett

Leopolt appealed directly to the protagonist and became his subordinate . He has excellent leaders.h.i.+p ability and has talent in commanding and also has knowledge about politics and conspiracies . He shares ambition with the protagonist .

Adolph Fulker

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29 years old . Domestic Affairs official (interim)


Olga Federation

Population: 20 million

Ruler: Jutland II

Capital City: Jutlandgrad: Population 600,000 – 800,000 (2nd cla.s.s citizens details unknown)

System: Feudal

Military Strength: Current – 200,000 / Max Mobilization – 3 million

Area of Dominion: All Area North of the Great Mountain Range

With a 500 year history, this continent is the oldest and largest nation . A feudal system is used to rule over the vastness of its dominion . Since the north and central regions will get intensely cold in the winter season, the main cities, including the capital, will congregate in the southwest region . A strong and conservative cla.s.s system is maintained and a stable society is formed . The nation is wary about movement from its largest threat, the Garland Empire . On the other hand, it thinks of the conflicts occurring in the Central Plains as nothing more than fireworks, and doesn’t have much particular interest in them . However, a portion of the influential n.o.bles advocate support for Goldonia .

Garland Empire

Population: 40 million

Ruler: Garland The Great

Capital City: Garland: Population 1 million

System: Absolute Monarchy

Military Strength: Current – 1 . 3 million / Max Mobilization – 3 . 5 million

Area of Dominion: All Area South of the Great Mountain Range

The Empire is a developing nation and has been annexing the countries to the south one after the other in recent years to expand their territory . Although the n.o.bility system remains, the authority of the emperor is strong so it is virtually a dictators.h.i.+p . Since it is warm throughout the land, there is an abundance of farmable land and population is large . Due to its rapid growth in recent years, various conflicts persists throughout the land and factors of unease also remain . Using the western plains several times as the stage for a large 1 million person battle with the Olga Federation, it still has not been settled yet . In order to establish dominance over the Federation, they have begun ma.s.sively expanding their armaments .

Kingdom of Goldonia

Population: 1 . 6 million

Ruler: Alexandro I

Capital City: Goldonia: Population 60,000

System: Feudal

Military Strength: Current – 80,000 / Max Mobilization – 160,000

Area of Dominion: Entire Northern Area of the Central Plains

Goldonia is the largest nation within the Central Plains . They are situated at the northern edge of the Central Plains, where they trade with the Olga Federation via the North Teries River and the land route, and interact with each other . As a result of the fight for the successor, a new king was crowned and the reinforcement of the army and the strengthening of authority continues . The power is s.h.i.+fting from the traditional n.o.bles to the new n.o.bles, in which the new King has appointed . The nation was the leading power in the Arkland war, in which they won, then dismantled the country, and annexed the north and east regions . Currently, Goldonia is continuing to reinforce their army at a rapid pace .

Kingdom of Treia

Population: 390,000

Ruler: Trisnea III

Capital City: Trisnea: Population 20,000

System: Feudal

Military Strength: Current – 40,000 / Max Mobilization – 60,000

Area of Dominion: Center Area of the Central Plains

Treia is a typical small nation in the central plains but is gradually growing larger . Inside the nation is the famous Erg forest, also known as the forest of death . As a result of the Arkland war, they annexed the south half and the capital of that country . However, the southern area has suffered an enormous amount of damage and there is also the animosity that the fellow citizens hold against each other for many years, so Treia is unable to reap the fruits of their occupied territory yet . An armed conflict occurred in the eastern region with Goldonia and tremendous damage was suffered . After that, a.s.suming Goldonia will be a future enemy nation, a line of fortresses will be built along the border to oppose them and citizens will start to be conscripted .

Republic of Stura

Population: 220,000

Ruler: —-

Capital City: Mis.h.i.+l: Population 50,000

System: Republicanism

Military Strength: Current – 3000 / Max Mobilization – ?

Area of Dominion: Center Area of the Central Plains

Stura is a commercial nation along the North Teries river . The capital city along the river functions as a logistics base and it is an economically rich country . They don’t have a standing army, but when necessary, mercenaries can be gathered and an army can be formed . On the other hand, they have a low capacity to produce their own food so they end up relying on imports . Merchants are powerful and the opinions of influential merchants become the basis for the actions of the nation . The republic exists within a conflict between the influential merchants and corruption is quite rampant . As a result of partic.i.p.ating in the Arkland war, they gained the territory opposite to the sh.o.r.e .

Magrado Dukedom

Population: 620,000

Ruler: —-

Capital City: Odoros: Population 20,000

System: Feudal

Military Strength: Current – 20,000 / Max Mobilization – 80,000

Area of Dominion: Northern Area of the Central Plains

Magrado is adjacent to the Republic of Stura and faces the river as well, but the political regime is strong so their trade hasn’t developed yet . On the other hand, they have a large mine so their mining and manufacturing industry is comparatively prosperous, but compared to the products from the highly efficient Olga Federation, you can’t escape from thinking they are cheap and nasty . Their production of food is barely enough to get their own citizens full . As a result of partic.i.p.ating in the Arkland war, they gained the territory opposite to the sh.o.r.e . The nation feels a sense of crisis from the rapid expansion of armaments .

Yurest Alliance

Population: 520,000

Ruler: None, Council .

Capital City: Barrela?: Population 10,000

System: Union of n.o.bles

Military Strength: Current – 30,000 / Max Mobilization – 60,000

Area of Dominion: Northern Area of the Central Plains

The gathered council of powerful families originally ruled over the forest and the remote areas . The small cities become the base for each n.o.ble, and there isn’t a capital city, but the largest city Barrela was chosen as the diplomatic base . Their relations.h.i.+p with the adjacent Goldonia is strong, and there are many friendly personal relations.h.i.+ps with the Goldonian n.o.bles displayed in the many marriages . They are confused with the confrontation between Treia and Goldonia and are unable to decide which side to stand on .

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